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BASE JKA server


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In linux you download the dedicated server file and extract to /usr/local/games/ja and you make /base inside of there and copy assets 1, 2, 3, and 0 pk3's to it. Then you put the jampgame so file in /base then do chmod a+x (i use rwx for read/write/execute) to the linuxjampded file. Then at the terminal from directory .../ja you do:


./linuxjampded +exec server.cfg +set dedicated 2 (and other parameters)


it will run in linux console

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Here is a simple, short server.cfg. It doesn't set that many options but feel free to add more.


seta sv_hostname "your_server_name"
seta g_motd "your_loading_message" 
seta g_enterMotd "your_enter_game_message"
seta g_motdDispTime "5" //Time to show enter message, in seconds
rconpassword "your_rcon_password"

sv_cheats "" //if 1, then cheats will be enabled, you should instead use devmap though
g_gravity "" //default 800, changes gravity
sv_pure "0" //Set this to 0 if you want to be able to use models and skins not on the server

map mp/ffa3 //the map that the server will start

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