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Destroy the Shield Bunker!

Darth Newfie

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This is an easy way to destroy the shield bunker on Endor. Spawn as a wookie smuggler at the rebel outpost, the southern most cp. Get on a speederbike and head towards the next allied cp. There is at least one bike at each cp so it dosen't matter where you spawn. To the right of the next rebel cp there is a trail. Go down this and through the hollow log at the end. Go straight past the imperial outpost and stop and the front of the shield bunker. DO NOT DRIVE INTO IT OR YOU WILL EXPLODE AND DIE! Get off and run into the bunker. Place all of your time bombs on the shield bunker but not all at once. Wait for each one to explode before placing the next. Then go up the ramp to the doorway. Use the bowcaster to kill the turret gunners because they are guaranteed to be manned. When bo th gunners are dead, run to the left and refill at the GONK ammo droid. Don't shoot spawners unless they fire upon you. return inside and place one more time bomb to demolish the shield bunker. Once thats done use the bushes on the left to sneak into the outpost. Wait for an AT-ST to spawn and jump in like your Chewbacca from the film. Then head on over to the main battle within the ewok camp and blast the empire from behind their own lines! Get a co-pilot and wreak havoc.


Note - The ewoks hardly help you at all if you haven't noticed.

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