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Lego2 Skinning tool


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Hi JP30 and all,

I just have the demo for this game so I don't know the file structure for the full game. I did see the textures are in the .dat file in the demo. Is this the case in the full game?

If someone wants to try this tool for the textures in the full game I would appreciate it.


Things to know---


1.Create a temp folder and copy the dat file and my tool to the temp folder. 2.Run the tool and click to DDS. Be advised it will take several minutes to extract all (cross your fingers I have enough subscripts) the files but when it is finished there will be a bunch in your temp folder.

3. Editing tips. It looks like most are DXT5 but a good check would be to use a hex editor to look at the textures header. Be sure to save back as the exact filename my tool created. I didn't see any mips so the best bet is don't use any. Also there are bump maps to some of the skin textures.






Note: I got about 89mb and 1200 files from the demo

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