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KOTOR 2.5: The Direnic War


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Good Chapter, but I was just wondering why you made the text colour different in the Prologue and the first Chapter. Also where it says Coruscant and Jedi Temple, keep them both to the left, since it looks a bit stupid having Coruscant on the left and Jedi Temple on the right hand side of the post. Looking foward to more.

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Changed it. So any suggestions. It just doesn't feel right that nobody has disargeed with it yet. I can't be that good of a writer.


Change the text colour to white. The only time I feel a different colour is okay is in the Chapter title and the Prologue, like you've done. But other than that, it should be all white. That is a suggestion for you.

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More reviews? Sorry, no, but here's some of my comments:


Well, I just finished this fic, and I have nothing to say but "For your sake, continue, as this fic is too terrific to stop." Besides, I'd like you to seperate every dialog, which you did so, and to seperate every paragraph. That will make the fic easier to read.


Also, Welcome to LucasForums. Have a nice time here! Oh, and have a nice Thanksgiving, Kas'!m!

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HK alas has died but thy HK is still alive in thine games of KOTOR(sorry CSI) But thine(yours) story is still good.


Off topic: What are you saying sorry for?

Off topic items should be discussed in PMs, otherwise you're spamming the thread. --Jae


On topic: I have no comment on HK's dead. Well, I'd like he is still in one piece, but it's your story. BTW, I don't really like the plot of both DS Revan and DS Exile. But I'd like to read on, so keep up.


You Killed HK-47!?!?!?!? :eyeraise: Grrrrrrrrrrrr........ :firemad: Now I gonna get ya! :slsaber:

Now who's gonna replace everyone's favorite Meatbag killing droid? Anyway, other than you killing HK it's a good fic.


Patience, young padawan. Patience. Passion leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. Hatred leads to strength. Strength leads to power. Power leads to victory. Victory leads to Darkside. Beware of the darkside. If you begin to sway to DS, I'm sure I'll try to redeem you first, if it fails, then I'm sorry, I have to use my lightsabers to help you to become one with the Force. :slsaber: :slsaber: (Two images as I'm a Jar'Kai user)

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