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The Rebbellion's last stand fan mission

Jacob fett

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A long time ago i was searching a forum somewhere on call of duty when i saw this thread called fan mission so i thought today about a battlefront 2 fan mission and here it is(Also Objectives completed are points so post your experiance and your points! oh and if you want you can post your own fan missions)


"The Rebellion's last stand"


Imperial objectives:

Take Over The Prison Block CP(3 points)

Kill 3 Soldiers(1 point(s) for each three kills)

Finish off the rebel reinforcements(5 points)


Rebel objectives:

Fight off Imperials for 3 minutes near the prision block CP(3 points)

Kill 3 StormTroopers(Same as kill 3 soldiers)

Defeat the Imperial Army(5 Points)


Imperial ending:

"After Finishing off the rebellion we waited for the emperor about skywalker and we found out he had murdered skywalker for refuseing to join him and so we ruled over forever" :vsd::twogun::blast5::sithk::smash::vsd:


Rebel Ending:

After Fighting off the Imperial armada Luke Skywalker defeated The Emperor only to find out that Darth Vader was The Legendary Anakin Skywalker from the clone wars, Afterwards Luke Went and astablished a jedi academy were the jedi order came back and The Empire is know the New Republic :twogun::twogun::twogun:

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What is this? WTF is anyone else meant to post on this? This should probably have gone in the Role Play section, but it's not really an RP, it's just you making up some dumb battle conditions, and then making up some ridiculous endings, Luke defeats the Emperor and then finds out that Vader is his father? Whatever you say nub.

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