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Missing characters?


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Luke is in the FoC expansion.


Mara and Kyle is not in the Foc GC maps AFAIK.


I saw Kyle as the Rebels in the Skirmish maps.


I have not seen the Gallofree transport unit for the Rebels yet in GC mode, only Skirmish. Even though R2D2 can steal the tech in GC mode, it never shows up to build.


The is an unusual XML entry for a pre-request to build the new FoC Gallofree unit, but is says U_Vehicle Factory which of courser is wrong -I think Petro knows it.


I try to enable it for GC, but I get a parse XML error.


Conclusion is the new Rebel unit is bugged or they only want for Skirmish, Petro wrote it out on purpose, to meet a deadline to shove it out the door.


Enemy MPU such as the Empire, will not stop and build a structure of some type -easy cannon fire.


I hope the patch will fix it, I grow very tired of buying buggy releases.


I waited two months to buy this expansion. I wanted the DVD version -but found it on sale for only 15 USD at Best Buy CD rom two disk version (figured what the heck it is cheap).


Petro, you have a good thing going - please I hope fix these things. Else PC gamers are going to just stop... no more trust.

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