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ZC strategy during Campaign


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Not sure if this is useful since I get the sense that many of you guys are already at more advanced stages and are into GC instead of campaign. here is for those who need help.


My strategy which I found to be very useful in taking over planets without fighting a prolonged space battle. Use sabotage to take out the key structures on the planet like barracks and factories. Group Tyber, Urai and 2-3 defilers into a group. This group can sneak into planets like the rebellion in EAW. Land them on the planet and move them immediately to a nearby build pad. Build a turret to defend against vehicles and bacta tank for healing. Use Tyber and Urai to kill or bribe infantry and vehicles (even the flyer). Use the converted troops to kill the rest of the troops. Use the detonator ability on the defilers to take down structures.


Once you win the planet, the space station goes away. Then I bring in a fleet of fighters and bombers to kill the capital ships.


If you get the chance, you might want to use bribe or corrupt militia function on the planet. When that happens the troops and inhabitants will not attack you.



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