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Avatar/Signature Above You

Diego Varen

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^Different avartar. I don't know who he is.


@EagerWeasel: Read this quote

There is a reason for his sig to be that...... his right side character, has always been based on me...... and when I fell to the Darkside, and became Darth Vader, he combined his portrait, LS Nihilus, with me...... as I was once Darth Revan.

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^ Cool blue Sith! :D Avvy/Siggy proves that Sith can be blue too! :D


And everybody please, if you want to keep this thread alive and kicking, READ BEFORE YOU POST and see if your comment is directed towards the author of the above post or the actual avvy/siggy of that user.

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^ Very Creative sig and Avatar......


Sabretooth gives good advice...... pay attention to the thread or a mod may lock it... btw you won't have to worry about the Vader and Revan thing.....


@Sabretooth... his avy and sig aren't the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus... it's the redeemed Jedi Master, CSI: Nihilus.... so technically there's no blue Sith....

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