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^^^It's socko dog puppet.


^Will never regain their cultural relevance. ;_;
Umm, I thought obscurity was the point?


Also, could you tell me how Jadus is Nihilus II? I don't remember them having anything in common except for the whole mask thing. (If you want to avoid derailing this thread, shoot me a PM or visitor message. Or ignore me.)


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Visually they are basically the same, yes. The aurebesh talking about him having a daughter reminds us (or at least me) of Visas. The other thing is he has no force-sensitive followers, reminds one of how Nihilus "ate" almost all of his. The non force sensitives of jadus act possessed of a certain zealotry but are scared as hell of him. Point being they are not of a 'regular' mindset but a servile one. Nihilus made his non force sensitive followers into near-zombies who caused destruction out of despair. I know, complete 180 but basically the same result. Nihilus waited it out in the shadow and played a long game until he thought he saw an opening. Jadus is doing the same thing, basically watching the power struggles and is waiting to strike. Jadus does not show the typical passions and emotions of a sith lord. This all makes the other sith on the council wary. Nihilus, we only knew his hunger, and in the case of losing to him, we glanced at him in recognition of his own victory. "I am who reigns supreme! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" He turned on the other sith as we saw.

TL;DR: Rarely are coincidences addicental. Especially so many at once. I could be wrong though, just like how my theory about revan reborn = malgus was shattered today. (YAAAAAY!)
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