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^We shall name a beer after you one day.




Hmmmm what's this?! Red Hessian it sayz. Smooth flavor, huh? Sounds good! Let me try it.party0050.gif


*cough, cough, cough...throws it against the wall...cough, cough, cough................cough*


OMG! Who the hell made this crap! confused0028.gif

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^^^Ah. On dagobah. Back from soul calibur 4, are we? Hmm? Hahaha.


^Wouldn't it have made more sense to claim to be at a location from Attack on Titan, like Shiganshina, or one of the Walls or something?


Perhaps, but I'm referring to my IRL location being that I was watching/reading it.

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^^^Still playing Guild Wars 2.


^Was 5 the Star Wars one, or was that 4?

It was 4. SC4 is overall better and has more playability, plus it's casual gamer-friendly.


SC5 has better custom character features, and its mechanics and movement are perhaps to SC4 like Street Fighter 2 turbo is to SF2 regular. But I can see how the overhaul turned a lot of people off. Shame the game screams of budget cuts and time constraints, I'd have loved to see a bigger storyline mode.


I'm contemplating DLC'ing Vader. He's slow as hell but hits harder than anyone else.


I'm good with Raphael, Amy, and Zasalamel. Zas is REALLY weak against Killik, Voldo, and Talim.

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