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Question about Hero Clash


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I can't really say I know where to put this so apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong.


I was wondering what hero clashes are there in EaW and for FoC? The only one I've gotten so far is Vader vs. Old Ben and yet I heard there is more. I've heard Han vs. Boba and I've even tried it to no avail. :(


So does anyone know any others besides Vader vs. Kenobi? I'm curious because I've tried many including Palpatine vs. Yoda, Luke vs. Vader, Chewie vs. Bossk but none of them do anything besides fight normally.

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Trying to get Palpy vs Luke but did not work.


Maybe I should try to face luke with BOTH vader and palpy? Just wanna try lightning on luke and see if Vader goes psycho.


Would be funny if they have it scripted so that jade vs luke would have them standing around kissing each other instead.

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