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Should there be a sequel or another EAW, FOC expansion?


Should there be an EAW, FOC expansion or a sequel?  

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  1. 1. Should there be an EAW, FOC expansion or a sequel?

    • Yes, I think there should and would like to see another expansion or sequel
    • No, I do not think there should be another expansion or a sequel

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Rebellion is kinda weak in some areas I must say. The concept is there, but things like the interface are quite lacking, not to mention some real battle tactics.


No I don't mean you have to do a nice battle lines like those boardgames even though that would be fun. Think star wars "xxyy front" ... or "hammer of the scorts"


OK, back to topic. Diplomacy is fun, but can take away from a story, think about those railroading a story-driven campaign would have. E@W is not that kind of game.


And rome total war? Well, I find the game kinda disappointing. I mean, most battles degenerates into groups of skirmishes fast, and my nice line is gone into chaos quick. Sure it is fun slaughtering my opponent, but the feel of combat is lacking for the era.


To be fair, I don't mind a Clone Wars era expansion at all. In fact it would be a great idea.


I mean, what we are playing in E@W is a big what-if anyways, so why not do it in the good old CIS conflict? And the plot of clone wars is not too bad really, including all the EU stuff. That, and a jedi on a lizard would be fun.

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I for one, who love to see a hard core Star Wars RTS come out, along the lines of Rebellion/Supremacy, which was truely incredible!

I still don't understand it when reviewers slam Rebellion/Supremacy (& even Force Commander)


There was so much depth in Rebellion that we just don't get in EaW. Sometimes I think the AI was even smarter in that game...

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It won't and can't be a prequal. *Presses buttons* Honestly, LucasArts isn't going to create such a cliffhanger ending and then go BACK in time! The Civillizatin-type game you speak of could well be it, and all that means is that they WOULD move over to completely turn-based play.

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