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Help for new gamers


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Hi I am starting this thread due to me just getting the game today!

So I have some questions and would greatly appreciate some help.


1 Any latest patches,mods,maps etc(I got there latest release of bf2 off

of lucasarts.)


2 Any friendly places for new people to start off on.(I know there is gamespy and x-fire which i both have.) I can live with following any rules that any

server has got. Im not here to start any wars just to come on and

have a good time. I dont mind hosting my own games either I am sure

I can host with a good amount of people due to a good connection I have.

(its not the best but its a good connection still.)


3 Any clans that would accept new people. I wouldnt mind joining any clan

thats friendly, plays a good variety of modes ctf,deathmatch,hunt.

I like all the modes so I wouldnt mind playing any of em.


4 Mod communities! I would like to start making some maps to continue

with keeping this game fun and kinda new with new maps. I have some

cool ideas I guess.I just need a hand with what to do and who to contact etc.


Any help I would greatly appreciate.


Thank you for reading and for any help that anyone can provide.

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Thankyou for your helpful advice and info on this jawa. If you dont mind ill provide

some of the info you sent me so that any new gamer can use this info to help

them out so they dotn get a sence of what am I to do ,where to go etc.


1 Get the conversion pack, 2.0 is coming in a week or two

2 Most servers are friendly to newbies, I would play a bit in SP before heading on line


3 Join TR, the resistance, we just broke off a larger clan but we took most of them with us and we have 30 members alredy. http://www.resistancegaming.net/for...dex.php?act=idx


4 Go to GT, they make the conversion pack, most of the modders are there and I know the link to the mod tools is somewhere on that site or on filefront.


my xfire is flyngterd


Ok now do you know the site of GT jawa? And thanks for your help I greatly

appreciate it :)

Ok i dont konw if this is right or not but you can find the conversion packs

on filefront.com or other several sites maybe swbattlefront.net maybe

even lucasfiles.com . I would greatly aprreciate some correcting my info

if anyone wants to help on that. I just wanna provide some basic info

for any new people that want to play online.

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I also got a few more questions that can help new gamers that I would

appreciate any info that anyone has.


1. I have been playing for a few days now getting close to a week I think

and I noticed that there is a nice size amount of servers but a small amount

of people actually playing. So 1st question that comes to my mind is 'Is

this game popular still?' I am thinking that there may be a problem due

to the latest patch that had come not to long ago. I have noticed on

X fire that I couldnt join some servers due to them having no patch etc.

So is this lowering the amount of people playing? etc I atleast expected

some hundreds of people playing this. Ok that might be an exaggeration

but this game is not that old either compared to academy which still gets

a nice amount ok I dont know that to be sure just speculating.


I also noticed that not many mods,new maps are not being hosted. So I

am wondering do they stink or do people jsut dont want to bother

downloading them and actually playing on them? I have noticed that

there isnt that many new maps out there which is understandable

due to the tools coming out earlier this year if im correct. Now I am

wondering about that due to I want to get into making maps etc with a nice

mod community if I can find 1.


Anyone have a site that I can go to where they do communicate?

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Hey jawa that link you sent me was correct right? It led me to another

forum. So that might actually work so ill try joining it. I would love

to get in a clan and make some friends and have a good ole time so I

thank you for offering a noob well not totally now a chance to be part

of a community of gamers. experts or noobs.

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