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a problem with invasions


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while playing GC multiplayer i've noticed that at the beginning of some land battles, my troops start off at the default control point, but i don't control it. so my pop limit is 1/0, and i can't land anything else until i capture a population point.


I've seen it happen on several worlds. Kamino, at least on clusters comes to mind with this problem in a recent game i played. the only way i was able to crack it was by rolling over his droidekas with the gargantuan


i don't know if it's intentional or a bug. but it makes any attack difficult at best, and next to impossible if the defender knows about it and rushes your troops.

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Invasion? Call in the Brotherz in the fros and suits and block up the pool...


Kidding... back to topic.


Never Noticed that, but as rebel you can do the whole Raid thingy to get at least 3 units into the battle.


It does not matter if you have your own troops in the orbit, just drag the raid team from another planet to the "raid" slot from another planet and you can start off with the raid units.

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