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SSD in Forces of Corruption


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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and I have a few questions. I have not purchased the FoC expansion yet and I wanted to know if the Super Star Destroyer could be built, as in you can have numerous vessels at one time, or is the SSD only in the game as Darth Vader's Executor? I have played the Demo, and the new game mechanics and units are very interesting. Thanks for any help.



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Yeah its worth having it and worth the money.

Just can say about galactic conquest, there U

can have it when having the needed research upgrades

(I never played both campaigns, just was horny about

gal.conquest with all - 13 more - now 55 planets).

It kicks a*** really :)


Pity thing is just that the more planets do not go into

the eaw original (or is there a way maybe?)

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