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[FIN] Star Wars: Darth Yoda 2: The Dark Civil War


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Star Wars: Darth Yoda 2: The Dark Civil War




The forces of Darth Yoda and Darth Sidious had planned for the Civil War at hand but the War was the worst ever. Troops fought on hazard planets as they clashed in battles after battles against fellow clones…


“Prepare troops for the jump to light speed,” TK commanded as the flagship Gordan slowly started out toward Kessel. The planet was the next battlefield of the Galactic Civil War.


“Preparing troops.” The voice of the officer beside him responded. “Jumping to light speed.”


The Gordan shot in to hyperspace heading toward Kessel.



Tarkin entered the command centre of the base on the hazards planet Kessel.


“Sir, a flagship just appeared out of Hyperspace.” The first officer told him.


“Prepare troops for battle, ready all artillery for battle, we must win.” Tarkin told the Officers.


“Yes, sir.”


The thought in both TK and Tarkin played in not only their heads but also the troops on both sides: The Battle of Kessel will now begin.

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Chapter 1 The First Battle


The Empire ships flew toward Kessel at top speed. The ground battle was already raging on the planet below.


“This is Red Leader, over.”


“I hear you Red Leader, over.” Responded Blue Leader, Karth Onasi.


“Ah, Blue Leader ready to land?” Red leader asked him.


“Roger that Red Leader, I’m ready to land.”


“Good, let’s set course for docking bay 27.”


Karth set the course on the navigator and sat back. The Civil War had been going on for over three months and it already was the bloodiest war in the entire galaxy. He hated the battles when they came from space. He was best when the enemy attacked them.


“Blue Leader, help I’ve got one on me, Blue Leader!” Red leader yelled on the com.


Karth jumped to attention as he heard Red Leader’s scream. He looked to his side to see the ship burst into flames and plummet to the ground. Karth swung his ship till he was facing the enemy ship. He fired his blasters on the ship at rapid speed desperately trying to shoot down the ship. Anger filled him as the shots failed to kill the enemy ship. He reached up and flipped the first missile switch firing the deadly missile. It hit the ship making it exploded in flames.


TK charged across the land of Kessel blasting down the enemy clones as he ran. An explosion hit the ground and the smell of napalm stained the air as he ran hearing the screams as soldiers burned as the flames consumed them. Suddenly TK’s comlink beeped.


“This is the 173rd airborne, over.”


“Hi, Karth I recognize your voice.” TK responded.


“TK, I have bad news…Red Leader has been shot down.”


“No… he was a good friend,” TK finished with a sad sigh.


Suddenly napalms hit the ground near TK wiping some of his men to their death. TK watched them burn in sorrow. He raised his blaster and opened fire at the ships dropping the bombs. The blasts barely affected the ships he noticed as they came around for another pass. TK ducked for cover as the ship approached his position. The air pressure of the bomb’s impact blew TK to the ground as it rippled past. The fire spread toward him as he struggled to get up. The ship flew over him and hovered there. TK heard a metallically sounding crackle as the ship switched bombs. A bomb dropped from the air and hit the ground beside TK. The explosion made him fly into the air, he yelled shocked. He then hit the ground dead.


Darth Yoda’s anger raised rapidly as he heard the news from the search squad he had sent after Vader on Ilum finally got back.


“We found Vader’s body in one of the caves on Ilum.” One of the search team members told Yoda, “His neck was crushed and his Lightsaber was gone from the scene.”


“Find the killer you must bring him here you will.”


“Yes, my lord.”


Yoda sighed as the comlink switched off. He had hoped Zeorg would be the one to kill Vader. But with Vader gone Obi-Wan might come out of hiding and he could dispose of him.


The Rebel army stood in attention when General Kenobi stepped out on to the field.


“We had just ended a terrible war, the Clone War, as you all know. But when we had thought there would finally have peace, Sidious revealed himself and turned my own apprentice to the evil Darth Vader.” Obi-Wan said as he began his speech, “Together they all but destroyed the Jedi. Now Padme Skywalker, fonder of the Rebel Alliance has had two children on the same day Yoda turned to the dark side also and killed Palpatine. Sip a Jedi Knight, who I’ve decided to train to train these twins the way of the Force to allow them to become Jedi. But we have to hold off Yoda and his clone and Sith army till they are old enough to fight. Luckily for us, Sidious had a Clone that has made an army of Clones and issued a war against Yoda’s army. Now is our chance to make this war a three way war…and finally have peace in the galaxy.”


The Rebels cheered as Obi-Wan finished his speech. But they knew the War had already begun.

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Chapter 3: The Only Hope


Obi-Wan entered the middle room of the strange ruined temple. He caught a glimpse of a strange triangular devise in the middle of the room. He started to move toward it. He reached it and looked at it carefully. He lifted the devise up with the force and headed back to the Rebel Base. Obi-Wan put it down by the feet of Sip. The Jedi stared at it with great interest.


“What is it? Obi-Wan asked calmly.


“It’s a devise that’s over 4000 years old, a Star Map.”


“How do you know that?”


“Ob-Wan, you know history interest me,” Sip said.


“Then tell me the whole story.”


“Fine, well it all started with Revan. Revan was a Jedi Knight that turned to the dark side during the Mandalorian Wars. An unparalleled military tactician in his time, he led the Galactic Republic to victory over the Mandalorians, but after the war, he claimed the title "Dark Lord of the Sith", founded a powerful new Sith Empire, and deployed his forces against the Republic in what would be known as the Jedi Civil War. Darth Revan's brutally efficient invasion was part of a complex plan to secure the Galaxy from a long-hidden threat known as the "True Sith". His forces swiftly conquered a significant portion of the Republic's territory, but at the height of his power, the Jedi set a trap for Revan and he was captured, in part, due to the betrayal by his apprentice Darth Malak. Once in their custody, the Jedi Council opted to replace the Sith Lord's identity with one loyal to the Republic. Despite eventually discovering his former identity as the Dark Lord, Revan redeemed himself by abandoning the dark side, defeating Malak, and ending the very war that he had begun. Shortly thereafter, he departed for the Unknown Regions in a solitary quest to defeat the "True Sith".”


“A little more detailed then I would have liked but okay, more.”


“Well, Details of Revan's early life is shrouded in mystery, though it is suspected that he was born beyond the Outer Rim Territories. Whatever his origins, it can be assumed that his strong affinity for the Force was discovered at a young age and that he was inducted into the Jedi Order soon afterwards.


Initially, Revan's instruction was undertaken by Jedi Master Kreia on Coruscant, yet his appetite to learn proved insatiable, and he and his friend Malak were soon visiting Jedi Master Zhar Lestin for additional training. This love of knowledge did not go unnoticed by the elder Jedi, yet he dismissed it as simple exuberance and eagerness, sensing in Revan a future champion of the Jedi Order.


In time, Revan left Kreia's tutelage entirely, going on to study beneath numerous Jedi Masters, including the aforementioned Zhar, as well as Master Dorak and Master Kae. In addition, rumors perpetuated by Mical some years later suggested that Revan studied the process of Force bonding deeply during his many apprenticeships.


It is also possible that Revan sought knowledge of ancient Sith Magics at this time, as Master Vrook Lamar seemed convinced that he had done so. Whatever the validity of these accusations however, after his embracing of the dark side, the general consensus amongst the Jedi Masters on Dantooine was that though Revan had been a very promising Padawan, he had also been headstrong, proud and far too quick to dismiss the dangerous lure of the dark side.


At the start of the Mandalorian Wars, the Republic military was in desperate need of assistance, and petitioned the Jedi Council for aid, but the Council refused. The scars from the recent Sith War still ran deep, and the Council was reluctant to charge into another conflict so soon after the last. They also sensed that there had to be something amiss about the whole situation, as though the true threat had not yet presented itself; yet not all the Jedi were willing to accept this stance of apparent inaction. Since rising to the rank of Jedi Knight, the charismatic and powerful young Revan had become a figure of admiration and awe amongst his peers, and when the devastating events of the Battle of Cathar became widely known, Revan rebelled against the Council and sent forth his call to arms. Hundreds of Jedi—Padawans, Knights and even some Masters—rallied to his cause.


Revan's entrance into the war marked its turning point, as he steadily began to push the Mandalorians back. Praised as heroes of the Republic, he and Malak were propelled through the Republic's military command until they were given complete control over a third of the Republic's entire fleet. Revan's clever military strategies and tactical ability were hailed by many as the salvation of the Republic, while others admired Malak's courage and fiery determination to win at any cost. Together, they liberated Taris, fought Cassus Fett—Mandalore's primary strategist—at Jaga's Cluster, and defeated much of the Mandalorian army at Althir.


Even so, a few became concerned by the cold and calculating methods that the Jedi were willing to implement in order to attain victory. Though Revan's tactics were near flawless and Malak's righteous fury was unmatched, the pair began to mirror the Mandalorians they were fighting, growing to despise weakness and indecisiveness in all its forms.


At some point during the war, Revan was scouting for bases along the Outer Rim Territories when he learned of Malachor V, a planet that the Mandalorians were "forbidden" to step foot on. Upon the surface, he was nearly destroyed by Sith energies, yet such was his strength of will that he was able to feed on the dark power that coursed through the planet and not be consumed. Although he survived the encounter, he was not entirely unchanged.


Revan soon discovered the Trayus Academy, an ancient relic of the "True Sith". What actually transpired as Revan entered the Academy's halls is unknown—what is certain is that there, Revan discovered the continued existence of the "True Sith", long thought vanished, and the threat that they still presented to the Galaxy. He came to the conclusion that the Republic as it stood was ill-equipped to defend the Galaxy from such a potent enemy and, as such, a new government would need to rise in its place; an empire founded upon the Sith teachings. He would attempt to save the Galaxy through conquest. In that moment, Revan fully abandoned the teachings of the Jedi, adopting the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and becoming Darth Revan. He took Malak, now under the name of Darth Malak, as his Sith apprentice.


During his studies on Malachor V, Revan eventually uncovered historical traces of the Star Forge, a relic of the Infinite Empire of the Rakata, and an instrument of the dark side capable of producing vast fleets by harnessing the power of the stars. Though it had the dangerous potential to consume those who relied on it, he soon realized that he had discovered the means by which he could rapidly conquer the Republic and prepare it for the coming attack of the ancient Sith. To locate it however, he would need to track down a number of Star Maps hidden across the Galaxy.


Not long after, he returned to the wars, eventually forcing a final confrontation with the Mandalorians over Malachor V. He planned to unleash the Mass Shadow Generator—a device invented by a Zabrak technician in his service, Bao-Dur, on the planet—thereby wiping out the majority of the Mandalorian fleet, as well as those Republic forces and Jedi who were not fervently loyal to him. He trusted the device's activation to a capable Jedi general later known as the Jedi Exile, while he battled Mandalore the Ultimate himself.


The battle resulted with catastrophic losses on both sides, as Revan intended, converting many Jedi to the dark side of the Force, and seeing the Mandalorian forces crippled. Afterwards, Revan executed Mandalore in front of his surviving followers, and denied them the right to choose a successor, having his forces strip them of their weapons and armor, dismantling their Basilisk War Droids, and condemning them to perpetual exile. The Mandalorians had been defeated.


Such a total victory over their adversaries, despite the Republic casualties, saw Revan hailed as both hero and savior. Yet unbeknownst to those praising him, the Sith teachings were already sweeping through the ranks of those who had followed him to war…


Instead of returning to the Republic, Revan and Malak took the remainder of their fleet and disappeared from the known Galaxy. They claimed to be searching for the remnants of the Mandalorian Fleet; those who had fled the final, devastating, battle. In reality, they were searching for the Star Forge. Keeping their fleet hidden beyond known space, Revan and Malak themselves wandered the Galaxy, tracking down the Star Maps that would reveal the hidden location of the Star Forge.”


“Okay pause there,” Obi-Wan interrupted. “Your still too detailed. And how the hell did you learn all this?”


“It’s what you get for surfing the archives. After my padawan left.”


“Ah, I see continue.”


"Whether during or after the wars, it is known that Revan and Malak visited Dantooine at some point, avoiding detection by the Jedi and delving into the old burial mounds located near the Jedi Enclave. After successfully passing the "trials" set for them by the guard droid that had been left behind by the so called "builders," they were given access to a Star Map.


Moments before they went beyond the door that led to the dark side artifact, however, Malak—still new to the dark side—warned Revan that stepping beyond this threshold would mean that they could never return to the Jedi Order. Whether or not Revan considered this, or even cared, as he paced in front of the sealed door is unknown; but if he had any doubts, he swiftly cast them aside.


With the information obtained from the five Star Maps, Revan and Malak were able to travel to the previously-unknown Rakata system; yet upon their arrival, the pair immediately crashed on Rakata Prime. Shortly after, they were attacked by the primitive Black Rakata, who attempted to take them prisoner. The Dark Lord and his apprentice bested them easily, and though Revan could not understand the Rakatan language, such was his power by this point that he was able to rip it from their minds, driving Basic into their skulls in turn.


Having been cowed into submission after the Sith Lords had displayed their Force powers, the Black Rakata took them to meet their leader, The One. After "teaching" the Rakatan leader Basic, Revan explained that he was pursuing the power of the Star Forge, and that he would require access to the Temple of the Ancients.


From the superstitious, primitive ramblings he received in response, it soon became clear to Revan that neither the One nor his followers had any true comprehension of their species' past, nor the technological might that they had once commanded. Nevertheless, the One promised to help Revan enter the Temple, providing he used his "strange magics" to slaughter the Elders—a competing Rakatan tribe that had resisted his might for so long. Revan, having no great desire to fight his way through the entire Black Rakata encampment nor their rancor warbeasts, swore he would do so.


However, upon realizing that these "Elders" were likely in possession of the answers he sought, Revan instead approached them in peace, learning from them much of the Rakata and their old empire—and of the disruptor-field that had caused his and Malak's ship to crash. Sensing their abhorrence for their species' violent past of conquest and bloodshed, Revan proclaimed himself to be a servant of the light, searching for a way to destroy the Star Forge. Trusting him entirely, the Elders gave Revan and Malak access to the temple, and thanking them, the pair promised to destroy the Star Forge and return. They didn't.


When Revan and Malak returned to known space, they were at the head of a massive Sith invasion fleet, having reformed the former Republic forces that followed them into a militaristic imperial force, the armada of a new Sith Empire.


Bastila Shan and other Jedi confront Darth Revan just prior to his apparent death.

After intense study, Revan became aware of the Star Forge's corrosive and predatory nature, but Malak, like the Rakata before him, allowed himself to be corrupted by it utterly. Revan remained wary and minimized his exposure to the space station. He did not want to become over-reliant on the Star Forge because he knew that once its existence was made known to his enemies, it would become their primary military target.


Revan's campaign, while bloody, was orchestrated to topple the Republic while doing little damage to its underlying industrial infrastructure. Under his leadership, Sith forces bypassed militarily vital planets that would be required for the defense of the Galaxy against the threat of the "True Sith". Revan's plan was to keep the Republic largely intact for the purposes of post-war rebuilding. As such, he could begin his rule with a relatively functional military and economy rather than starting from scratch. Also, had he failed in conquering the Galaxy, the end result would be much the same: a stronger Republic, more capable of defending itself.


Revan pioneered new Sith tactics relying on secrecy rather than brute force. His Sith Assassins quietly flooded into the Republic from their base on Malachor V to kill and abduct Jedi throughout known space. Revan reestablished strongholds and academies upon worlds of ancient power such as Rakata Prime, Dxun, and Korriban. On these particular planets, his most faithful servants broke captured Jedi and converted them to the dark side. Revan also utilized assassin droids—such as HK-47, whom Revan created himself—to eliminate threats to the stability of his fledgling Sith Empire.

With Revan at the helm, the Sith forged vital alliances to expedite the support and deployment of their forces. They conspired with the Czerka Corporation, one of the richest and most powerful Galaxy-spanning companies of the time, to amass much needed resources and they secured diplomatic relations with the ocean planet of Manaan so that they were able to export the healing agent kolto.


The reinvigorated Sith won battle after battle, until a young Jedi named Bastila Shan entered the fray with her Battle meditation, a powerful Force ability that increased the combat effectiveness of the Republic's forces and sapped the will of enemy combatants. Yet, even with Bastila's aid, the Republic forces knew that they could not hold out forever against the Sith. In a desperate attempt to end the war, the Republic set a trap for Revan and Malak. During a space battle, Bastila led a team of Jedi that boarded Revan's flagship and managed to corner the Dark Lord on the bridge.


However, Darth Malak chose that moment to attack his master's flagship, attempting to kill both Revan and Bastila at once. He fired upon the flagship from a nearby battle cruiser, but was unsuccessful in killing either his master nor Bastila. Unexpectedly betrayed by Darth Malak, Revan's plans were quickly quashed by his brash and violent apprentice, who sought to destroy the Republic entirely. It was only chance, or the Force, that kept Revan alive.


After the turbolaser blast rocked through the bridge, Bastila Shan had a terrible choice to make. Upon regaining her wits, she was confronted with the broken body of Darth Revan. The Dark Lord was nearly dead—by Bastila's own admission, just a tiny spark of the Force remained alive within him. For whatever reason—perhaps a sense of duty to the Republic, pity, or a simple urge to save his life—young Shan made the decision to grab a hold of that waning spark and keep Revan alive. Through that act, Bastila somehow tied Revan's life to her own, unwittingly forging a powerful Force bond.

Bastila stabilized Revan, but the Sith Lord was still in critical condition and his mind remained heavily damaged. Bastila brought him to the Jedi, where his broken mind was reprogrammed by the Council to conceal the Dark Lord's old identity. In this way, the Masters hoped to enable Bastila to draw out Revan's subconscious memories and find a way to defeat the seemingly unstoppable Sith fleet.”


“You even know droid names,” Obi-Wan said in amazement.


“Yes, please stop interupting.”




“Revan, under an implanted name and with no recollection of his real history or of his former mastery of the Force, was enlisted as a common military officer in the Republic army and placed under Bastila's command on the Republic warship Endar Spire. Malak, thinking his master dead, devoted all his forces to the hunt for Bastila and in orbit above the world of Taris, his fleet ambushed Endar Spire. Revan awoke in the middle of the battle and proceeded to fight his way off the ship. Along with fellow Republic soldier Carth Onasi, he managed to escape Endar Spire just moments before it exploded.


After crash-landing on the surface of Taris, Revan and Carth discovered that Bastila had been captured by the Black Vulkars swoop gang and was being offered as a prize to the winner of the Tarisian Season Opener. With few options, Revan entered the tournament himself and was able to win Bastila's freedom. These accomplishments were enough to attract the attention of the Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo. With his help, Revan and his companions were able to steal the bypass codes to the Sith blockade overhead, as well as Ebon Hawk, an extraordinarily fast freighter which they took from the crimelord Davik Kang. Revan and his newfound crew made their getaway moments before Darth Malak unleashed an orbital bombardment upon the planet.


Revan and his companions fled to the Jedi stronghold of Dantooine, where Bastila convinced the Jedi academy council to retrain the amnesiac Dark Lord in the ways of the Jedi. After Revan completed his unprecedentedly short formal training, he and Bastila were sent to investigate an ancient stone structure. Inside, the two uncovered an ancient artifact known as a Star Map, a relic of the long-forgotten Infinite Empire of the Rakata. Though the Map was not complete, it pointed the way to the worlds of Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Korriban, on which more Star Maps could be found. Only with the combined information of these five worlds would Revan be able to rediscover the location of the mysterious Rakatan artifact—the "Star Forge".


Revan, Bastila, and their companions journeyed to these worlds, tracing the steps Darth Revan had taken years before. On each planet, the powerful dark side aura of the Star Maps had created perilous conditions that made access to the Maps difficult. Additionally, the crew of Ebon Hawk found themselves hunted by Sith and bounty hunters, and confronted with the problems of the local populace at every turn.


As the crew attempted to reach the fifth Star Map, Revan and his allies were captured by the Sith flagship Leviathan. They managed to escape from their holding cells, and headed towards the bridge of the ship, where they faced Saul Karath, Carth's old mentor who betrayed the Republic. Once killed Saul revealed to Carth of Revan's true identity, but Bastila convinced him not to talk about it right then. As they fled toward the Ebon Hawk, Revan was confronted by Darth Malak, who revealed to him his former life as the Dark Lord of the Sith. A vicious lightsaber duel ensued, culminating with Bastila's capture by Malak. Revan was forced to deal with Malak's revelation and his loss of Bastila as the quest for the Star Forge stepped up, until at last it was found in the home system of the ancient Rakata.


After gaining the support of this race, Revan was forced to confront a fallen Bastila. Following weeks of torture at Malak's hand, Bastila had at last given in to her hate and had fallen to the dark side. She was now, she claimed, the Dark Lord's new apprentice. His original apprentice, a former Jedi named Darth Bandon, had previously been slain by Revan during the search for the Star Maps.


Atop an ancient Rakatan temple, Bastila attempted to entice Revan to reclaim his former title of Dark Lord of the Sith. This was the climax of the quest for the Star Forge, and it ended with Revan, once again, making a choice that would change the fate of the Galaxy.

Revan made the choice of a Jedi, rejecting Bastila's temptation. Enraged, Bastila retreated to the Star Forge. Revan and the crew of Ebon Hawk pursued her as a Republic fleet commenced an assault of its own.


Aboard the Star Forge, displaying his now returned power in the Force and mastery of lightsaber combat, Revan faced off against Bastila once again. After defeating her, he attempted to convince her to return to the light side by drawing on the powerful bond of love that had formed between the two during the course of their quest. He succeeded and Bastila used her Battle Meditation to aid the Republic, turning the tide of the ensuing battle. Finally, Revan again confronted his old friend and apprentice, Malak, in an epic lightsaber duel, while the Republic fleet, now no longer hindered by Bastila's Battle Meditation, continued its bombardment of the Star Forge. During their duel, Malak continually sucked the life-force from captured Jedi held in stasis to replenish his energies, but even this was not enough to defeat Revan. Revan, instead, freed as many of the Jedi as he could and allowed them to become one with the Force, shortening Malak's supply of energy. At last, Malak was cut down. Before his friend's death, Revan apologized for starting him down the dark path, even though Malak had continued down it willingly. Malak accepted his apology, realizing that he had no one to blame for his fate save himself. Thus Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith, died, his life ending in darkness and regret, and the Star Forge was destroyed.


A year after the defeat of Malak and the collapse of the Sith Empire, Revan left the Republic, having remembered the remnants of the ancient "True Sith" he had rediscovered as the Dark Lord. Hoping to put an end to the threat it posed before it could attack the weakened Republic, Revan bade farewell to the nine comrades who had accompanied him on his quest, knowing that none whom he loved could safely accompany him in the places he had to walk.


He entrusted Carth Onasi with the Republic's safety, Canderous Ordo with reviving the Mandalorians, and said goodbye to Bastila. "It would have helped," Kreia would later remark, "had he made her understand. But she was always strong-willed, that one, and did not understand war as Revan did." Then Revan disappeared, leaving Ebon Hawk with T3-M4 and HK-47 on Malachor V, on the edge of the Unknown Regions.

In time, T3 returned to known space aboard the Ebon Hawk seeking aid to combat a new threat to the Galaxy. The droid found the "Jedi Exile". Whether it was Revan who sent T3 on that mission would remain unknown. When the Exile questioned him, T3-M4 had little to say on the matter and by that time the navigational computer of Ebon Hawk had been secured with a voice-printed lockout system so that no one except T3 could access the ship's flight records. A likely explanation was that the droid was attempting to keep Revan's plans and final destination a secret. After the Exile completed her campaign against the Sith Triumvirate with the destruction of Malachor V, Ebon Hawk and her crew began a search for Revan, hoping to aid him in his battle.”


“Is that all?”


“Yes, that is all.”


“So, what was all that bounes info about.”


“You said you wanted to know the true story.”


“Not that much, anyway do you know the location of the 5 planets?”


“No,” Sip told him.


Obi-Wan sighed. “Then I guess we better find out who does.”

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Zeorg’s ship landed on Dantooine. He walked through the small village. He turned the corner and saw the legendary Jedi Enclave. But it looked new and rebuilt. Zeorg stared at it for a second looking for any sign of recent life. He saw a few but they were no sign of treachery. He started to walk toward it Enclave. He activated the door panel. The door slid open. A figure stood on the other side of the door. Zeorg grabbed his saber. But the figure also had a saber, and he used it. The enemy blade flashed through the air disarming Zeorg. Zeorg felt coldness sweep over him. He fell to the floor unconscious.


A figure stood over him.


“Who are you,” Zeorg asked him.


“Obi-Wan Kenobi, why are you here?”


“Why should I tell you?”


Obi-Wan hesitated then activated a blue lightsaber. “Because I can kill you,”


“I’ve come to find a Star Map,” Zeorg said quickly.


“Okay,” The Kenobi reached for his comlink. “ Kyp destroy the Star Map”


“What,” Zeorg shouted. “NO,”


Zeorg leaped at Obi-Wan and grabbed his neck, then broke it. Kenobi fell to the floor dead. H grabbed Kenobi’s lightsaber and ran out of the interrigation room. Zeorg made the lightsaber flash through the air as he deflected blaster shots. Finally he reached the other Jedi Scum who had destroyed the Star Map. The Jedi activated an green saber. Zeorg grinned and flipped around Kyp in a circler motion like Yoda had done. The lightsaber flew out of his hands durinng one of the flips and it shot through Kyps body. Killing him.


Tarkin stood in the Death Star bridge that finally over looked Coruscant.


“Fire twice that should be enough power to destroy all of the planet.”


“But sir,” the captain protested.


“DO IT,” Tarkin roared.


The Death Star fired blowing up half of the planet.


“See I told you we needed two shots fire again,”


“But Sir,”


Tarkin sighed than walked over to the firing console. He than slammed his finger on the firing button. A red warning light flashed like a alarm.


“What Happened,” Tarkin asked the captain.


“I tried to tell you the Death Star can only fire every 5 minutes.” He sounded scared. “You have made a chain Reacti-”


Suddenly the Shot fired destroying Corucant but at the same time the Death Star exploded.


Kyp fell to the ground about to die. He grabbed the gun to a rebel solider and shot the sith lord who had stabbed him. The body fell to the ground in front of him. The Universe was in Peril and now instead of saving it, the Rebels had made it worse.

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