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FoC hero bug


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Has anyone come across a bug in the game, where all of a sudden, random hero characters will just disappear from your arsenal? and if you click on their picture at the top of the screen, to find where they are, it just takes you to an enemy planet?


It's happened on campaign mode with the Consortium, and with the Empire - not with the Rebels yet, but I've only played as them twice. Is there a patch or something?



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I lost red squadron like this as rebels so I couldn't win (because the other player built the death star) online. I think it is if you attack specific planets with a hero, lose them and retreat.....

at least for me:

attacked felucia(empire planet)


got counter attacked

won, lost ~75% of my fleet

got counter attacked again (all within same turn)

lost red squadron, lost remaining 90% of my fleet, retreated out

lost red squadron forever, the hero icon just dissapeared.

This has been posted before

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