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Compiling cgame gives weird camera angles


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Well I've just compiled cgame, and now the camera in-game sort of lags behind when im moving forward. I've done a quick search at these forums, but it doesn't look like anyone else has had the same problem :o The only changes I've made are bugfixes found here. I remember getting this same problem when i compiled a DLL for the JK2 cgame too.


Help would be nice :D and thanks in advance.


edit: cg_thirdpersoncamperadamp is on default as well (0.3)

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Nope, I couldn't find it...


edit: forget i said that :p i tried the same link again today, and the link works now (wasn't working yesterday). I'll post back later with my result...


edit2: right, ive just compiled the universal source, and im still getting the same problem...:(

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Do a find in files for powf in the source, you will probably find one or two in the q_ functions, should comment those out and stick this in cg_view.c:


float FIXEDpowf ( float x, int y )
float r = x;
for ( y--; y>0; y-- )
	r = r * r;
return r;


Then, change the calls of powf in cg_view.c to FIXEDpowf.

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