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Merry Christmas!


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I got a kick ass Olympus FE-190 Digital Camera.

Pirates 2 DVD and soundtrack, Superman Returns DVD, a couple Samurai 7 DVDs, gas card, Target card, Best Buy card, clothes, tire air-pump, a few assorted other things I can't remember, and of course, a lot of junk food.

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Oh, Merry Belated Christmas everyone, I got a scarf.


I'd have said this earlier but hell, I don't remember anyone giving me any birthday wishes on the 3rd... I mean I was only 21...

I would have but I was busy on the third. You know....congress starting....school resuming....Top Chef....busy.

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Top Chef is like Project Runway, but with food instead of clothes.


And Marcel instead of every other cast member to ever be on Project Runway. Because Marcel Vigneron = pimp. "You say my food lacks fundamentals like salt and peppa, and I'm like 'Yo man, whateva!'"

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Oh dear. This thread was still on the front page. How sad.



Logitech Revolution Wireless notebook mouse

Some hoodies and a long-sleeve polo

Black leather gloves

Assorted little nick-nacks such as a Japan flag ornament, black sharpies, compressed air can, etc

And lots of candy and junk food!


Knights of the Old Republic II

Unreal Tournament 3

DVDs and CDs:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

Nightwish Oceanborn

Halo 3 Original Soundtrack


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


Bleach sketchbook


$150 cash

$280 Best Buy gift cards

$75 gas card

About $50-odd some dollars in Wal-Mart and Target cards


I have no idea how I made out so well, this year.

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