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So what did you get this Christmas?


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Two weeks ago, my mom got me a sweet hat as an early xmas present.


from my gf, i got stuff like a bracelt, necklace, and tshirt from the cruise she was on.


and from my sisters, i got the hollister "jake" cologne (best cologne ever), and $60.




i would've rather no one have gotten me anything, cuz as weird as it sounds for someone under 18 to say this, all i really care for is if they're there for me and love me. i dont need material things from them. (though, i must admit, getting things is sweet :) )

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For me:


  • Just shy of $500 (USD) in cash, checks, and gift cards from relatives, $150 from parents for money they owed (early Cmas present I paid for)
  • Viva Pinata : P
  • Rainbow Six Vegas
  • An awesome Fedora (I'll post a pic later)
  • Bath Robe and 'jammas
  • Some clothes that are actually pretty decent.


Noteworthy stuff that didn't go to me:

  • Brother: Zen Vision: M 30gb (One I have)
  • Sister: Zen Vision: V Plus 4gb
  • Mom and Dad: Zen Vision: V 2gb (2)
  • "The Kids": Luke and Darth Vader Light Saber dueling set, total coolness : P



  • A new AGP/PCI-E Motherboard and AMD 64 3700+ 2.2ghz San Diego CPU.... my gaming computer's mobo 'sploded... Only ordered. (This really sucks)
  • Talladega Nights
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2



  • To Brother: Soul Calibur III
  • To Sister: Case for Zen Vision: V

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Quite some treasure you got there, jmac


-Some small set of earphones

-Little Britain Season 1

-Dilbert: Thriving on vague objectives

-George Orwell: The Complete Novels (Animal Farm, 1984 and 4 others)

-Tokyo Story

-211 things a bright boy can do (redundant!)

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I got a couple of DVDs, a bass guitar and amp, and a Wii, plus Red Steel, Zelda, and an extra remote (all Wii stuff was shared between my siblings).


Been playing on Wii Sports all day, it's a frickin' large amount of fun. Red Steel is pretty good, will take a bit of time getting used to. Saved the best til last, waited to get some alone time to experience Zelda, and guess what...the disc was all chipped and scratched, and won't run. Now we'll have to wait for ages for Zelda to be restocked to get a replacement. Yep, sucks a huge amount.


Wii Tennis is cool though.

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Actually, I got a kick ass Olympus FE-190 Digital Camera.

Pirates 2 DVD and soundtrack, Superman Returns DVD, a couple Samurai 7 DVDs, gas card, Target card, Best Buy card, clothes, tire air-pump, a few assorted other things I can't remember, and of course, a lot of junk food.

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Dark Blue Jeans

A Superman T-shirt

A black zip up hoodie

Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack

Pirates 2 Soundtrack

Stain resistant long sleeve shirt

The Sandlot on DvD

2 Warcraft books

Leather gloves


Box of Count Chocula



and I found my Zippo I got for chirstmas last year :)

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Darwin Awards IV hardcover, page-a-day sudoku clendar, clock radio, $25 Best Buy gift card, Bat-symbol T-shirt, 2 "The Simpsons" photomosaic* puzzles, lots of goodies, and $30 cash(was supposed to only get $20, and they didn't want the extra $10 back, so i'll buy something that will be shared among my siblings).


The family got "The Simpsons" season 9, several other DVD's, the complete "Calvin and Hobbes" collection, , and a Foosball table.


*photomosaic is a technique for making a large image from tons of smaller images. In this case, the small images are scenes from the show.(I got one of just homer, one of the family + pets on the couch.)

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"Unbreakable" "Lady in the Water" "The Truman Show"
I just recently bought all three of these movies for myself ^_^


I got...


Gears of War

Coffee Maker

Standing Mixer

Ice Cream Maker

Awesome Knife + Knife Block

Twilight Princess Collectors Edition Strategy Guide

Beanie+Gloves+Scarf. (These'll be handy, what with the blizzard we just had)

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I'm sure my Gamertag has been posted a few times around these parts



*Goes into seclusion for 4 million years meditating on your XBL name*




and I know it's always a surprise when everyone finds out that it is "ET Warrior" :xp:


*Commits suicide*

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