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Name Change Thread 2 - Read the First Post!

Rogue Nine

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This is the new name change thread. The last one was a few years old and getting pretty ungainly, so I thought a fresh start would be a good idea. Before we get down to business, I would like to set a few ground rules, based some of the problems encountered in the old thread.



Rules for requesting a name change: (as of 07/31/07)

  1. You may only make one name change request every twelve months. - This is in direct response to a trend that has come up fairly recently. A user will request a name change and have it done by an administrator, only to come back a while later (usually less than a month, sometimes shorter) to request a new one or to have it reverted back to the old one. This is not IRC where names can be changed at will. If you would like a new username, think about it carefully and choose wisely, because you're going to be stuck with it for a while.
    NB: As of 06/30/07, the following change has been made to Rule 1.
    • The period of time between name changes has been extended to twelve months. Six is far too short a time.

NB: As of 07/31/07, the following change has been made to Rule 1.

  • You may waive the twelve-month waiting period in order to get an immediate name change. However, doing so means you forfeit all future name change requests, so in effect, your name change is permanent. So please weigh this option very carefully if you are considering it.



[*]Do not request a name that another user already has. - It doesn't matter if they last posted years ago, we will not delete them to accommodate your request. So don't bother.



[*]Do not request names with more than 20 characters in them. - This is just more of a common sense rule than anything else.



[*]This thread is for name change requests and administrator responses ONLY. - Any other posts will be deleted. If you have a question about our username policy or any other name-related miscellany, create a new thread or PM a staff member about it.



[*]Do not nag at the administrators. - Believe it or not, all the staff here at LF are volunteers, meaning we do not get paid for what we do. It also means we have lives outside of LF. So do not get snippy if we do not get to your name change right away. Chances are, one of us will come along and get to it in a timely fashion. Being petulant and saying things like "omg, it's been twelve hours, why isn't my name changed yet" will not get your request processed any faster; in fact, it may very well hold up the process. So please, do be patient.



[*]Remember, this thread is a privilege. - We, the LF staff, allow you to change your names as a little perk for being part of our community. Do not abuse this by violating any of the rules listed here.


Keep in mind that you must type in your new name whenever you log on, so don't pick one that's hard to remember or containing characters that are hard to type, for your own sake.


You can check when you last had a name change on your member profile page under the Statistics tab, if you are unsure.


So there you have it. Choose carefully.

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I know it's not exactly with the rules, but could I get my name changed back to Negative Sun please?


It's my screen name on pretty much every other board I go to and it's just confusing me to have a different one here...I won't change it again, ever...


Edit: Thanks Rogue Nine

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