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Great, Vanile thought after her meeting. Another torture for fun Moff. Sooner the Emperor kicks the bucket the better. She went with the guards to the hanger where they expected Alixe to be.

"That's their shuttle," one of the guards told Vanile. "They should have checked in."

"Hold up." Vanile didn't like the looks of this. "You heard about the prisoner?"

"We had."

"Then you'll know that an angry Wookie has nothing on her. I'll go, you two stay together and see if she's anywhere here." As Vanile drew closer to the shuttle she braced herself for an attack, coming up to the entry ramp when she paused.

Blood. She stepped around to see the dead pilot, she guessed he had been electrocuted.

"Hey," she called out, "get over here now. We need help here."




"Damn," Alixe whispered, seeing that she had been discovered. "Okay, think." This was a Grand Moff's ship, there had to be a decent armory on board.

Arm up, then what? She doubted she could fight. Blow the ship apart. Alixe vetoed that idea as well, her only choice was to escape. But with ship likely to be locked down that didn't look like it would happen anytime soon.




Mara was looking up what information she could when a squad of Stormtroopers appeared behind her.

"Yes, what is it?" she asked, not knowing why they were here. Their reply was to ain their rifles at her. Mara had no time to be surprised, only to dive behnd the computer console as they fired. She reached for her lightsaber before thinking it would be foolish to do so and grabbed her blaster instead, reaching out to defend herself but the hail of laser bolts was too great.

"Hold your fire." The Stormtroopers exchanged hand signals before moving around. The pause in firing gave Mara time to think and she used her force abilities to bring them under her control. Having taken over their minds she chanced a peak to see that one of them was about to throw a thermal detonator, the grenade still in his frozen hand.

"Oh..." Mara's eyes went wide and she dived back to avoid the blast, seeing the Stormtroopers consumed by it. Her mind raced, trying to work out why they tried to kill her.

They must have been acting under orders. After a moment she thought she had an idea who.

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Blaze was runnin out of fuel and went to a space station orbiting some unknown planet. While he got fuel he saw a Death star being constructed. Blaze got his fuel and got to korriban. He parked his ship and went for his master.


Aap: Blaze, found anything of worth on your travel?


Blaze: yeh, first this log and second, the imperials are constructing a death star behind everyone's back at some unknown planet on these coordinates.




got to go now i'll post more later. Feel free to reply :)

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"Be careful," Vanile told the pair of guards with her, "and set your blasters to stun. No sense in just killing her." Alixe watched from cover as the three searched for her, trying to find a better place to hide. Reinforcements would be on their way she knew, given how dangerous the Rebel was. Her best chance she knew was to try and sneak through the insides of the ship, where she could wait out the search. Alixe pulled open a grate and as she climbed inside heard a squad of Stormtroopers on the deck below. They heeard her too and began firing in the direction of the sound. "Hold your fire!" Vanile ordered even as they stopped trying to blast the ship apart. "Hold your fire!" The squad conferred for a moment before switching their rifles to stun. One of them blew a hole into where Alixe was hiding while the others fired.

"Command, we have her," one of them said as the commando slumped to the ground. They inspected her body before giving a second report. "She's hurt bad."

Now what Vanile wondered. She was meant to be tracking her but this Moff wanted her as well. Maybe she could radio Piett, maybe even the Admiral can get orders from Vader. At the least it would buy her some time. She fingered the comm link in her pocket, thinking of how best to put forward the request, when another thought occured to her. Mara Jade was two or three in the Imperial hirarchy, and she seemed most relieved that Vanile prevented that information from falling into the wrong hands. A word from her might give more weight.

"Hellp?" Vanile said, lifting the comm link to her lips. "Mara, are you there. Could you..."

"Who is this?" the Emperor's Hand snapped. Vanile was taken aback at the reply.

"Vanile Xer. From Endor. Why, what happened?"

"Your people tried to kill me." Vanile paused for a moment to work out what she meant.

"My people? Wait, someone tried to kill you?" Hearing that she didn't know calmed Mara down a bit. "Where are you? I'll try and..."

"No. I think I know who would have done this but I'll need proof. Stay out of this."

"Mara," Vanile interceded, but the comm link went dead. She wondered for a moment what that was all about. If someone in the Empire did try and kill her then there would have to be an investigation, the ISB would be involved at the very least sweeping through most if not the whole galaxy for any trace of involvement in the assassination attempt.

The ISB? She wondered, before turning to the guards.

"Either one of you know how to fly?"

"I do," one of them said.

"Good, prep a shuttle. The ISB want us to bring the commando to them." She began to help transport her. "Come on, now. They don't want to be kept waiting."

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*DarthKithoran finished forging his perfect red lightsaber crystals, he then assembled his double-bladed lightsaber, he pressed the button to activate one side, a dark red beam shot out of the lightsaber, Okoe moved his lightsaber around, worked fine, he activated the other end, and repeated the former process, it worked fine as well.*


*Darth Kithoran* Good.


*Kithoran then proceeded to his bedchamber and replaced his old Jedi cloths with Sith robes (very similar to Darth Maul's on Episode I) and a utility belt with grenades, a comlink, food packs, and other stuff he'd need.

He grabbed the comlink and contacted Darth Aap.*


*Aap* Yes, what is it Darth Kithoran?


*Kithoran* I need to know what you would have me do.


*Aap* Very well, I'm going to need you to stay at the academy a few more days, I need you to duel the other students, not to the death, and see how they compare to you.


*Darth Kithoran* Very well


*The channel died, he put the comlink back in his belt, and went to the entrance/exit of his chamber, he opened the door and found Exillien Fenrire waiting for him, Kithoran had heard of him during his stay at the academy, he was said to be undefeated by the other students, yet very ambitious.*


*Exillien* I heard you're new to this place, also heard you were a more than fair duelest, now, as you can imagine that doesn't bode well with me, people sayin' you're more than a match for me, so I'm gonna see 'ow good you are, whether you want to or not.


*He drew his two single-bladed lightsabers and lunged forward at Darth Kithoran, Kithoran drew his newly crafted double-bladed lightsaber and piveted the two lightsabers towards the ceiling, Exillien used the force and tried to pull his opponents lightsaber out of his hands, but Okoe had been using the force to keep his lightsaber in his hands since he drew it, Okoe lunged at Exillien with one of the blades, Exillien dodged and hurled a wave of force lightning at Okoe, which Okoe caught with the force, turned the wave of lightning around, sending it towards Exillien and sent his own wave of lightning towards him, Exillien blocked with both lightsabers, stopping his force wave, he could barely keep his lightsabers up to defend himself, but then Okoe suddenly stopped, pulled his opponents lightsabers out of his hands and sliced them in half, leaving his opponent standing there, speechless and full of fear.*


*Darth Kithoran (Okoe Kithoran if you haven't guessed yet)*Do you know why you will never become a true Sith? You stink of fear, ever since you entered my room you were full of doubt, I forsee you will never become a Sith even if you live, therefore there is no reason for me to let you live.


*Exillien* N-no, w-wait!-Deeaaaaaah!!.......


*Darth Kithoran hurled a devastating wave of force lightning at Exillien and threw him out the window of his room (Okoe's room was on the edge of the academy, the walls inches away from a steep cliff).*


*Darth Kithoran exited his room and headed towards the dueling arena to see if there was anyone who could match him in a fight because Aap requested it, though he already knew there would be none who could defeat him.*

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srry for not replying for so long i'm on a holiday and didnt have time before. I won't let this topic die.




Darth Aap: Darth Kithoran I have a mission for you. You need to show the galaxy that you're a sith lord now. Take this group of sith and conquer a random rebel planet. Then send a message to the rebellion saying their time is almost up. Meanwhile I'm gonna arrange us an army. It'll make our territory easier to control. Now go. Show no mercy.


Darth Kithoran: Yes master


Okoe gathered the other sith and made way for the planet.




Darth Aap went to the Jedi Temple. It was one of the last places with a decent library. Blowing coruscant to bits wasn't as smart as they tought. ''The empire was so foolish to do that'' Darth aap tought while flying to Dantooine.




I'm almost out of internet time but i'll reply asap. Dont let this die.

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I shall do my best to not let this thread die.


*Okoe punched in coordinates for the planet Byss, which, Okoe remembered last time he looked up info for it it was not defended heavily since the planets surrounding it were pretty heavily defended.

Okoe's shuttle landed near a few units of Rebels and the Sith poored out and slaughtered all but one, which Darth Kithoran told to send the message to the Rebels that Okoe Kithoran was now the Sith Lord Darth Kithoran.

the Sith then conquered the planet and after the lone Rebel sent the message they killed him.*


*Darth Kithoran* It is done, my master.


*Darth Aap* Excellent, return yourself and the other Sith, assuming they survived to the academy, I will meet you there soon after you get there.


*Darth Kithoran* Very well, my master.


*So Darth Kithoran loaded the remaining Sith into the shuttle and flew back to the academy.*

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Sorry, It is called SWG and it is one of the most distracting thigns in the world... I will never let this thread die...


Moff Garn talking to Darth Aap: I have a report about one of your students killing another... I know that one is the kithorian but l am not sure about the other...


Aap: Yes l know, it is ok


Garn: Never will understand sith, Ok affirmitive


Aap: Why didn't you tell us about the death star?


Garn: Who? What? who told you!?


Aap: My apprentice


Garn: You mean the one of talus?


Aap: Yep


Garn: That is restricted to sith only imperials are aloud in that sector


Aap: Hmm, whys that?


Garn: Theres somethign there that dwells on the surface of that planet


Aap: Hmm...


Garn: It chews on the lives of force sensetices it is a odd beast, No way you could survive there is a hundred in one single cave... Even our troopers get attacked by those creatures and there poorly force sensetive


Stormtrooper listening: Hay! l have a life too!


Garn: Sorry


Aap: Hmm... well make sure that no one gets into the system except from imperials


Garn: Affirmitive... We put it there so no jedi can come ruin our plan


Aap: Ok


Garn: You are not aloud to enter coruscant either


Aap: What?! it is basicially jedi/sith owned!


Garn: We have a few planets fully imperial so you are not aloud there... We are scavenging the remaining of the Jedi temple


Aap: Ok... Aap out!

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Aap: Hmpf! If i need something from Coruscant I'll go and get it without being noticed anyway. Ah forget it, back to more important mathers. Aap contacted the Kaminoans and ordered a 1.500.000 men army, dedicated to the Sith.




Meanwhile Darth Blaze's path had took him to Dathomir. The clone log told him that the clone who had killed his parents had retired and now lived on Dathomir in an area free of Killer beasts like Rancors. Blaze landed and senced some human activity nearby. He stealthy approached them and saw a group of rebels sneaking throught he forrest. Blaze decided to follow them. They could know where to look for the clone. The rebels moved inside a cave but blaze didn't sence any force presence in the cave. It was like a gap in the force. Blaze moved in either way. When he was in the cave he saw a bunch of Isalamari cages.


Rebel: NOW!!!


Some rebels all tossed a sleeping gas grenade. And with the Isalamari cages he couldn't use force-breathe.


Blaze: ah... crap....... *goes KO*


Rebel: YEAH!!!! We finally got Blaze. After all those months of trying we finally got him. Quickly, put him in a force cage and make shure that he does NOT get out of range of the Isalamari's or he'll slay us alive. Got it?

Now that we have him we can make those Sith to leave us alone. I know they don't care too much about their fellow warriors but this one has been like Aaps son. Beside that he's the strongest sith in ages. Trust me, they WILL care. Ok move out troopers!




And daniel i fully understand u :p. Before those bitches at LucasArts banned my account for no reason, I was totally addicted to SWG.

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"Yeah, Admiral, she told me herself that someone tried to kill her." Vanile turned away from the holo of Piett, glancing at Alixe's motionless form to make sure she was safe. "I tried getting her help with the commando, getting her out so we could track her."

"How did you know about the Emperor's Hand anyway?" Piett asked curiously.

"The Empire's as leaky as a bad cantina, you get all types of information if you keep your ears open." Vanile didn't want to appear rude to the admiral but she went to check on Alixe. "Heard rumors about Ozzel, Stormtroopers breaking ranks, power struggles even at the top level, lots of things."

"Hmm, yes." Piett looked over a report on a communication she had sent out. "You took a risk using ISB to bluff your way out with Medcraft alive. In fact I'm trying to cover for you now."

"Thanks," she replied sincerely. "And congratulations on being posted to the Executer." Piett nodded and terminated communications so he could do what he could. Vanile looked over Alixe one last time, before pulling a cord, sealing the capsual she was in and leaving the hanger. "Alright, jettison it," she said to the guard outside, making her way to the cockpit. "Say, how far would Endor be from here?" she asked.

"Actually we are meant to hold here until further orders." Vanile sniffed, shrugged and with nothing else to do for the time settled into the seat next to the pilot.

"Know dejeric at all?" she asked boredly.

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**OOC: Perhaps I can help with storylines.**


"Shuttle Xanadu, prepare to transmit information." Vanile looked out at the ship sending the message, seeing what might have been a mercenary or smuggler vessal, and sent out a reply.

"I lost two Stormtroopers in getting that informaton. Before we do anything we need to confirm your identity." There was a pause before a female voice was transmitted over the comms.

"This is Hapspir, Barrini, Corbolan, Triaxis." Vanile paused for a moment, remembering the identification, before letting out an impressed whistle.

"Now there's a force to be reckoned with. "What can we do for you Hapspir...Barrani is it?"

"The information you recovered will be fine." Vanile brought up the details, thinking for a moment what she went through to get them, before sending them off to the Imperial agent. "Did you look at this at all?" Mara wanted to know.

"Hmm?" The female trooper seemed distracted. "No. I have a fair idea what it is though, could be just what we need."


"Yeah," Vanile replied lightly. "We're on the same side right? This isn't going to end up in the hands of a psychotic right? I have a policy about working for people like Tarkin."




Vanile was pulled away from her dream about her first encounter with the Emperor's Hand when the shuttle pilot kicked her leg.

"Message for ya." She shifted in her seat and tried to make herself presentable.

"Yeah." Vanile looked to see who was on the viewscreen. "Admiral." She began to rise.

"As you were," Piett told her. "I've spoken with high command about your actions, as well as your interest in the Emperor's Hand."

"Uh huh. Look, it's none of my business, I'll stay right out of it."

"She had made contact with us," Piett told her.

"Did Mara say anything about who attacked her?" Vanile asked.

"Nothing had been mentioned about that yet and I advise you treat it that way. She has been petitioning for some time for the Empire to enforce sectors that it had previously given up on. Her reasoning is because of the lawlessness that takes place without our presence. High command think the Rebellion could operate in this way as well. They have decreed that since you are so interested then you are to work in keeping governments that are not within our purview in line."

"Yeah," Vanile said slowly, "yeah it's a good idea. So long as we can bring the right kind of enforcement." She knew that the Empire could tear the galaxy apart rather than build it back together.

"These are specific orders from high command," Piett told her. "By the way because of these new orders you're to follow the command of the Emperor's Hand from now on, aid her in her efforts for the Empire."

"Sure, of course I'll do it," Vanile readily agreed. "What about the Rebel commando?"

"Dump her in space and forget about it. She won't be a problem anymore." Hearing the callous comment made Vanile think about the Force and people falling to the dark side.

"That's...been taken care of actually."




"I'm picking up a homing beacon," Jan Ors reported. "It's faint but it sounds like it could be Medcraft." She flew the Moldey Crow where the signal grew stronger. "What the hell is that?" The capsual looked like it was a coffin ejected into space. If it was Alixe then she should at least bring in the body. "Damn it." Jan brought the ship in close where she could recover the capsual, bringing it into the cargo hold. Knowing now by the homing beacon that had been activated that it was Alixe Jan checked on the capsual when she heard a thumping from inside, followed by muffled yelling. Jan quickly open the capsual to let Alixe out.

"...me out of here! Get me the...Jan." Alixe paused to catch her breath, greatful even for the stale air on the ship.

"You alright?" she asked.

"Fine." Alixe climbed out in search of a weapon. "There is a little shutta that looks exactly like me working for the Imperials." A mean sneer crossed her face. "Before she can do anymore damage we need to make her one with the Force."




"If I must," Mara said when she was informed of her orders.

"Yeah." Vanile appeared on the viewscreen in her Stormtrooper armor, sans helmet. "these sectors need enforcing, if you don't mind." Since they were going to be working together Mara sized the clone trooper up for a moment.

"I prefer to work alone." Vanile fought the urge to smirk, wondering if she would feel the same way in the thick of combat.

"And I sympathize. Tarkin, Ozzel, Vader even. Not a good track record." The words rang true for the Emperor's Hand.

"I suppose it isn't." She knew that Vanile could sense her using the Force, but wondered what else this woman was capeable of. "What have you to offer me?" she demanded. Vanile thought for a moment on the best way to reply.

"Desire to help?" she offered with a shrug. "They said the age and experiance diffirence would be an asset. With me being a soldier and all. I'm also a sniper, and since it was your idea I'll add that it's a great one."

"Age and experiance?" Mara mused. She figured it was from the knowledge that must have been a part of the cloning process.

"Even without the Death Star a number of worlds are unstable. Their governing bodies abusing their power and the like." Mara knew about that all too well. "It is my belief that it is our duty to set things right. If not for the Empire then for the people in it." Mara didn't need to use the Force to know that every word was the truth.

"That's well and good but we have another objective in mind, the spy network on Bothawui. I trust you will follow your orders in aiding me with this."

"You command," Vanile replied, thinking she would like this, "I obey." Mara wondered if maybe she was too soft, especially considering who she was cloned after. "I'll meet you there." Little did either of them realize that they were about to be confronted with their humanity, and the inhumanity that was rife throughout the galaxy.

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*Darth Kithoran senced a disturbance in the force, so he contacted Aap*


*Darth Kithoran* Aap, I need to make a short visit to Dathomir.


*Darth Aap* Reason?


*Kithoran* I felt a disturbance in the force, I think one of our number has been captured, and whoever it was is powerful.


*Aap*..... Very well, I am currently occupied with a matter on Coruscant, go and make your visit.


*Kithoran* Thank you, master. Darth Kithoran out.


*Kithoran flew in a shuttle to Dathomir with an Elite Trooper squad from when he was commander of the Kithoran Alliance and landed about 1k away from a cave where he felt what he expected, a few lifeforms and a big gap in the force around them, he then got a small landspeeder out of the cargo bay in the shuttle and drove to a spot about 50m away from the cave.*


*Darth Kithoran* Go, take out the Ysalamiri first (did I spell that right?), then, I will meet you there.


*Elite Trooper Squad Leader* Yes sir! Go go go go go!


*The Elite Troopers charged into the cave, though, you could barely hear their footsteps.

a moment later, Darth Kithoran felt the gap in the force disappear, he force ran into the cave, the Rebels were behind some boulders farther back in the cave, the Elite Troopers had caught them by surprise and had taken out a few before the Rebels retreated behind the boulders where they were now pinned down. Kithoran used the force and picked up the boulders a few feet off the floor and threw them into the Rebels that were previously hiding behind and crushed them between the boulders and the back of the cave, where they spent the last few seconds of their lives.*


*Darth Kithoran* Take out the force cage.


*Elite Trooper Squad Leader* Yes sir! You, plant a thermal bomb on the lock, set intensity to minimum.


*After a couple of seconds the locked blew up and the cage door swung open, revealing a humanoid laying on the floor of the cage. Kithoran looked around the cage and saw a lightsaber near it on the floor of the cave.

Darth Kithoran and his troopers then went back to the landspeeder, troopers carrying the body, drove back to the shuttle, and flew back to the Academy.

After a couple of hours Darth Blaze woke up facing the ceiling of the academy, lying on a bed with Darth Kithoran staring at him, arms folded on his chest.*


*Darth Blaze*..... Kithoran..?


*Darth Kithoran* Correct.

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Sorry, second most distracting is my nintendo DS lol.


Here we go,


Garn speaks with Aap to pursuade him out of having permission going to coruscant: I told you it is strict imperial area!


Aap: I don't care there is a jedi temple there that l want to get to and your going to let me through! (by the way he is hovering in a ship that has been stopped by imperial patrols)


Garn: Leave otherwise you will not see the face of blaze again!


Aap: Fine.


Aap thinks: Fools! they do not have permission to keep me out of a force sensetive building!


Aap thinks: Maybe l could get pass


(Aap uses a force technique that makes his whole ship invisible including himself. He slips pass the patrols and gets to the surface of coruscant)


Aap thinks: What did they do to this place? It is ruined and this was like there main base.... Im amazed they ruined it




Imperial: Sir, ship #0002 entered the atmosphere of coruscant, should we disable the ship?


Garn: No, no let him through, l know who that is


Imperial: Yes sir

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Sorry guys I was distracted as well (got a girlfriend =D).


Blaze: Thanks kithoran, I owe you big.


Kithoran: You should have been more alert. You allowed rebels to capture you.


Blaze: Yes you're right. It's inacceptable. Anyway the rebellion will pay for this attack against the Sith. I'm taking some troops and some sith and I'm gonna kill their 3 High-Generals. Are you comming?


Kithoran: Shure, there's nothing to do at the academy now anyway.


Blaze: Great.


Darth Blaze, Darth Kithoran, and 7 Sith Lords took some troops and made way for Yavin 4. They charged at the rebel base and easily destoryed the defences and patroling troops. They breached the command building and there was a battle with the elite guard troops. It didn't took long and when they were dead blaze walked up to the General.


General: Wha- what do u want from me..


Blaze: You planned to capture me, for that, you will die rebel scum!


He slashed through the general with his lightsaber. Then he figured that it would be easy to find the other 2 by searching the computer network. He searched through some files and then saw a rebel order. Out of curiosity he read the order. Apparently there was a top secret mission to blow up a hidden asteriod in the Maw.


Blaze: Why would the rebellion use their little recourses to blow up an asteroid.. Aap should definetly know this. They're up to something for shure.

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By the time Alixe had finished placing the explosives with Jan a solid plan had been thought out. As well as the Maw asteroids the Alliance were staging low scale strikes in Hypori, Lok and Fornax.

"The Empire is gonna pay," Alixe kept telling herself. "The Empire is gonna pay." In reality this was a false flag operation, diverting attention to worlds that had been affected by war at some point in history, especially brought by the Sith. It was hoped it would draw them away from a major attack.

"Just ignore them," Jan tried to tell her. "As long as you're with me this clone won't be able to do anything." She paused, pointing out Alixe's bald head. "A couple of months and it'll be worthless anyway."

"Yeah." Alixe tried to force a smile. "What about this woman? That Emperor's Hand?"

"I asked about that," Jan said, "that rifle you like to use, the Rebels are trying to find one for you to use should you cross paths, but for now you need to be here. That way the Empire can't do anything."




"I thought they were trying to capture Skywalker, not kill him," Mara mused, reading up on an assassination plot that the Empire had set into motion. She read on before noticing a shuttle, figuring that would be the Stormtrooper that she was made to work with.

The shutta's wanting to speak with me as well. She opened communications.

"Bothawui's the home of the Bothan spy network the Rebellion use," Vanile said when she was on screen. She was in full trooper armor, her voice somewhat mechanized under the helmet, but it looked diffirent somehow, appearing to be made of a diffirent material. "I take it that's why we're here."

"Correct." Mara put her thoughts on the matter aside. "The Emperor wants them shut down."

"This is directly from the Emperor?" Vanile asked, loading a rifle.

"Yes." The Stormtrooper let out a low whistle.

"I guess what they found on Endor was too big."

"Bigger than you know," Mara warned. "We could just bombard the planet but that would draw attention. The Rebels are to think their spies had just disappeared, as if they never existed, like the Genoharadan

"Like who?" Mara waved a hand, using the Force to influence Vanile's mind.

"Forget it." She sniffed, not sure if the mind trick worked.

"Whatever. It's good sense to do it this way, that's where we come in I guess." Vanile set the weapon aside. "I came with the standered equipment. If this is going to be sneaky would you have a sniper rifle at all?" Mara sighed.

"Fine, I'll see if I can get my hands on one."

"Great." Vanile proceeded to make preperations for landing. "I'll see you on the ground. May the Force..." she paused, the look on Mara's face deadly. "You know the rest." Before Mara could reply Vanile terminated communications.

"Schutta," Mara repeated.

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Sorry haven't been able to reply, school started for me recently and it's taken a big dent outta my time.


*Rebel Alliance lieutenant* Trooper, how is the clone doing?


*Rebel Alliance Trooper* Going well, sir, he's passed all of the tests and simulations in record time, he's ready for deployment whenever you want, sir.


*lieutenant* Excellent! send him to assassinate Darth Kithoran, and give him the gear he'll need, anything he wants from a DC-17 blaster pistol to a Serenity class ship.


*trooper* Yes sir!


*after about a day with the clone being equipped with the weapons of his choice, he set off for the Yavin IV Academy (or is it on Korriban?) to hide and wait for Darth Kithoran*


*Darth Kithoran headed back to the Academy to rest and meditate, when he got to his room he sensed something. Kithoran started looking around and was about to try to pinpoint the disturbance's location when several rounds of a modified DC-17 blaster rifle went off and shot through Kithoran's chest, he fell and the clone came out of a shadowy corner, the clone grabbed Kithoran's arms and pulled him out to his ship about 200m away from the academy (talk about tiring lol) and flew off....*

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The academy is on Korriban ;)




Darth Blaze had reported his findings to Darth Aap who was now trying to find out anything about the asteroid that the Rebels wanted to blow up. He had flyed back to the academy and was at the moment meditating. Then a security officer rushed in.


Officer: Lord Blaze!! Some sort of assasin has infiltrated the academy and managed to kidnap Lord Kithoran!!


Blaze: What?! You incompetent fool!! How could someone have infiltrated here!!


He force-pushed the security officer against the wall, almost killing him. He rushed outside and saw a ship flying away, so he got a fighter and rushed after him, trying to keep up. Blaze had a hard time doing so, as the assasin's ship's engines were modified. As they went through the atmosphere blaze realized that if the assasin would reach light speed he'd be a lot harder to track. Blaze immediately launched a tracker towards the ship. The assasin saw it comming tho. He dodged it, and started charging his hyper drive. Blaze quickly launched another but it was too late. Just as it was about to hit the ship, the ship blasted off.


Blaze: Damn! Then I guess I'll just have to rely on the force.


He calculated the most likely place he had gone, by using the coordinates the ship had hyperspaced in. The result was a planet called Tyrenus.


Blaze: Hmm that's rebel territory. So they're probaly the ones behind this kidnapping. I better go there and find kithoran.


He hyperspaced to Tyrenus and managed to land without being detected by the rebels. He put on a big grey cloack making him unrecognisable, and he started his search.

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*Darth Kithoran was in a cell with ray shields for walls so he couldn't get out. Darth Kithoran was unconcious but he was coming to, a few seconds after he woke up he realized he wasn't alone, the clone and his old Lieutenant were standing a couple of feet away, also the clone wasn't wearing his helmet, Darth Kithoran got a better look at his face and realised the clone was a lot like him, Darth Kithoran used the force and discovered the the clone was, in fact, a clone of himself.*


*Darth Kithoran* What? how'd you get my DNA to clone me?


*Lieutenant* apparently you have forgotten you pawn of evil, back when you were on the side of justice, you had your DNA recorded on a file in a computer at the base.


*Darth Kithoran* You......


*Darth Kithoran tried to force crush his old lieutenant but the building was full of Ysalamiri.*


*Darth Kithoran* I'm going to kill you when I get out of here, you will pay for this!


*Lieutenant* it will be you who will pay for betraying the Kithoran Alliance, your old jedi friends, and everything that is good. Now, I will leave you to chat with your clone, Sith.


*The Lieutenant left the room and Clone Kithoran stepped closer until he was about two feet away from Darth Kithoran, Clone Kithoran was wearing white katarn armor, the same design as the Scout Trooper armor from the Clone Wars, and had a Green facial tattoo like the one Darth Kithoran had.*


*Darth Kithoran* Do you even know that the side your fighting for is the wrong side? Your side's leaders are fools compared to ours, they are better in every way, join us, and we will teach you to use the force in a way you cannot imagine!


*Clone Kithoran* Sorry, but the real Okoe Kithoran would have said "no", I will not become a pawn of evil, the real Okoe would have tried to rid the galaxy of pain, not increase it, the real Okoe would have died before serving the side of Evil, therefore I will do the same.


*Darth Kithoran*...... Fool.....


*Though Darth Kithoran could not help feeling a little soft after what Clone Kithoran said.*

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