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Im glad your going to download it but there is one problem is that its not out yet well lhave not checked well l will have a look well lets see... still looking oh yes it is not out yet only the dem but there has been debate over the fact that it is illegal but l belive it isnt illegal so dont say l wont download it l will tell you if its illegal or not when it comes out (or if)

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Darth Blaze looks up as a space battle has just started. The empire had a feeling Darth Blaze was there so he had to make this very fast. He sneaked inside an Imperial facility and downloaded a civillian list on his datapad.


Blaze: Just as i thought. My brother is still alive, and he doesn't live far away from here. I HAVE to find him. He's the only family I have left.




Darth Blaze felt good about his brother being alive, but it wasn't what he normally felt. He didn't feel this way since his parents got killed. It was partly filling up the eternal darkness in his heart that he carried with him for so much years. One thing was certain. As long as his brother was still alive, he could never completely fall to the darkside. Maybe he could still be saved. But the chance however, remained very small, as he wouldn't betray his mentor and friend Darth Aap just like that.




Meanwhile, Darth Aap had arrived on Manaan. He hired a sub and let the force guide him. When he drove through an underwater tunnle he ended up in a big cave with a big chest in the middle. He used an old force technique to unlock the chest. There was a glowing ball inside it.


Darth Aap: I found it. The Jedi will be doomed. But something bothers me. I have the feeling my apprentice is about to go through some metally tough time.




Meanwhile the Rebellion was trying to defend Mon Calamari at all costs, but it looked bad for them as the empire's leviathan was crushing the rebellion without any problems.


Okoe: WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS!!! wait a minute, did i sence something good might have happened down there that is related to the force? Ah well i'll find that out later, if there will be a later. DEFEND!! DEFEND!!!

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Sorry I haven't been able to reply for a while..... and I'm even more sorry to say that this will continue for a month or two, I am very much hoping not more than that, anyway, unless you guys plan to do something crazy with him or his faction I don't mind you using Okoe Kithoran in my absence.


*on the edge of the galaxy in Ryloth's orbit, a fleet of Super Star Destroyer sized Arrowhead shaped ships hyperspaced into the system.*


*Okoe* With these, enemy ships will not be a problem......


*These Arrowhead shaped ships were Serenity class ships (name fits cuz the Kithoran Alliance is fighting to remove the Sith and any evil in the galaxy), they were made of a special type of metal that was next to indestructable from the Unknown Regions, at the front of the ship, it was very sharp, they also had specially designed engines so they could hyperspace from one point to another in the same system if they wished, so they could tear holes in the strongest of ships without receiving so much as a scratch on their hull.*


*Okoe Kithoran* Send most of the ships to the Rattatack system, we will obliterate the Star Forge once and for all, as for the rest, I sence that those on Yavin IV are in terrible danger....


*Seventy-five of the Serenity class ships hyperspaced into the Rattatack system, the Star Forge was moments away from termination. But, about 32 seconds after the Serenity class ships hyperspaced in, a fleet of Star Destroyers with Sith symbols on them hyperspaced in on the other side of the system. As Okoe Kithoran was on the command ship amongst the Serenitys, he commanded them.*


*Okoe* They must be planning to take control of the Star Forge, Serenitys, tear that blasted thing apart!


*They all hyperspaced into the Star Forge, utterly destroying it in seconds.*


*Okoe Kithoran*Now, Let us show these Sith what they're dealing with!


*Half of the Sith's fleet consisting of 236 ships were destroyed before they could fire so much as a weapon, as soon as those were destroyed, the Serenitys shifted and aimed directly for the other half, but before they destroyed them, the command ship managed to get out this message to Darth Aap:"The Kithoran Alliance has a new weapon some sort of Arrow shaped-" and there the message ended in an explosion.*

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Darth Aap: Soo.. the Kithorans got themselves a new little toy. If this keeps on going the galaxy will become one big asteroid field. Ah well not my problem. But if i want my plan to work, i have to fake my death. The Jedi won't buy it if i just dissapear.


He created a message that sounded like this.

Darth Aap: Damnit! The escape pods won't work!!!!

Commander: We're crashing!!!

*Crashing sounds*

Commander: I'm, I'm still alive. Sir? SIR?!?! My god Lord Aap has been crushed!! MEDIC!!

Medic: His head is destroyed. Our great leader is truely gone.

Commander: Then, Then we are... doomed...



Darth Aap sent this message in a direction that the Kithorans would intercept.


Darth Aap: this should do it.




Darth Blaze had arrived at the home of his brother. He had to be extra cautious as a squad of jedi were deployed on the surface. Darth Blaze saw that the door was kicked down and he rushed inside to see what happened. Inside he saw his brother lying dead on the floor with a Stormtrooper next to him.


Stormtrooper into intercom: You mean he wasn't a sith lord? Ah well..


Darth Blaze was filled with the purest form of anger existing. The Darkside flowed through him like water through a pipeline.


Trooper: Move along civillian. There is nothing for you to see here.


Blaze drew his lightsaber.




Trooper: What the hell? SITH LO-


Blaze force crushed the Stormtrooper like a piece of paper and then rushed outside. A group of Dark Troopers saw him but they were no match for Darth Blaze who had gone insane. He slayed everything that looked like an imperial.


Leviathan commander: A Sith Master of some sort is slaying our forces. BLOW UP THE PLANET!! NOW!!!


Darth Blaze got back to his Sith Infiltrator just in time and he flew off.


Darth Blaze: I won't stop until they are all dead. I swear that to my brothers grave.


He flew back to join Darth Aap

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Darth Blaze unfortunately ran into some imperial forces well apparently it was a space battle that stoped hes hyperspace rout because if he hyperspaced throught it, it would tear him to peices




Darth Blaze flew into the hangar and jumped out on a killing spree on all the stormtroppers there in the hangar and any stormtrooper that went to leave he would force it out of control and it would crash


Imperial on comm to main command of star destroyer: This is imperial 1123 patrolling the hangar there has been a sith that is killing everyone in the hangar it mig- oh no hes comming up here yes *imperial commanding stormtrooper* SHUT THE DOOR


Stormtrooper: Yes sir


Imperial on comm to main command of star destroyer: Ahh that will sto- HES COMMING THROUGH THE WINDOW RUN FOR IT AHH *darth Blaze speaking* show me where the main command bay is NOW *imperial* Its on the *choking sounds* on the 4th floor... theres the elevator it is made to go strait to it an- AHH *dies* *Darth Blaze* This is it now *comm broke off*


Imperial on main command: What quick disable power


Imperial: But that will-


Imperial: I dont care if we will go down just disable all power and then we will run to the escape pods


Imperial: Yes sir


l have to go see ya all

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Yeh i know. I was actually waiting for some1 else to make another post but since nobody is, i'll write one.




Darth Blaze: they think that is going to do them any good? shutting the energy down? prethatic fools. I blast through any door and I don't need any lights.


A bit later




They ran through the hallway towards the escape pods. They opened the door but then-


Blaze: I've been expecting you.


Imperial: DAMN!!


The Imperial grabbed his pistol but blaze crushed it like a can using the force and pushed the officer against the wall.


Blaze: Tell me. Did YOU ordered to search for sith down on Mon Calamari?


Imperial:y- yes.


Blaze: That's too bad for you. Cause one of your men ACCIDENTLY KILLED MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!


Imperial: But we didnt mean to-


Darth Blaze broke his legs and arms and left him there to crash to death together with the ship. Then he entered an escape pod.


Imperial: No!! You can't do this!!


Blaze: Yes i can. Why? Cause I am sith. Happy Flight.


The pod blasted off and he crash-landed on a secret asteroid city that was secret for ages because of the cloacking field around it. Nobody ever found it because nobody ever landed on the asteroid.

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The jolt of the escape pod crash landing was enough to bring Alixe to conciousness, her eyes slowly focusing on the only other occupant; herself, some thirty years before. Alixe backed away from the clone, instinct saying to kill her but she forced herself to back down.

"I imagine you have a lot of questions." Alixe had no reply, who the woman was obvious and the how of it happening, she guessed, must have been the same as how Palpatine was able to generate the Empire so quickly. "I have one that I need to know."

"You are with the Empire," Alixe stated flatly. The clone gave an affirmative nod.

"Yes, I am. And one of your allies have been called here to find you."

"Jan?" Alixe pondered what Imperial forces might be waiting for her. "Were you responsible for it?"

"What's important is the people who sent you." Instead of giving an answer Alixe tried another tact. She didn't want to hurt the clone, maybe she could delay her.

"How was this possible?" she wanted to know.

"Me being cloned from you?" The clone pondered the question for a moment. "Hoth I think. We were able to find the genetic blueprint from there." Alixe noticed that the clone spoke diffirently.

"And the woman you called here, she thought you were me?" She watched as the hatch of the escape pod was kicked open.

"Mustn't have picked up on it." Anger coursed through Alixe's body at what was done and she lunged at the clone. "Hold it." A blaster was shoved right into Alixe's nose. "You can save her. Yourself as well." But Alixe wasn't being cooperative and tried to grab the clone, who sidestepped and watched Alixe tumble into the sand. "Listen to reason," she told her, "I'm giving you the opportunity to save your life and the life of your comrade."

"Yeah?" Alixe spat, sand flying out from her clenched teeth. "How is that?"

"The Rebel forces that sent you here. When the Imperials take you prisoner they will torture you for the information anyway." Alixe kicked at the clone but hit nothing but air.

"Let them, I will not give them a thing no matter what they do." The clone reacted by firing, the stun ray sending Alixe into unconciousness again. The old woman wasn't going anywhere for a while.

"Looks like this is Korriban," the clone mused after a moment, looking at the ruins. Seeing as this was an ancient Sith world she thought it might be worth having a look around.

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Sith Master: Master, I don't exactly know how. But i sence Korriban again. It looks like something rebuilt it. But that's impossible.


Darth Aap: With the force, nothing is impossible. You know that. But if you'r right, then the legend about Korriban is true. It was said that Korriban can't be destroyed. The dark energy's of spirits like Naga Sadow's, and other great dark lord keep the sith graveyard intact. Even if it is destroyed, it will regenerate.

But i'm very happy to hear this. It will take a while before someone notices its revival cause everyone is distracted by this out of control war. But once all threats are destroyed, i'll resettle there.


Darth Aap and the 5 Masters arrived at Dagobah for their final plan. They send a message to the Jedi that thousands of sith have been revived at Dagobah.


Darth Aap: Now we wait

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*Okoe Kithoran's fleet destroyed all opposition at Rattatack, so then they hyperspaced to Yavin IV, there were Serenity class ships surrounding the planet, ready to obliterate it if they discovered Imperials or Sith there.*


*Okoe* I sence Luke Skywalker is in danger there, padawan, come, we need to rescue him.*


*Padawan* Okay.


*So they flew down there to find Luke Skywalker and save him from a certain doom.*


*Okoe* Why don't we start there, at that Imperial Command Center there.


*They reached the gate.*


*Elite Stormtrooper* Halt! I need to see your Identification Card.


*Okoe* You don't need to see my identification.


*Elite Stormtrooper* I don't need to see your identification.


*Okoe* Go on ahead.


*Elite Stormtrooper* Go on ahead.


*Imperial Command Center comm* Moff Gnarish, two individuals are here to speak with you.


*Moff Gnarish* Who are you?


*Okoe* I am Okoe Kithoran, leader of the Kithoran Alliance, I am here to free Luke Skywalker.


*Moff Gnarish, who had his arms behind his back pressed a small button on his wristband* Give me a reason to let him go.


*Okoe* Reason one: I'm a Jedi and reason two: there are about one hundred ships in orbit above the planet that can and will destroy the planet if I say so.


*Moff Gnarish* Hmmm.... Interesting, well I'm sorry to say a feeble Jedi won't last long against my troops that should be arriving..... now.


*Gnarish pulled out a blaster and pointed it at Okoe Kithoran, surrender, Jedi.


*Okoe* I'm sorry, I'm afraid that's not an option, too bad you don't know much about Jedi.


*Okoe used the force without using his hand to gesture it, he destroyed the pistol and threw the moff against the wall, knocking him out.*


*Elite Stormtroopers broke in through the windows, rifles in hand, and pointed them at Okoe Kithoran and his padawan.*


*Okoe* you never learn, do you?


*Okoe used the force and knocked them all against the ceiling, then used their blasters against them and wounded them all, enough so they wouldn't be a problem but not enough to kill them.*


*So the two tore through the command center and rescued the unconcious Luke Skywalker and brought him back to the command ship.*


*Okoe recalled the Serenity class ships and then hyperspaced all of them to the remains of Korriban, he felt something wrong there.*



Man, this roleplaying stuff is still just as much fun as it was when we first started, keep up the good story guys, be back when I can! :D

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Jan Ors could see the Rebel ships that had been sent explode around her, the Imperials taking out the fleet sent to engage after Alixe was meant to have sabotaged the ship she was on.

"Alixe, come in." Jan tried to fly the shuttle where the Rebel fighters could cover her. "Alixe do you copy?" The lack of response troubled her. Clearly she wasn't able to complete her mission. Something must have happened. Giving up Jan tried another frequency. "She's not here. The fleet's still active."

"We have been appempting to contact Sergeant Medcraft with instructions on how to complete her mission, but had lost contact." Jan tried to listen while she concentrated on flying.

"She said she would wait." Jan began to ponder the possility that Alixe did not make it and wondered how long she would be able to hold out before having to retreat.




The clone was looking around the ruins of Korriban, bits and pieces of Sith legend she remembered going through her mind while she waited for the Empire to send someone to pick her up. The heat beat down from the blue sky, not oppressive like Tattoine, the real source of heat came from deep underneath the sand she walked on, deep below the volcanic lakes provided something of a natural energy source for the planet. Many of the people who came here however sought a diffirent kind of power. The clone began to wonder what to do with Alixe. Obviously she had to get the information she needed, one way or another, and wanted to do it before the Imperials had a go. But there was nothing that she could do for a while. Idly she kicked at the sand, looking about the ruins that had been built thousands of years ago. Tombs, if she remembered correctly, standing tall and probably not so proud. Succeeded by newer structures the old ruins had seen better days. The only other thing of notice was a large crevice. The clone wandered over to it, glancing at the computer to see that there was no sign of a rescue yet. The idea of hiding inside some Sith tomb for shelter didn't particularly appeal. Neither did returning to Alixe; if she grew tired and the commando woke up...the clone looked down into the crevice, seeing what looked like a cave amongst some deep jagged rocks. She figured that was her best option, carefully making the climb down and to her surprise saw that it actually led into some type of underground tomb, well maybe it was above ground once before. The clone wondered if this had been discovered, it was sure to have been she thought. A roar from behind however indicated that this place hadn't been disturbed by human hands for some time. Turning around the clone saw a huge, scary looking beast looming towards her. She raised her pistol before thinking it useless, turned, and ran into the tomb, looking as though it had been preserved in time for thousands of years. Once inside the clone spun to close the doors when they closed behind her automatically. She began to look for a way out once the monster had gone when she sensed something behind her.

"It can't be, after all these many centuries." The clone spun on her heel to see a woman, some type of glow around her, the robes she wore making who she was unmistakable.

"A Jedi?" Careful not to make any sudden moves the clone slowly walked towards her, a hand outstretched. "Here?" The Jedi made no move against her, instead she studied the clone closely until her hand passed right through. The Jedi sensed her thoughts before the clone spoke them. "This is too weird." She edged away from the Jedi, the Force Ghost she now realised, trying to make sense of it all.

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*Korriban had somehow reconstructed itself*


*Okoe* Okay..... hmmm, I need to investigate this myself.....


*Okoe's shuttle flew down to Korriban, near where Alixie was*


*Okoe started looking around, using the force to feel where the closest and largest force aura was*


*Okoe* a crevice in a stone wall.... interesting.


*he walked towards the crevice*


*Okoe* hmmm.... wait, what's this?


*he saw a handprint in the sandy dust next to the crevice, with footprints leading to the crevice*


*Okoe Kithoran* veeeery interesting....


*Okoe took out his lightsaber in case he needed it, then he felt two lifeforms via force, he ventured into the crevice, opened the door, walked in, looking around him for anything, he heard what sounded like a woman's cry farther down, so he ran towards it, when he was about 10 m away from the woman he saw the second lifeform (the creature the clone Alixie saw) jump her*


*Okoe ran over towards the two, thinking that the clone was the real Alixie, killed the creature*


*Okoe* Alixie? you look..... younger, and why are you here?


*Alixie* Ummmm...... *then Alixie clone thought that the real Alixie must've met this guy and he thinks that she was the real Alixie* I-I was on a shuttle here, then the Imperials jumped me while I was still in space and when I landed I had just enough time to get out of the shuttle before they blew it apart.


*Okoe senced something unusual about her, and being a jedi master that survived order 66 and the Unknown Regions for over two decades knew better than to fully trust Alixie(who was the clone)*


*Okoe* well, come back with me to my shuttle, I'll take you back to the Rebel Alliance.


*Clone Alixie* Alright, thanks.


*So Okoe brought Clone Alixie onto his ship, not knowing of the trouble she'll be later*

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"An elegant weapon for more civilized times, eh? Well, guess what, times have changed." Alixe's hand closed around the clone commander's, activating the lightsaber he held and before he could react the laser blade was shoved through his chest.

"Yes," she agreed with the dead soldier's comment. "Considerably.




"Surrender or end up like this," Alixe announced, walking to the front of the Rebel squad with the clone's decapitated head held high. A few of the more human Stormtroopers, spooked by the sight, turned and ran. They were the last to be shot in the back by the vengence crazed woman.




"I was only following orders," the Imperial officer pleaded. Alixe's reply was a blaster shot that took off most of his face.

"That is no excuse!" she roared.




The grim memories of what Alixe had done after the Clone Wars flodded her mind until she was able to shake herself to conciousness, finding that the clone had placed her back in the escape pod. There was no sign of her however. Her first thought was to radio Jan, let her know where she was, but when Alixe checked the radio was gone. The clone must have taken it. Climbing out Alixe could see no sign of civilisation anywhere, nothing but ruins.

"Damn it, she said, her voice raising into a scream. "Okay, you want to play games? Okay, I'll play with you." Her anger and frustration over the clone, over Mara Jade, over Revan's rebirth, the Emperor, everything, came spilling out, making her sound errily like she did at the end of the Clone Wars. "You want to play rough? Die! I will see you in hell!" The old soldier's body was actually shaking at the rage she felt. "That all you got?" she screamed at the inner demons she faced in her mind. "Die! You think you can take me? You need an army if you gonna take me! You hear? I take you all to hell!"


"Yes, that was the arrangement," the clone said to Jan over the radio. After she was picked up she demanded to be taken to a medical ship, then for her privacy.

"You said that you had to take the escape pod down to the planet below?"

"Korriban. Yeah." The clone was taking a razor to her hair so that when they did meet it wouldn't give her away. As for the face that was why she demanded medical attention, pass off her younger looks for needing her face reconstructed.

"And you found no Imperials?" The clone thought about the question for a moment.

"Strange." They both thought the Empire would be trying to uncover some Sith secrets. "And that monster."

"You have much else done to you and we'll be getting spare parts from the same people Vader does." Before the clone could say anything Jan, thinking that the crack wouldn't be appreciated, added, "Look, I'm just glad you're safe."

"You too," the clone said, thinking it was the right thing to say. She remembered their previous conversation when the clone tried to lure Jan into a trap. "Damn Mothma. Doesn't she realise I'm too old to pass myself off as her?" The words sounded right but there was definetly something odd going on. Maybe when they met in person, Jan thought.

"I'd better take this report in," she said adruptly. "She's not going to be happy about this."

"I'll contact you."

"About Mara?" Jan asked. The clone shifted mental gears, trying to come up with a reply.

"Yeah," was the best she could. "Dammit it hurts."

"I'll let you go then." Jan cut off communications at the sound of pain on the other end, and the clone smiled that she bought it.

"Perfect," she said, seeing her now bald haid in the reflection. She called out, wondering if they were still on course for the nearest medical ship so she could complete the ruse.

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*Okoe Kithoran on comm with commanding Engineer* How's progress coming on the Serenity class ships?


*Engineer* Well, sir, though the plating is being mined slowly, as it's not common metal, believe me when I say we're building as fast as possible.


*Okoe* I do. What about the other ships? Medical ships and whatnot.


*Engineer* They're doing well, about 25 ships a day.


*Okoe* Good. Okoe Kithoran over and out.


*End transmission*


*Okoe Kithoran* Hmmm, time to contact Alixie.


*Okoe Kithoran on hidden communicator with Alixie (he put one onto Alixie when they were going to kill the Emperor a few days earlier without her realising it)* Alixie! Come in, this is Okoe Kithoran, you must be wondering where my voice is coming from, if you look you will find a small little communicator on your left leg near your boot.


*Half of Alixie was thinking that it was the "inner demons" speaking and the other half thought she might be crazy* What? go to hell you freaking devils!


*Okoe in a calming voice* I feel what you're feeling, fight it, take a deep breath, and sit down.


*Alixie fell down, half of her sat down and the other half was trying to do anything but sit down*


*Okoe using the force* I will calm down myself.


*Alixie* I--calm---.......


*Okoe* calm down.


*Alixie* c-cal-calm down......


*Okoe* There is nothing wrong.


*Alixie* There is.... nothing... wrong....


*Okoe* You will take a deep breath and clear you mind.


*Alixie took a not very deep breath and managed to clear part of her mind up*


*Okoe not using force* Now, how do you feel?


*Alixie* I feel.... OK....


*Okoe* Good, I went through almost the exact same thing at the end of the Clone Wars, a normal individual would not have been able to calm theirself for days.


*Alixie* and how am I not normal?


*Okoe* I sence the force within you, Alixie. I knew I felt something within you when we first met.


Nancy Allen'', if you feel I'm taking more control than I should of your character I'll stop, anyway I'll let you decide the next line, if you want I can erase this Alixie force sensative hidden communicator stuff.

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Sorry l have not been on for a while lm just attracted to star wars galaxies anyway l will continue,


Imperial: Sir the liberation of planet 3114 (mon calarmari) has been succesful


Imperial: Good prepare for the move to hmm lets see l know move to endor and blast the little teady bears heads off


Imperial: Um yes sir as you wish


*the overly large ship left to go to the moon planet endor*


*mean while darth blaze tries to meditate in the broken down stardestroyer*


Darth Blaze: to much battle must move somewhere else l know ENDOR (he did not yell it its just telling you he's now going to endor and thats where the imperials are)

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The jedi rushed for Dagobah as they got Darth Aaps message about the sith lords that have awakend.


Darth Aap: How far are they.


Sith Master: All jedi have been deployed, or are in orbit.


Darth Aap: It is time then. I do hope we get out of here in time.


Sith Masters: We will stay behind and make shure the explosion succeeds.


Darth Aap: But, why.


Sith Masters: We are revived corpses. We won't be alive much longer, and dying while taking all jedi with us is the most honorable death we can imagine.


Darth Aap: So be it. Farewell. You were great helps.


Darth Aap got in the cloacked fighter and hyperspaced away. The masters tossed the artifact inside the energy core.


Jedi: What the hell is that.


The core exploded and took out Dagobah, The entire jedi army exept Okoe who didn't receive the message, and 7 other systems close to dagobah. Darth Blaze who was traveling to Endor saw a ball of light in the distance as he watched the direction of the explosion.


Darth Blaze: My masters plan has succeeded. Guess i'll go search him


Darth Blaze programmed a new route and hyperspaced to meet Darth Aap.


Kithoran officer: Sir, We lost communication with 8 systems for some reason. All in the southern galaxy. And we're also unable to contact any jedi at all.


Okoe: This can't be good...

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Hey Daniel, I'm considering coming back to SWG if we get a better internet connection, if I do I'll let you know.


*Okoe Kithoran* Trooper, yes you, contact the Rebel Alliance, I need to find out what the heck happened to those 8 systems and the Jedi.


*Three minutes later*


*Trooper* Commander Kithoran, Mon Mothma will be onscreen in five, four, three, two, one....


*Mon Mothma* Commander Kithoran, I am guessing you want to know what happened to the eight systems that just obliterated and the poor Jedi...


*Okoe Kithoran* You are correct.


Hmm, gotta go, finish this conversation and whatnot lata.

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**OOC: I don't control other people's characters like that, and I do have some long term force sensitive\Jedi plans though not with Alixe (think the clone, Korriban and a long dead Jedi) but more or less whatever you think wprks well.**


As Alixe's mind cleared it made her think that someone the likes of Mara Jade could affect her but this...Jedi?...could. Maybe it was because she was actually prepared to listen.

"The Force is everywhere," Alixe said by way of explanation, "far as I understand from my time with Jedi." Force, but it was good that there was someone friendly for a change, and a remnent from the Clone Wars at that. "I thought you were all wiped out." She hoped she managed to convey in her voice that she was greatful they weren't. There was so much she wanted to say, from her discovery of Anakin's massecre of the Jedi Younglings to the fact that Korriban, being a Sith world, was an odd place for Jedi, even though paradoxically the planet seemed to draw them here throughout the millinnia. "Sense the Force huh?" she repeated, deciding to deal with what she thought was most important. "Uh, no offense, but maybe you should look again." She'd spent enough time before the Clone Wars to know the last place for her was the Jedi and anything to do with their magic and powers.

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Imperial: Sir, we have got contact with the planet korriban? do you think it could of easily repaired itself?


Imperial: Well the force has always has the ability to suprise people maybe its the dark side aura that keeps it intact


Imperial: Should we go back and blow it up


Imperial: No point it wil just repair just start shooting the tedies ok


Imperial: Activate all frusters


Imperial: I said to blow up the tedy bears


Imperial: Im not the imperial that you think l am


Imperial: Wha


Imperial traitor: Continue frusters


Imperial: What how did (shoots him) he is so dum you wernt listening wernt you soldiers


Stormtrooper: We were telling you it was him


Imperial: Um sorry


Stormtrooper: Whatever


(bada bang bada bomb to the little tedies ok)


Imperial: Woo Hoo and also get rid of the body


Stormtrooper: Ok



:) cool it will be great if you go on star wars galaxies l hope you do get a better conection ok see ya

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Darth Blaze met with Darth Aap at an asteroid.


Blaze: I saw the explosion. Good work master.


Aap: ty, but we have to work very discreet from now on. I'm betting that any faction wants us dead now that we have destroyed half of the southern galaxy.


Blaze: Are ALL jedi really dead.


Aap: I think so. I don't feel any force activity anymore.


Blaze: What about this female rebel you met on kamino during this Revan madness.


Aap: The force is still weak in her and she is way too old for jedi training. I don't think we can consider her an actual threat.


Blaze: Good.


Darth Aap pointed a camera at himself while Blaze hacked into the video channels of the Rebellion, the Empire, and the Kithoran alliance. Aap sent the following to the leaders of all 3 factions.


Darth Aap: Hi there. You all have to be wondering: why won't we get any responce of from the Jedi and the southern galaxy? It's because I have set off an ancient sith energy core that was capable of destroying the systems. And ofcourse I was gentle enough to invite all of the Jedi in the galaxy to my little lightshow. This is what happens if you mess with the power of the dark side. You can look for me, but you will never find me. We sith are the masters of stealth. Be warned galaxy, that this is what we sith can do. Don't mess with us again.


Blaze: Ok it's all sent. This should let them crap their pants. heh heh heh. By the way, i know the ultimate hiding place. When i was escaping a burning ISD i crashed in a cloacked asteroid city. It has been there for ages and nobody EVER discovered its existence. As far as everyone thinks it doesn't exist.


Aap: Perfect, We will go there to make up our next move for the avenge of the sith.

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*Just then the video that Darth Aap sent appeared on the screen next to Mon Mothma*


*Video played*


*Okoe Kithoran* Well, that answers that.....


*Mon Mothma* Indeed, is there anything else you would like to ask, Commander?


*Okoe Kithoran* nah, I'm good.


*Moments later, Okoe Kithoran thinking about the recent happennings*


*Okoe* They're going to pay for this, trooper, YES you! Contact my Lieutenant and tell him the new primary objective is to hunt those blasted Sith down and obliterate them!!!


*Okoe Kithoran sent out a Serenity ship to each planet that one could handle and search the planet for any Sith*

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Darth Aap and Darth Blaze were looking up as they saw Kithoran spyships traveling to different systems.


Aap: Looks like the Kithorans want to get us pretty badly for this.


Blaze: Like they'll ever find this place.


Aap: Anyway we need to think of the next thing we're gonna do now.


Blaze: I know. Lets assasinate Mothma and make it look like a Kithoran action. That way the rebellion and the kithorans will also be at war. It will be Kithorans vs Rebellion vs Empire vs Corrupt Empire. We'll get a galactic mayhem like never before. And with ships like those Serenity ships, Super Star destroyers, and Home 1-like ships, They'll destroy half the galaxy while fighting.


Aap: Great. First we'll need a Kithoran blaster rifle. What is the closest planet?


Blaze: Well, since Mon Calamari is a graveyard right now i guess... kashyyyk.


Aap: Ok great. Lets go there, break into an outpost and get a rifle from the armory. It's best if no guard sees us tho. If they find a dead guard with lightsaber wounds they'll be suspicious.


Blaze: Sounds like a solid plan. Lets move.

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* the master imperial (me!) got the transmission containing the video*


*watches video*


Imperial: Ah, thats more like it the sith blowing up half the galaxy to get the jedi well we would of done that but we have no time, Slicer hack into this video and find out it's current location


Slicer: Yes sir


* The Slicer slices the program and finds out where it's coming from*


Slicer: Um sir, you may want to look at this, it says it is from a planet called Kore


Imperial: What, what's Kore


Slicer: Well it says it is a old republic relic where the droids were manufactured but no one has been there for years


Imperial: Well where going there no matter what!


Slicer: But theres to many astroids in the way


Imperial: Slicer, Slicer, Slicer have you not understood what ship we are in


Slicer sir l do where in a model 6634 AKA The Leviathin Cereal number 109, 10009375 ship No. built


Imperial: Um l guess you do understand it but anyway this ship can go through astroids it's a special feature


Slicer: Ok


Imperial: Set the coordinates


Stormtrooper: Yes sir hyperspace caculating... Caculation finished sir were going now


Imperial: Excellent


*they hyperspace to Kore*


Meanwhile where Darth Aap and Darth Blaze is speaking...


Darth Aap: NO! lm so stupid


Darth Blaze: What


Darth Aap: I forgot to erase the planet where on Kore from the memory banks of the empire!


Darth Blaze: Well there they are


*the leviathin hyperspaces into the system*


Darth Aap: Great






Hey finally KOTF is comming out so get your JK3JA out and download becasue it's comming real soon!!!

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