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[K1 & TSL] Kotor Mod Remover

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A fairly small and simple program that I intend to start including in my mods for uninstalling mods and aimed at making life simpler on the end user. (Particularly for K1 installations where you can't use subfolders.)


It will:


1) Delete the normal files you installed to the users KotOR or KotOR2 folder. It doesn't necessarily have to be just the override either. It can include any subfolder within the KotOR directory. (Normal files are defined as files that do not replace an existing file or require backing something up first. Generally these would be the ones you throw into the override.) For K2 if the user has moved the files to a subfolder of the override the program will search all subfolders in an attempt to locate file(s). If found the user will be notified that the files were not where they were presumed to be and then asked if it should proceed to delete them.


2) Optionally you can instruct the program to ASK the user whether or not to delete a file. (Up to 99 times I think.)


3) It contains another feature for use in replacing original game files. For instance, if you intend to replace a lip file - when you install the mod instruct the user to rename the original lip file with .original as a file extension. Let's say you want to replace tar_m03ae_loc.mod. Instruct the user to rename the original to tar_m03ae_loc.mod.original. Then when the mod is uninstalled the program can restore the original tar_m03ae_loc.mod for you. (It will delete the file you installed and remove the .original extension from the orignal file. It will ask for permission first. (Also up to 99 times I think.)


4) It will also restore the backup 2da files generated during installation when using the TSLPatcher. Again it will ask before restoring the 2da files. If the user chooses to restore them the current 2da files in the override will be moved to a folder named 'backup uninstall' located in the same directory as the program.


The program comes in two parts.


The Mod Removal Tool you include with the mod.


The Ini Setup Program you use to configure the Mod Removal Tool.



Download from my web site.



The Ini Setup Program should NOT be included with mods.

Please note that the ini setup program will require you to install 3 Microsoft redistributable controls that come with the program.


Not that I expect everyone will want to start using this, but it is provided for the people that may be curious about it when they encounter it in my mods.

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Hey KK mind if I suggest trying to convince Stoffe to work with you on this as a possibly an integration into the TSLpatcher. Since the patcher already handles install using INI reference files I wouldn't see how the integration of a De-Installation method would be that much more of a burden especially since it would further it along the proper installer type of path.

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