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[FIN] The Christmas of the Jedi Exile

Diego Varen

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Please leave comments here. Thanks. Sorry I'm a bit late posting the finished version of this Short Fic, but still, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Oh and this Short Fic isn't canon to my Sera Tana Saga or Star Wars itself. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The Christmas of the Jedi Exile

Sera Tana, the Jedi Exile, paced furiously around her ship, the Ebon Hawk. Everyone in the Ebon Hawk, even the Droids, had received a Christmas present from her, except for her one true love. Atton Rand. Atton was a scoundrel, who Sera had met on the mining facility of Peragus. He had managed to give her, his gift to her for Christmas Day, but Sera hadn’t managed to get something. Although, she had managed to get several days off and she managed to find a gift for Atton. Her very first Lightsaber, the one she used, before her exile. The Lightsaber was a single, blue Lightsaber and the Jedi Master, Atris had given her Lightsaber back, after saving her from the dark side. Sera was planning to use her old Lightsaber again, but since Christmas was approaching. Sera had decided to give her Lightsaber to Atton, since he had just been trained in the ways of the Force.




For the first time ever, since her exile, she had celebrated the all time famous celebration, Christmas, a day of giving and great joy. Sera had forgotten about how much she had loved Christmas, during her time when she was a Jedi, before her exile. Sera sat in the cockpit, adoring her Lightsaber for the first time, since she had it taken from her. It was a sleek design. It worked perfectly and Sera still felt proud to hold it, but now, it was Atton’s turn to receive his first Lightsaber. Sera ignited her old Lightsaber and a blue blade came out of the hilt. It hummed quietly as Sera left it on. Soon, Sera turned off the Lightsaber and found a small, thin, black box for where she could put her Lightsaber in. Sera would wait until Christmas Day, to give her gift to Atton.




On Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas Day, the entire crew of the Ebon Hawk placed all their gifts under the medium sized Christmas tree in the main hold. As HK placed his gifts under the tree, Sera looked at them. They all seemed the same size.


“Hey HK,” Sera began, “I don’t mean to wreck the Christmas spirit, but aren’t they all different?”


“Query: Master, I’m not a meatbag,” HK told Sera, “Christmas isn’t a part of my normal programming. I’m sure you meatbags will love your gifts.”


Sera’s love, Atton walked towards HK and placed his final gift under the tree. This gift was for HK.


“Excitement: I got a gift!” HK squealed like a little girl, “I wonder what it is.”


“Listen, HK,” Atton began, “You won’t find out until tomorrow.”


“Annoyed: Oh damn!” HK shouted, storming off to the garage.


As everyone else left for bed, Atton walked up to Sera and told her something about HK.


“I think he needs his assassin protocols sorted out,” Atton remarked, “Goodnight.”


“Goodnight Atton,” Sera told him.




Christmas Day arrived quicker than Sera, Atton or anyone else of the Ebon Hawk crew expected. Everyone was really excited as they ran into the main hold, waiting for the big moment to open their presents. Sera sat down and Atton sat down next to her. Atton grabbed the present that Sera had decided to give him and she told everyone to keep quiet, while Atton opened his first present. When Atton managed to rip off all the wrapping paper, he had one remark.


“It’s a box.”


“No silly,” Sera told him, “Open it.”


Atton nodded, realising how stupid he had been and noticed the Lightsaber. Atton took the Lightsaber and ignited it, at the same time, he accidentally broke one of HK’s legs.


“Statement: How do I celebrate Christmas with a broken leg?” He asked.


Everyone ignored HK as they looked at Sera and Atton.


“Do you like it?” Sera asked, “It was my very first Lightsaber.”


“I love it,” Atton told her, “Thanks very much.”


He pulled her close towards him and kissed. The crew clapped and waited for HK to open his present, one he had received for Atton.


“Statement: Master what is this?” HK asked, annoyed at his gift.


“It’s a pink bow,” Atton told HK, laughing, “Next year, you need to lighten up.”


The crew all laughed, knowing that Christmas had been great.

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