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[FIN] Eternal Darkness

Rabish Bini

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This was supposed to be the final battle of my fic, The Unexpected Dark Lord. But, since I have abandoned that fic, i'll just post the final battle as a seperate fic. Enjoy! :)



Eternal Darkness - The Final Showdown


Revan walked into the large circular room where The Exile, Rick, now known as Darth Arriadar, was waiting.

"Ah, Revan, you finally came." He said. He was trying to catch Revan off guard. Revan didn't give him that chance.

"Rick," Said Revan, "You can still be redeemed, come back to the light."

"No Revan, the Dark Side is mine now, you could've had it's power, you could've been my apprentice, but now, you must die." Darth Arriadar ignited his lightsaber. Revan did the same.

"And now we shall see who is the more powerful, and more fit to rule the Galaxy. Say goodbye, Revan."

Arriadar dived at Revan with his blade in the air, he swung it down, Revan rolled out of the way.

"Don't do this Rick. End this madness here." Arriadar didn't answer, he just kept attacking, he swung his lightsaber multiple times at Revan, but he blocked them all and countered with his own flurry.

"Why do you persist Revan? When you know you will lose!" He swung at Revan's head, trying to decapitate him.

"I fight for goodness, Light will always prevail over Darkness." But Arriadar did not budge. He ducked under Revan's lightsaber and jumped backwards. He sent a wave of Force Lightning at Revan, he moved out of the way, but not quickly enough, it scraped Revan's arm forcing him to drop his lightsaber. He fell to his knees. Arriadar walked over to him.

"And now, you will face your doom Revan." Arriadar raised his lightsaber in the air. Revan was desperate, he needed something, but there was nothing. So he did the only thing he could. He lifted up his hand and Force choked Arriadar.

"Your tyranny must end!" He launched Arriadar across the room, almost throwing him into the lava that surrounds it. Revan walked across the room, his eyes yellow, he was giving in, even though he didn't want to. He managed to hold it back. But it was still eating away at him. "Return to the Light Rick, or suffer the consequences." Arriadar shot up in a desperate attempt to defeat Revan. Revan sighed. He turned around and struck Arriadar in the heart. He let out a scream, before falling to the ground. Revan softly swore to never use the Dark Side again. He turned around to leave. As he did, Arriadar's old apprentice, Matgr, stood in his way. Revan stiffened.

"You think you've won Revan?" He said. "You are a FOOL!" He ignioted his double-bladed lightsaber straight into Revan's gut. Revan's mouth opened. At this moment, Bastila came rushing through the door.

"REVAN!" She screamed, but there was nothing she could do. Revan was gone. Matgr turned around to face Bastila.

"I have won. Now you shall bow before me!" He didn't realise that Atton was sneaking up behind him. Atton pulled out his blaster and killed Matgr. Bastila ran over to Revan's body. With his last few breath's he said:

"Bastila, I love you." Bastila broke out in tears. Revan was no more. They headed back to Coruscant.

The End


Hope you enjoyed it. Here are a few thanks:

Darth Arriadar's name is credited to Sabretooth.

The ship "Escalade" which Mission and Atton used is off the car.

Anyone who read my original fic and who replyed.

Please leave any comments here.

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