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Heavy breastday, Darky-poo!! We've got dem pictures of der LEGO AT-ST ridin' bikini babe for ye, It's just that GUNNER is late with bringing them in. My guess: he's diggin' chicks with his racing car.


GUNNER, GUNNER, GUNNER - braggin' 'bout babes and hawt pictures ain't the thing we use to joke easily about in here. Thought you'd know that.. I mean, we're that close to the point where only money can stop our infinite enragement to cause buttpain for someone whose name contains nothing but capitals. :dozey:



Hey, and only nogs don't know that noone less than Sabre One came up with the term Aresen and why he did it. Unfortunately, he lost his fine art avatar. :(

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eeeeeee! *glomps rsn* ^_____^ hi guys! :) what's up?

GASP! it's TTL! Where have you been ya bastard?

:smash: *nails TTL's feet to the floor* :smash:




*looks @ Darth Aida* O.o ... *puts hand over face and shakes his head* How long can this go on?


This reminds me of the time when Swampie-tards invaded Aresen and we had to evacuate to Flarestar.

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i'm just saying there's someone i well u know in my school what's bad about that because i'm just talking about what i feel.


It's good to express your emotions. Someone told me.


If your gonna say i'm acting too familar with you then that's dumb because my last post was far from familar.


You said i could stick aorund if i don't act like i've know you forever and i'm not.


@TTl not much.

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