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Bob Nostalgic Lion. roar.


I miss the early days of the chatbox when it was new and shiny before we migrated away due to... certain things. Ah, memories!


Anyway, I usually don't even notice the stickies anymore when I come to Ahto, but my eye caught this thread and I got all nostalgic. I decided to hop on the chatbox just for the heck of it and to see what kind of use it has lately. I wasn't really expecting much use, but figured some... non-veterans might still use it. Alas, no. Since March, the only messages are random people wanting to know what TSL stands for or if anyone else is even on; their lonely cries echoing in the emptiness of a home once full of life and good cheer, but left now as a forgotten mausoleum no one cares to visit anymore.


Also, I noticed that this thread hasn't been posted in for three years. How time flies! I honestly can't believe it's been that long! Actually, it's been longer since most of us have used the chatbox at all.


Perhaps this thread will occasionally ensnare a new user to go and check out the chatbox, only to find there is no one to talk to. Were we likely to get an influx of new users to the Knights section of the forums, things would perhaps be different, but it seems to me that this thread has lost its usefulness and may only serve to catch an occasional new forumite in the trap of glories past!


I can claim no knowledge of any moderator discussion of this thread, but I suspect stickies in Ahto are not a topic of any considerable amount of conversation. As with the chatbox itself, I am of the belief that this thread has likely been simply forgotten since the last cleanup. At present, it seems to me that this thread only serves the additional purpose of pushing all current threads down one spot in the forum list.


With a heavy heart and with all respect for the great work done by tk those many years ago, I humbly submit that this thread be unstickied and allowed to fall to the ether of threads past with, perhaps, a memorial in the long running threads stickie for the great times it gave us and the friendships we made there.

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