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2007 Calendar!


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just the trader/entertainer expertises have yet to come about, as well as tweaking the combat professions, probably toning down the commando profession.


They're probably going to take a deeper look into player placed bases, and a while back they mentioned 'modular' camps and such. dunno too much about that.


I'm hoping they release a PVP server. I want that moreso than a pre-nge/pre-cu server. Don't like watching stormtroopers get attacked while I sit there and can't do a damn thing about it unless it's a mark.


They're not bringing spice into the game, which sucks as that was one of the most starwarsy things that smugglers did pre-nge, they say it's unwholesome for the game cause spice=narcotics. Sucks. I want to track down and kill drug dealers, especially during a transaction that would've been awesome.

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but research of other peoples tought cant be compared to your own experience in this case wich u dont have :)


Yeh, i'm sure the game will be great fun but some people thi nk that pre nge is better. I can't agree with them and i can't disagree because i havn't played the game like u said :cowboy: I'm not that bothered with nge and stuff like that but probably if i had picked the game up before NGE was made then i might have had a different oppinion. Anyway like u said back to topic. Sorry don't know any events but shall try and find out :)

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yeah the less you know of pre-nge, the better. lol for one thing imo, it was crap, but my crap experiences has been from pre-CU. the cu, i LOVED. especially when i was earning experience for rifles on Lok with a bunch of people, hunting these creatures known as Gurks. :D now those are the days i miss, when you could drop skills and grind, now it's like there's nothing left to grind once you hit 90, except credits, which are easy to come by, and space, where nobody wants to help you.

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At the end of last March when the official forums exploded with rumors etc..there was a huge thread where Smed and several of the devs were replying directly to players. In that better communication was one thing they said they wanted to do...also, Smed wanted to remove all bugs within 6 months..it was a goal of his. I know they still have a long way to go on both and it will be interesting to see if any of this actually happens by the end of March. :)


I know they'll never remove all the bugs, too much coding to go through and better communication? Won't ever happen.

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hahaha pre-cu was crap. everybody running around in composite armor with doc buffs...*gets sniped in the groin*


regardless, NGE is getting better than it was. Seeing less jedis running around, i keep dying from DOTs, but that's my own fault, as my profession is basically combat ranged support. i not gonna respec from bounty hunter.


Good things about how the SWG NGE is now:


GCW and Ranks (though the stupid base exploiters tried to ruin it...)


PVP zones (though i don't participate much in em)


Armor Certifications Removed


Player Bounty System


Modded Armor and Clothing (soon to be reverse-engineered so traders can place the skill mods into sockets on armor and clothing)


Smuggler System (smugglers can now smuggle contraband, however the developers are gonna work on their system later this year i would at least hope?)


Faction/GCW stuff requiring rank to purchase (purchasable with credits rather than faction points, possibly creating a credit-sink in the long run.)


Ranged Professions getting Expertise, less Jedi running amok.


that's just some good stuff about the NGE.

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Just wait til you get to the Mydryyyl caverns. :D


I'm out bounty hunting npcs for credits on my server. I just reached Sergeant Major and am desparately tring to earn money for that Nova Star necklace..


30 consitution, 30 luck, 24 precision, 24 strength. think its better than the one i got now...which is medal of the emperor's fist, +8 to every stat. the extra 22 constitution should be somewhat signifigant...

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Minor UPDATE!!!


New events for all the servers! every galaxy has diferent event!



Event: Interplanetary galaxie Rock concert

Server: Chimaera

Date: Fri 1/26/2007

Time: 11:00AM PST

Contact: Albaran, Annoum (entertainer part], LLiwon-Tsapon

Location: Arrakeen city, Lok -3941 1229


Bib Fortuna: * His Honesty Jabba the Hutt annouced a great Interplanetary Galaxie Rock concert that goes on friday 26/01 in Arrakeen city on Lok (wp -3941 1229) at 11am PST / 8pm CET. His great majesty offers this one for every people wishing to do great entertainment thru all across the galaxie. His majesty Jabba will be present on the planet in order to seek some new entertainers for his court. If you wish to participate to this audition, be at Arrakeen. An opening and ending will be assumed by the Max Reboo orchestra for the extreme pleasure of his excelentissim Jabba the hut.

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I agree with all of the things you said about Pre-CU, Rogue. The only thing I really liked was profession diversity.



Also, you should add this to the list. It should be in a new section.



In Concept:


* Beast Mastery

* Gardeners

* Red Herring Squadron

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New Official forums!



The forum change will begin on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007


During the migration, we are taking advantage of the opportunity to scale-down the size of the database so we can better consolidate and keep track of SWG-related conversations. Discussion threads from following forums will be the ONLY discussions moving to the new system:


Development Discussion

Developer's Digest

Development Discussion Archive

Community News

Game Guides / Hints / Tips

Role Playing

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that's kinda lame that they're removing the galaxies, galaxy trade forums, and profession forums. o well! i'd rather post over here anyway.


They aren't removing them...they just aren't transfering over the old threads. Trying to shrink the size of their database, they are. :p

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