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Star Wars Gangster Rap - My Version

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Hey has anybody watched the Star Wars Gangster Rap, on legendaryfrog.com or somthing i think. Well il tell you now i hate it....so 3 years ago me and my friends made up a different version...its a little childish, but i want to share it with everybody thats watched the original rap. Ok here it goes...




......(music hits) Its not the Gamecube or the Gameboy....no its not.....its not the Playstation or the Xbox....no its not....its the MATHS SHEET you are correct! To all you maths haters out there we'll blow your Xbox up!! What is thy bidding my teacher its a disaster, more maths sheets we're after! What if they could be bought by the school van ? yes! it would be a powerful addition! another division....they shall join us or die!!! WE GOT MATHS SHEETS, MATHS SHEETS, MATH SHEETS, MATH SHEETS!!!...........(on Tatooine)........Luke get away from that damn Xbox! But uncle Owen! i know im on detention, iv done my maths can i go to the Play-Station i gotta lay away on the xbox controller, why do you keep treating me like a scruffy nerd hearder! .........Luke use the force and run......dont be late for school.....dont be late for school!.......(on Dagoba) Yoda! why you being an Xbox hater, you still know i gotta confront principal Vader... But luke not ready are you! but theres a college in the clouds where their holdin my school.....a students gotta do what a students gotta do...so principal Vader....im comin for you! (Luke struggles to keep his insanity while doing a test, and breaking the led of his pencil) Impressive! now release your knowledge! if you wanna get to college...AWWWW why'd you slice off my sheet cheat!, Its a lesson you must understand....student welfare would never bother....telling you about your teacher....They told me enough! they told me you expelled him! Then theres somthing i must reveal to you......IM YOUR TEACHER! IM YOUR TEACHER, IM YOUR TEACHER!!! :o.....Tick it at the box luke...tick it now tick it at the box luke, tick it now...tick it at the box luke!

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