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[OOC]Obake Blade

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But…Grandfather…” the child murmured, “Why is there night? If the gods gave us the sun to light the world and to allow us to survive, why do they have to take it away and leave the dark behind?”


The old man chuckled, tucking away the scroll he had been writing in and turning to his young grandson that sat in his lap. “It happens, Kyo, not because of the gods, but because of their enemies.”


“The gods have enemies?”


“Indeed, very terrible enemies.”


“What kinds?”


“All sorts, curious one.” Grandfather answered, “Demons, monsters, but the most dangerous of all are ones that are the most like them. Spirits. Ghosts.”


“Ghosts are bad? But we pray to the spirits of our ancestors…”


“Ah, but these ghosts are not the ancestors of human beings like us. They are the forms of powerful demons that have left the realm of the living, but have escaped the power of the gods and taken form on the Earth again.”


They’re the ones that made the sky dark?”


“Yes, they are. There was a time, long ago, when the sky was always dark…” Grandfather pulled out a very thick scroll that had been resting alongside the one he had put away previously. It took him only moments to find the section he wanted.


“The ghosts and demons ran free across our land…” he said, pointing to an inked picture or shadowy monsters with glowing eyes that had been inscribed on the aged papyrus, “Across all the Earth. Their dark powers forced the sun from the sky and made the sky dark, even during the high part of noon.”


“They could do that??”


“I’m afraid so.”


“But then…then the gods came down and beat them up, didn’t they!” the child said, triumphant in his guess. “That’s why the sun’s back!”


Grandfather smiled. “Something like that…” he said, finding a new place in the scroll. Now there was an illustration of a warrior, garbed in priestess robes and sparkling white armor, a fierce-looking blade in her hand filled the papyrus scroll, dark shapes like wraiths ringing her figure.


“The gods could not descend from the Heavens.” Grandfather explained, “They feared that, if they were to visit Earth, they might be consumed by demon spirits and become evil. So, they sent us someone who was immune to such effects. A human. A woman. A priestess.”


The old man’s eyes became soft, now, as he looked upon the picture. “Her name was Obakenare, and she was a miko of unprecedented power. The legend is unclear of how the event happened, but not long after the shrine she was assigned to was destroyed by demons, the gods sent her a blessed sword. The blade was made of the purest silver, its edges rumored to be inscathable and infinitely sharp. She named it the Obake Blade.


“With the sword at her side, Obakenare was able to lead a campaign against the monsters, the first to ever be successful. She purified much of the land within months, forcing the demons and ghosts ever backward.


“Eventually, the priestess found that she was unable to continue her fight – there was no where left for the devils to run, and they had banded to make a last stand against her. She knew time was waning, and her health was failing. And so, as a last effort, she locked the monsters away in another realm, called Kuro.”


Grandfather looked very seriously at his grandson, turning the child around so he could look him full in the eye.


“Understand this, Kyo,” he addressed him, “The spell that guards the gates to the Kuro Realm must always remain intact. If the gates were to open, the ghosts and demons would return to Earth, and the sun will again disappear. That cannot be allowed to happen.”


“Yes, Grandfather.” the child said, nodding. His young eyes were glossed over in wonderment at his grandfather’s story.


A human that could fight what the gods could not…




Two decades have passed since that fateful day. My grandfather was killed only two years after he told me that story. Who the murderers were or their intentions and motives still remain a mystery to me, but I have sworn since that day that I would find the perpetrators and exact my revenge. And ever since then, the same warning has played again and again in my mind.


The spell that guards the gates to the Kuro Realm must always remain intact.


There are rumors, now, that just such a thing is coming to pass. The great, black iron gates that stand at the very edge of the Earth still remain closed, its locks rusted over from the hundreds of years that have passed since they were erected. But a darkness; an almost tangible evil has begun to seep from the gates. Lands near the gates have gone permanently black, the life that once thrived on its soil either dead or dying. It is believed that only the power of the Obake Blade could renew the spell and seal the doors for another millennia.


However, the exact location of the Obake Blade is unknown.


I have reason to believe that my grandfather knew of the sword’s resting place, but whatever he knew either died with him or was burned in the fire his killers lit. I have but one piece of information: a scrap of the scroll that he had shown me so long ago.


Even the scrap gives me very little to go on. It depicts a blade – what I can only guess to be the sacred sword – resting among tongues of fire. There is script that lines the sides, but it is a language unknown to me. I have taken it to several historians and professionals, and each have given me the same, unsure answer. It is rumored that there is a great soothsayer in a distant city that can translate the mysterious writing. She will be my next stop.


The city is called Ryuu-Tokai, and it is across the sea. A caravan leaves from Akebono tonight – I have my things packed and ready.


Maybe the gates are still fully intact, and this is all nothing but rumor. All I know is that I cannot live my life until I have avenged my grandfather’s. And I have a feeling that this quest to find the Obake Blade will take me just where I need to go.


Kyo Rurouni


14th day of the dragon month, 235th year of the Age of the Sun




Those of you who join in the RP will be some of the occupants of the caravan to Ryuu-Tokai. During the time of the journey, your characters will eventually bond with each other and with Kyo, thus leaving open the option for you to join him in his quest for the Obake Blade. Sorry guys, but if you’re going to be in the RP, you kinda need to join him.


The caravan to Ryuu-Tokai is going to be used as a time for character relations and personalities to be formed and explored. By the time that the script on Kyo’s scrap of scroll is deciphered, I’m hoping for everyone to have a pretty good idea of who everyone else’s characters are.




Sorry guys, but the playable races in this RP is kept strictly to humans. There are no elves, dwarves, and no cross breeds. And don’t ask me for a demon or ghost character. That’s, again, out of the question.


Keep to the basic rules of RPing. No godmodding, no charry control (unless given permission), yada yada yada…






- The land is known simply as the The Continent

- East: the Gin Sea; several hundred islands with a few cities line the coast; Ryu-Tokkai a harbor of one of the most easterly islands

-North: the lands north grow increasingly colder, and stretch to the very edge of the Earth, where the sky quite literally touches the land, and you can go no further. The gate to the Kuro Realm can be found here

-West: mountainous, spread with various volcanoes

-South: the breadbasket of the Continent, the south is the most heavily populated section of the land, made up of several prosperous cities and countless villages and plantations

-There is no true government on the Continent – rather, the land functions as groups of many unofficial city-states



If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. I will post the character sheet for Kyo in a moment.

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Name: Kyo Rurouni


Age: 25


Gender: Male


Personality: Kyo is a man seasoned by a life of wandering. He is a rather hard man, with a very strong belief in deep family ties. Though he is not a generally cold person, Kyo often tries to discourage friendship and attachment, seeing as he is almost constantly moving. With no wife, children, or family left, he now lives solely for the purpose of avenging his grandfather.


Weaponry: Longsword and daggers


Appearance: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a240/BastilaRevanforever/Renders/gunz_online.png *minus gun*



*Note: character history is optional

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I'll give this a go!


Name: Aya S’Ornaku


Gender: Female

Occupation: Trader (some weapons, mostly goods and materials)

Appearance: Average height, dark hair (long, but worn in pinned up braid), pretty (but not ‘beautiful’), brown eyes, wears a short tunic style dress over trousers

History: Aya’s father recently died and, being that she is the eldest child and her brother is only 10 years old, she is trying to carry on with the family business She is travelling from Akebono to Ryuu-Tokai as part of her father’s established merchant route.

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Name: Toa Firespitter

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Pyromacer (Fire Elemetalist)

Personality: Toa is a friendly person who enjoys traveling with other people and making jokes. He does have somewhat of a firery part in his attitude, since he'll take on anything that challenges him. That can get him more than he can chew at times.

Appearance: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6075/frontni9.jpg

Weaponry: Fire Staff, Fire Magic

Bio: Coming from the lands of the West where there were multiple volcanos, he loves warm climates and hates water, not even knowing how to swim. He came from a large family where it was a rare circumstance to be alone at most times, so when he was sent off to be trained as an elementalist like some of his brothers and sisters, he was extremely homesick for quite a while. After graduating from under his mentor, he was unsure as to what to do. He thought about going home, but then that would just be a waste of what he had just learned since the region around his home generally never had any trouble, let alone the need for an elementalist. So he decided to take a tour of the continent before deciding what to do with his life now. He was trained in the south, so he reluctantly went east towards and over the water, taking on whatever odd jobs he could find.

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Double t3h w00t ^.^ Now we've got two characters!


And for those that were curious, a lot of these names are Japanese:


Obake - Ghost

-na is a suffix that means 'no'. Therefore, Obakenare is a spin off of 'no ghost'

Miko - priestess

Kuro - dark, evil

Ryuu - dragon

Tokai - city

Akebono - morning, dawn, beginning

Kyo - stubborn

Rurouni - vagabond, wanderer *note: this is not a true word in the Japanese vocabulary. It was actually created from a root by the creator of the anime Rurouni Kenshin

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Name: Hoshiko Michi / Shadowstorm (Michi is her birth name, but she calls herself Shadowstorm.)


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Occupation: Aeromancer / Asssassin


Personality: Hoshiko is secretive and usually doesn't talk much about herself, however, she is still an outgoing person, with moods that change as rapidly as the wind.


Weaponry: Aeromancy, Sword, Stiletto








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I told myself I'd not get involved in one of these again, but what the hey. This RP actually seems thought-out and worthwhile. (And of course the presence of GW-type atmosphere had absolutely nothing to do with me joining. >.>) So here goes nothing...


Name: Carwyn Stormchild


Age: 21


Gender: Male


Occupation: Ranger


Appearance: Brown leather leggings and boots, beige tunic made of soft linen, long brown overcoat. zomg pic


Personality: Carwyn is an archer by trade and pretty darn good at his job. His marksmanship is excellent, as such he has a healthy enough ego. He spent his youth in the mountains, thus is eager to venture out into the world. Around others, he is polite and affable. He enjoys being the joker and putting people at ease.


Weaponry: His bows, a shortbow and a longbow of his own crafting.

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Name: Jonas Armstrong.

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ex-Soldier

Personality: Jonas is quite and still haunted by past events. However after the odd drink of an acholic beverage he can liven up dramatically. Whicxh explains the fact that Jonas can usually be found with a bottle in his hand.

Appearance: http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/robinhood/images/robin_hood.jpg (sry about my pic being a real person, I have no anime on my computer :( )

Weaponry: Custom bow and arrow

Bio: Jonas was once an archer in the miltary and he was said to have a promising career in the archer squadrons. However during a training mission in the countryside, Jonas and his men where attacked by bandits. Jonas was the only one to survive but he still couldn't get over the deaths. This has caused Jonas to retire from the miltary and head back home (Ryuu-Tokai)

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And another one!


Name: Akira Ryo


Age: 23


Gender: Male


Occupation: Swordsman


Personality: Akira can bond with almost anybody. He is a very cheerful guy and is almost always smiling. While that, he seems to be hiding his past, and whenever somebody talks to him about it he either imediatelly changes the subject or says that he would prefer not to talk about it.


Weaponry: Akira has a sword whose hilt is covered with black leather. The blade of the sword itself is of a wine red colour. Akira also owns a long black bow and two elven daggers.


Appearance: http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/Image:MurtaghFromPoster.JPG


Bio: Akira was born to some sort of wealthy parents, and lived with them until he was 15. At that time, he was apprentice to a Master Swordsman who was also skilled in Archery. He has a shadowy past that he prefers not to talk about and now is traveling to Ryuu-Tokai with another people in a caravan.

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Looks like this is gonna be active. I think I'll use Even Crossblade, a character of mine actually for a book, in a different fantasy world. But I can cheat a little here, and if you wanna get technical, he got sucked into another dimension. I swear, that is the most useful plot device EVER.


Even Crossblade


Age: 35


Occupation: Pirate


Weaponry: Four dire axes. One for each hand, and two spares on his back.


Bio: Even is a swashbuckling pirate, canstantly making under-the-table deals. He wears black tripeak hats, which frequently get broken. He was hired for this mission because he was told the party would need someone who knew about sailing- and of course, because he was promised plenty of pay.


Steven your sig is just AWSOME.

Oh, and if you do that "Elven" make idea, spell it "Elvin". Just my opinion.

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And I'm late! Even though I was trying yesterday to post...interruptions!


Name: Xan Yuudai


Age: 36


Gender: Male


Occupation: Hired Guard


Personality: Often quiet, he is a veteran soldier, and very tactical. He isn't too outgoing, but he does venture to talk sometimes. He often gives off the appearance of someone cold and hard, but is quite the opposite, being very kind, and generous.


Weaponry: War Hammer; Great Sword; Throwing Axes


Appearance: Guard

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Drunken Master of what? ;)

I believe he is referencing a fighting style from Jade Empire in which you get hammered before fighting and somehow win. Also, here's my character info:

Name: Amane Hideyoshi

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mercenary (calls himself a Hero-for-Hire)

Personality: Though his heart is in the right place, Amane is overconfident in his own abilities, sometimes to the point of endangering those around him.

Weaponry: Bloodstained Katana, Bladed Shield

Appearance: This guy:


but with more Asian-style facial features

I may disappear from the RP for good however. I've had trouble being in more than one RP at a time before.

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