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@Alkonium--thanks for the info. And I like the way your character stowed away on the wagon. Clever! Now he can eavesdrop on all of the conversations around him. ;)



@Relenzo2--Dude?? Where is your character? On the floor of the cantina tossing rocks in his hat?? :confused: We're only now just getting our gear together and heading to the gates of the city.

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I meant to join much earlier today... but I was still trying to work out my character. :) (it's taken me all day to post! :p )



Name: Takara


Age: 28


Gender: female


Occupation: n/a


Personality: Takara is fiercely independent, but at the same time, she can be extremely loyal if she finds someone worthy of her trust.


Weaponry: one sword (katana style), one long knife


Appearance: Takara stands at 5' 7" in height, has pure black hair, and dark blue eyes. A small white inch and a half long scar runs diagonally along her left cheek. She wears a sleeveless black 'short dress' style top, black trousers, tall black boots, and black elbow-length gloves.


History: Takara's father always wanted a son. But when his first and only child was a daughter, he was not disappointed. Instead, he named her 'my Takara', his Treasure and as soon as she was old enough, he began teaching her as he would have taught a son the ways of the wandering warrior.


For the early part of her life, Takara went wherever her father went. They wandered together and he continued to teach her. At sixteen years of age, Takara fell in love and married, leaving her father to settle with her husband. Late that year, she became pregnant. A month before she gave birth, her husband was killed and she returned to her father.


Takara gave birth to a son and named him Katsuro. When he was old enough to survive without her, she left him with her father, promising to return. Katsuro was three years old at the time. Takara returned a year later to retrieve her son and they left her father together.


As Katsuro grew, he became more and more his mother's son, learning to fight and hunt by watching her work. When he turned eight, Takara gave him a small slingshot and a dagger of his own. Now, at eleven years of age, he still carries the slingshot, but has traded the dagger for a longer blade. As ammunition for the slingshot, he carries a pouch of stones. His clothing resembles his mother's in the fact that it's all black. However, it is distinctly male clothing.


Takara and Katsuro are intent on traveling with the caravan, for Takara's father has sent word he wants them to meet him at its destination.

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Hope I'm not to late , but here's my character sheet .


Name: Bora Cho


Age: 21


Gender: male


Occupation: Drunken Master Fighting style Monk


Personality: When ale and wine are within reach , he is a benolavent man , talkative and not shy . When Sober , he tranforms into a nagging , pesty bastard .


Weaponry: short bamboo stick .


Appearance: He has the looks of a vagabond , long sleazy dark hair that reaches his shoulder and small beard . He has one green eye and one blue .

He is about 1.75 m heigh . His clothes are tattered and dirty .



History: Bora Cho was given away to a cloister when he was just a small boy . The monks teached him many forms of martial arts , lessons in writing ,

story telling and history . Allthough his education was short lived , due to Bora Chos rebel nature . At about the age of 14 he was thrown out because

of the fire he had started in the dormentories . Caused by a small rocket , sadly his firework flew straight into the wooden roof , exploded with a bang

and started to burn .


After that Bora Cho wandered around the county , untill he found old Master Gugoko . When the Master heard his story , he laughed and said that Bora Cho

should not be so sad . He told the young boy that those dry monks where to centered in their small world , they missed the bigger picture and many of

the good things of live . And so young Bora Cho became a new apprentice , his half finished skills in martial arts where completed with new techniques .

So time passed on , Bora Cho grew bigger and saddly Master Gugoko older . Last spring , Bora Cho , at the 20 ,found his Master dead in bed .


Saddend he burned his Master and threw his ashes into the wind . After the short ceremony , Bora Cho made his backpack and left the hut he had lived for

so long . He walked away ,looking for som

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Alright, in case you guys haven't noticed yet, I have zero tolerance for noob moves like having your character be spontaineously attacked by fifty robbers and being able to take them out single handedly! I don't care if your character is a freaking samurai, that is never going to happen! NO ONE is that invincible.


Also, stunts like that can completely and totally throw off the plot of the RP! I know that a lot of the RPs on LF have extremely loose plots, but I'd actually like to keep tabs on one for once. I'm not saying that your characters can't do anything on their own, but getting attacked by a group of more than three or four people, then plan to have yourself kidnapped by the group, that is completely unexceptable.


I'm sorry if I'm coming across too harsh, but, as I said above, I have absolutely zero tolerance for things like this. So n00bs, consider this your crash-course.

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I thought all those bandits appearing and attacking someone was a bit much myself, but I figured I should do something about M_A's char being dragged away. I tried to make it clear that I only fought a small group of bandits, and I even got hurt in the bargain. Was that too much? Otherwise, I'll edit, of course.

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Haha! I love being called a noob, means I have a better imagination than most! :D But seriously, even I know I over did it, sorry about that FFWM12, that's what you call a serious case of boredom. Plus I was delerious from a long day. I changed the post where my guy fought the bandits, I drastically reduced the number, hope you'll forgive me FFWM12, wont happen again.


As for being kidnapped, well I knew I'd be saved, I even successfully predicted it'd be Dark_Lady's character! :D Why do you think I said, the weight of his armor and size slowed them down; so they wouldn't get far-fast before they were slaughtered!

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Sorry for being so damn late!!! I have been away from the site for some time, anyways... Back!


Name: Istergard Stormrage (if you don't mind...)


Age: 23


Gender: Male


Appearence: Body, Face




Personality: Although he looks evil, he his pretty joyful and sociable (sometimes this confuses people).


Bio: He was a necro-warrior he is very friendly but due to his worships, he can sometimes burst out o control in a bloody rage...

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Well, this thread is moving pretty fast. Suppose the best thing for you would be to actually read the thread, but here's a very quick summary so far:


Not much happened on the boat. Takara, Katsuro, and Xan spent the trip topside. Carwyn spent a quarter of the trip in the crowsnest, a quarter of it hanging upside down in the rigging (when he fell from the crowsnest) and the rest of the time down in the hold with most everyone else. Aya and Carwyn are forming a friendship, Akira is getting jealous, Kyo is just concerned about his mission, Bob was just being Bob, and the "'mancers" were having fun with a three-headed pygmy hydra.


Everyone disembarked from the ship, then battled in front of the city gates with some very odd 'ninjas' who said they were there for a 'key', but would gladly take on the 'Wandering Swordsman' (Kyo), too. Aya nearly got strangled by one, but was saved by Jonas and Katsuro. Akira and Kyo dispatched the majority of their attackers in typical fighting style, Carwyn got injured by a rather large throwing knife, and one of the ninjas got away.


Aya got the last three rooms at the Smoking Dragon--one for her; one for Kyo, Jonas, and Akira and Carwyn to share (although Carwyn is now being tended to by the doctor in her room), and one for Takara and Katsuro. Bora-Cho and Istengard are in the common room of the inn, along with Xan, I believe. Hoshiko has a room at the Wavering Wind Inn across the street (as the Smoking Dragon was full up) and I believe Toa might be staying there eventually, too--once they find their way back to it (they had a slight 'wizard's duel' with a Hydromancer upon arrival as they missed the ninjas.)


Aya and Akira took Kyo to see the 'old woman' he was looking for so he can get his scroll translated in his quest for the Obake Blade. Aya wouldn't go in with him, so she and Akira left Kyo there and returned to the inn.


Meanwhile, Takara and Katsuro have met up with Takara's father, and we find out that it is Takara's birthday and that her father is leaving the city for some sort of 'outdoorsey' lifestyle change. Xan and Takara are now conversing while the kid plays with his grandfather.


Aya has just walked in on Carwyn getting 'ministrations' from the doctor's assistant after getting stiches, the doctor prevented a misunderstanding between them and then decided that Aya needed treatment for her neck as well, and Akira is waiting for her in the bar.


Think that's about it. If you want more details... well, you'll have to read the thread. ;)

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I love how sometimes NPCs can seem to assert themselves so strongly that they simply have to be RPed properly. This is definitely one of these cases. xD


Name: Tellis Llyr


Age: Undisclosed


Gender: Female


Occupation: Healer / Hypnotist


Appearance: Willowy and lithe. Wears a simple but elegant brown working dress under a dark blue cloak most of the time. Very dark brown hair and piercing grey eyes. Piccy


Personality: Calm and quiet, with a very enigmatic disposition. She is polite and affable enough and knows how to subtly manipulate things in her favor. She is also a skilled healer and well versed in the art of hypnotism.

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Ok, so at the moment, we have Jonas, Kyo, Aya, Carwyn, and Bora-Cho sleeping at the Smoking Dragon (or in the inn's stables as the case maybe); Takara and Xan are still in Takara's room (although I'm not sure if Katurso and his grandfather are still hanging about the common room of the inn, or if they've also gone to bed); Akira and Istergard are being held hostage in a warehouse by the mafia-style boss 'the Wolf' (details of their release will come in the morning ;)); Tellis is at the Wavering Wind Inn across the street from the Smoking Dragon; and our mages, Toa and Hoshiko, are heading back to the Wavering Wind. I'm not sure what happened to Even (either he missed the boat and he's swimming to Ryuu-Tokai or he's hiding out someplace else in the city unbeknownst to any of us.)


(If I missed anyone, I do apologize.)


ForceFight, is it ok to move on to the next day, or does anyone have anything that they really need to do with their characters before the sun rises in Ryuu-Tokai?


It'll be market day in the city tomorrow, so there should be lots of hustle and bustle going on in the streets. Plenty of time to wander about on personal quests and the like before Kyo gets his 'mission' given to him by the old (and creepy) witchy woman. :)

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Ugh! I hate double posting, but....just an FYI of what should happen next.


Ok, while Kyo, Aya, and Carwyn are off getting this 'prophecy' read to them by the old witchy lady, perhaps our mages can help out with the firework display for tonight, and our warrior types can organise some sort of fighting match between them and Wolf. (After all, 'ol Gabe the farmer can't be the only one who would pay to see that--especially if the match was public and held in the square. ;) )


As far as I know, Kyo will want to head off on his quest the next morning. We WILL be encountering monsters and the like, so it would be nice to have all the warriors come with him. (Especially Bora-Cho, as we'll be just might be visiting a monestary along the way.) And our mages are integral to the plot line. We need all five 'elements' and Fire and Air are important!


So, just jump in and invent stuff to happen in the marketplace. (Think of it as a big carnival, but with a food market.) Gabe the farmer is an NPC, so feel free to use him if you need to in any conversations, as well as any of his 'merchant' pals and/or the Lord Mayor and Wolf. (But please don't kill off Wolf or his son just yet. But it is ok to 'rough them up' a bit. ;))

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I have not had a chance to read the thread itself yet, but I've been wanting to get back into some sort of RP, and Jasra convinced me this was the one, have read the whole ooc thread and will read the thread itself before i try any sort of posting :p but here is a charry sheet.


Name: Kai Senuko


Age: Late twenties


Gender: Male


Occupation: Wander Lunatic


Appearance: Piccy

Kai's left eye has gone missing! He wears a brown patch over it, he has numerous ear rings, and wears a black gi (gei? something like that)


Personality: Abrasive is a nice way of putting Kai's personality. He holds nothing back and will tell you anything and everything he thinks. Most think he is insane, and potentially dangerous.


Background: Seventeen years ago Kai woke up under a pile of woven mats, this is his first memory, since then he has traveled a great deal, having been barely a teen when he found himself out on his own he has spent most of his life searching for som semblence of a life. In his mid teens he was drafted to fight in a war, was trained as an assassin and unleashed to kill his enemies. Despite his handicap (missing eye;) ) he was an exceelent warrior and killed many of his lord's enemie's. But his lord fell only months after Kai's training was complete. Since then he has traveled the world, seeking family or friendship ... and getting in his share of fights.

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