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[OOC]Obake Blade

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(But please don't kill off Wolf or his son just yet. But it is ok to 'rough them up' a bit. ;) )


Ooh! I'm gonna go beat the snot outta Wolf now, if it hasn't already been done!


....But I have to think about how I'm going to go about and do that first? (And obviously you don't want it to be just one person to beat the stuffing out of Wolf...right Jasra?) Some ideas would be nice. :)

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One of the main things that comes up in fantasy (especially in a setting like Obake, which hints at Oriental origins) are the five main elements of nature and the Earth itself: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Spirit. Fire and Wind are already quite apparent, and maybe if you carefully read a particular post a while back, then the representative of Earth might also be known to you. Water and Spirit are yet to come.


And you can go ahead, MA. We already have a rather large cast of characters, but I'm sure one more couldn't hurt ;)

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*crickets chirping*....Wait, I'm confused, are you talking about people elements (such as integral characters meant for important use later in the plotline), or natural elements (such as Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and any other 'element', you consider an element)?
Sorry to sound cryptic, but a bit of both, actually.


I haven't really had time so... Can you please tell me what happened since Jasra's loooong post?
Erm... you mean the last really long epic post?? Well....


Kyo, Carwyn, and a reluctant Aya are now at the old lady's house getting Kyo's quest prophesy. The Quarter Market is getting some excitement with a boxing ring now being set up in the square and people betting on the 'main event' (i.e. The Wolf and 'Cub' vs. Xan the Man and Crazy Kai.) Oh, and I believe our Mages (and possibly Akira) are discussing the upcoming fireworks display that they'll be putting on for tonight, as well as how to put some excitement into the boxing match. :dev7: (By the way... if anyone wants to play the part of 'sports announcer' or referree for the match feel free!)


Istergard, last we saw, was walking along with Bora-Cho.


Hope that helps. PM either me or FFWM if you need more specifics.

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Xan the Man


LOL, funny! :D


*M_A stares at all the evil posts of concocted evilness* Aha! I think I know the, erm, Earth character you speak of...though I'm still not certain, but don't worry, I'll keep my mouth shut for now.


Here's my character, I was kinda hoping to be a Geomancer, but I think it'd be best if I weren't:


Name: Yosho the Sagacious


Age: 80 [so it seems]


Gender: Male


Occupation: Sciomancer/Druid/Battle Mage


Appearance: Normal Look (Just add a bear skull on his head, and hood over that. Antlers too.); Alter Form (Just add the beard :) ); Face (Again, imagine a bear skull under the hood [Antlers are incuded in his appearance.])


Weapons: Sciomancy Staff; Druid Saber


Personality/Background: Foreseeing and wise, he's kind and often a source of much advice and answers, and any answers he cannot give, he seeks. He is often a person people go to for comfort, for the aura of peace that emmanates from him; they also find him like a fatherly figure, being one of good counsil, and great consoling.


Though he is such a quiet, meek man, it does not mean he cannot be stern, nor demand respect when it is needed. He is a man of nature, and often a man of hermitage, he has only come out of his secluded dwelling because of knowledge of great stirrings in nature, that point to something...unknown.


Not much is told or known of his past, and infact, nothing really is known about him. He does not have a disposition towards people, that is not why he secludes himself, but it is the fact that so many are drawn to him because of his wisdom and fatherly nature. He is also not unknown to the arts of combat, knowing how to wield almost any weapon with deadly efficiency, though he prefers peaceful solutions.


((Hope this guy's okay! :whtsmile: ))


@JL - How do you get that single post like that? I definately need to learn how to select individual posts. (For mornings...don't ask.)

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MUHAHAHAHAHHAAHHHAHAHAH... Istergard will make Mr Wolf a small surprise... *smiles evily*


A sword stuck in his neck *ñyard ñyard*!!


Beat him up, insult him, and make him look like a fool, but please don't kill off Wolf (or his son) just yet as I've got plans for him after our 'team' leaves Ryuu-Tokai. ;)

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Don't worry, he's stronger and faster in that form, but more animalistic - Thus his control is limited - plus he's still a living, breathing, and bleeding being, so he can get hurt still (and die, not that he's going to. ) .


P.S. - He's not just a Druid, he's a Sciomancer too! ;) Don't worry, if you don't know what one is, well, I'll explain it eventually...if enough people nag me. ;P

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I know what a Sciomancer is. And if people pay attention to what lots of your other characters can do, they'll probably figure it out as well.


@Dark_Lady - Well, only you would know, wouldn't you? Could you explain to me and our audience what one is? Since you proclaim to know.


@Others - Also, I forgot to mention, because he is a Druid he is in basis, an Animancer, though that's basically what an Animancer is and what one can do, so...nah! ;P


And if you have no idea what an Animancer is, then too bad! (And NO, an Animancer doesn't have magic control over animals, though he can still do things like that because he's a Druid.) I stick to my same word - I'll only explain if I'm nagged enough - And seeing as I'm not being nagged about either one, I'm not explaining. :D

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