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Lols that is cool. I hope I can join? Wait one second and find the Sign up Sheet.





Name: Reshki' Onleson


Age: 26


Gender: Male


Occupation: Explorer?


Personality: Reshki' is the quiet type. Hidden inside him is a nice man who loves his family. As a child he always played with his brother and loves him the most. He is strong though and judges people well. He has heard of Kyo and some travellers and has the strange urge to find them and join them in their Quest to wherever they are going. Troube lis Reshki' has never experienced much battle before. Will he find them?


Weaponry: Dagger and katana.


Appearance. A tall and thin man with bushy brown hair. He wears some ragged clothes all over colored brown and green.


Hope you'll let me in!



I hate to Double Post but am I accepted?


~Be patient, Daft. I need to talk to the others before I can really accept your character, and they have been as busy as I am. And by the by, I don't think a double post was needed. ~ FFWM

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A'ight peoples. I had meant to get Obake moving along this week, but rather than me going on vacation this coming Saturday, I'm going to be leaving tomorrow (Monday) morning. And...I won't be back until August fourth ^.^' I'm going to be up in the mountains, so that means zero internet connectivity. So, until August 4th, just...mill about :xp:

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Ok, peeps, as of this Friday, I will not have an internet connection for a few days until I get everything sorted at my new house. So, no posting at all for me till probably next week, but feel free to use Aya if you need to keep the story going. (And, yes, I know it's right after FFWM12's been gone for a while on holiday, but as the saying goes 'that's life.' :p

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Guess who's leaving yet again?


It turns out that I'm going to be flying out of town tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. My uncle is a computer freak, so I'll probably be able to manage a bit of time online, but just in case I can't post, I figured I'd just toss this out there :xp: I'll be back on Monday.

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After some PM's between me and FFWM, I have determined she's more than happy to have me come aboard. So here, I present my character sheet.


As to the subject of PM's... well, I have plans for my character's introduction and first steps into interaction with your fun little band... so FFWM, Jasra, and Jae can expect PM's from me sometime very soon ;)



Name: Audra


Age: 23


Gender: Female


Personality: Superficially friendly, but if you do anything that she might view as domination, whether it be telling her to do something or making a suggestion of any kind, she overreacts.


Weaponry: Image: Katana/wakizashi set Katana strapped over her back, wakizashi on her belt on the right


Appearance: Image: Audra

With Image: pendant on a silver chain



Bio: She was born in the South, but at a very young age, she was kidnapped and offered as a servant to a cruel king in the North. There, she served as a maid to a princess who was just like her father, cruel and unrelenting. Time passed and the girl grew up. The king was killed by his son-in-law and two city-states joined into one. The young slave woman was abused in many ways by many of the new royal court and it soon became too much. She called on a power higher than any of these royal idiots and their subjects had ever known and the castle was burned to the ground.


The former slave left the ruins, took a katana and wakizashi from a frightened swordsmith, and then burned the rest of the city-state to the ground. She became a wanderer and named herself Audra. In one of the Northern languages, this means ‘Storm’. And she has a very stormy personality, quick as lightning to strike if she feels threatened.


After three weeks of wandering, she happened upon the ruins of the city-state a second time. The realization that she had caused such destruction frightened her and she tried to force her understanding of her power out of her mind. Instead of doing this successfully, she unknowingly split her personality in two. Since the split, she has become aware of the second, more deadly personality and occasionally, the two have brief, conflicted conversations.


Since her escape, Audra has become a ‘thief of convenience’, stealing what she needs to survive. Even while traveling, she tends to slip into camps and take things she likes or things she’ll need. It’s gotten her into trouble before, but she is quite adept at escaping... and she’s not half bad with her weapons either. For the most part, she hides her power though she has an impressive grasp on how it works; she’s discovered that most people don’t understand it, and it’s better used in ways that people can’t attribute it to her.


Audra has overdeveloped her defensive reflexes, flinching at even the lightest touch. Despite this, it’s almost like she’s hunting for a master through the fights she engages in. If she is defeated, she goes on to serve the victor for a short time, usually until the situation becomes less than ideal for her. When that happens, she either destroys her master or simply slips away in the night.


Audra’s clothing is an odd collection of patches sewn together. It’s almost like she’s taken a piece of clothing from each of her former masters and collected them to form one knee-length dress. Presently, the patches are beginning to separate. It won’t be long before she has to find something else to wear... or something else to repair the dress with. Her knee-high boots are the newest looking things she wears, though they appear to be at least two sizes too large, held in place due to being tightly laced up her legs.

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The story, as told by Takumi has revealed some things about my character I hadn't known :p


First of all, the story Takumi told is remarkably accurate, which will prompt Audra/Aenya to eventually ask him where he heard it. I like that story better than my original bio of her :D


Now to the point of her age: given this new discovery that she's got a daughter, I'm saying she's 27 years old, rather than 23. While age 23 would technically still work, I prefer the thought of Audra being 17 when she had her daughter, and therefore, when she fried the Empire, she was 25 and her daughter was 8.


So yah, news flash: Audra's 27. :)



Now what exactly are we waitin' for in this one, Kira?

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I'm jumping in after speaking with Kira about the character, and Jasra brought it to my attention that I have not yet posted a character sheet for him. Kira, if you've got any problems with what I've got written for him, let me know and I'll change it accordingly.


Name: Balthazar W'rint

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Occupation: Travelling Merchant


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 187lbs
  • Hair: Black; rough facial hair
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Clothing: Balthazar wears expensive, but worn, leather clothing beneath a beaten knee-length cloth cape, with sturdy leather boots and gloves.

Equipment: Balthazar rarely carries weapons while aboard his own ship, but when he ventures ashore he dawns a heavy cutlass in a thick wooden scabbard.

Personality: Balthazar is a difficult man to read. He tends to be a fair adjudicator and competent administrator. He is sometimes seen as cold and callous to strangers, though his men are generally fairly fond of him - most likely due to his usual readiness to join them in their debauchery and drunkenness.

Biography: Not a great deal is known about his past, but this is not unusual for most travelling merchants, who’s only regular associations are with his crew and a handful of contacts land-side. He speaks fondly of his youth, however, and regularly tells obviously exaggerated tales of his exploits as a boy. Much of his adult life still remains a complete mystery - though not one anyone seems particularly interested in.

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