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Fave KOTOR quotes


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The confrontation scene between the Ebon Hawk crew and the bounty hunters that EagerWeasel posted. The quote in my sig and:


Bao-Dur: Hey, General you okay?

Exile: What are talking about?

Bao-Dur: You look like you've been standing too close to one of my shield generators.

Exile: You sure you haven't been chewing on power cables?

Bao-Dur: Whoa. Claws out today, aren't they?


And (this kinda goes with the stuff Mira said about Atton not showering enough):


Atton: Nal Hutta's as slimy as the Hutts, lots of swamp and bloated gas. It's where those slugs reach out and grab chunks of the galaxy. Trust me, we're not going to go anywhere near the place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next few years.


Disciple: It might take longer than that for some of us.


or Handmaiden's response: That bad? I didn't anything could compel you to bathe.

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Mira: Oh, well, it's not really a competition. I mean, you're kind of an idiot, Atton. And you don't shower enough. And you scratch your... equipment... when you think no one's looking.


Atton: Are you an angel? Aw I'm just kidding. That's the worst line I've ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it.


Male Exile: So two beautiful twi'leks are hunting me. How is that bad?


Where do you find these lines in the game, as I don't ever remember coming across them when I've played it?

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The one between Mira and Atton was actually cut content but still too funny to ignore. Team Gizka should have a mod that puts it back in. For Atton making fun of Jake Lloyd, I think you have to complete the game twice as female Exile and one of them has to be the dark side ending. Play again as female and when you first meet Atton rather than the usual dialogue he makes the angel quote. Ask who he is and he explains how he was included at the last minute as he was originally planned for a spin off for Jedi Knight, I am not making this up. One of these days I'll have to put up the actual movie of this scene. For the last quote, on Nar Shadaar near the Sullistan ship builder you'll find a bounty hunter. As male Exile ask him about who is after you and among the others he'll explain about the Twin Suns, the two Twi'leks who act a bit like Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear, or maybe black widow spiders. One of the dialogue options is the one I put up, and I think another one will have the Handmaiden bristle if she is in your party.

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For Atton making fun of Jake Lloyd, I think you have to complete the game twice as female Exile and one of them has to be the dark side ending.


The second playthrough doesn't have to be a DS game. I've yet to play DS and I've heard/seen Atton's "Are you an angel?" line. ;)

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Didn't "Are you an angel?" only appear if you had the xbox live lines recovered? They're not there by default are they?


My favorite quote (that I can remember) would have to be:

"It is not possible to kill the master, i sugest you run while my blaster warms up."


Oh yea, hi everyone! I'm only back for tonight and then won't be back on till next month.

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Bastila: I'd like to ask you some questions, given our relationship.

Revan: Our relationship? Is this some kind of clumsy come-on?


Revan: Well, you keep staring at me. See anything you like?

Bastila: You are easily the vainest, most arrogant man I have ever met! Besides, I know you can't be serious since I was purposefully *not* staring in your direction.


Embarassing Bastila is fun:p That's besides the hilarious lines that have already been mentioned. And of course,


Kreia: I hope your talent for understatement is offset by your skill with a blaster. If not, I fear our time together will be very short indeed.

Atton: Yeah, and I'm also good at drinking and running, your majesty.


Atton: Then she must be royalty, because she's got to be Queen of the Galaxy to bark out orders like that. Or maybe she's senile. I mean, how old do you think she is? She may have been good-looking once, but it takes some hard living to make creases like that.

Exile: Good-looking? Are you that desperate?

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There's such a wealth of funny little conversations. I think KOTOR had the edge on TSL. I really liked some of Jolee's lines, the bit on Korriban was great. And of course making Bastilla sputter with anger/embarassment was way too much fun. One I really liked but don't remember word for word is the argument between Bastilla and Mission. Mission asks Bastilla if she's ever been tempted to use the force to trip up some jerk, and Bastilla says she would never do such a thing because it's immature. They argue some more and then it looks Bastilla uses the force to trip Mission. From TSL, when you meet G0-T0, "Hmm I was expecting someone taller."

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One of my favorite things in KotOR is how the PC can really treat Juhani like crap. Here's a few nice lines.



Juhani: How I cam to be a Jedi? I am sure you would not find it very interesting. Are you sure you would like to hear?


PC: You're right. It's going to be boring.



Juhan: You seem to be very decisive when it is required of you. It is reassuring to know that I can count on someone like you.


PC: It's only because I haven't found a way to ditch you yet.



Juhani: You are human... you could not possibly know.


PC: Well you have to admit; you are a freak.



Juhani: Humph! But you must think me weak for saying this. But I am strong enough to admit it!


PC: Oh, I'm sorry, were you saying something important?

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Insults of the day=


Exile: Hello Vrook. Nice to see you are in your normal cheery demenor.


Exile: I have not forgotten how pompous Malak was before he tasted real power.


Exile: And so the old woman [Kreia] falls.


Exile (to Mandalore): Can't stand the heat?


Exile (to Visas): You are too...even-tempered for a Sith Lord...


Exile: Does Atton loves me?

Kreia: He's a fool, and that should answer all your questions.

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My favorites:


After Kreia says he'll reurn to her chambers--

ATTON: Yeah, me too. I'll be in my chambers. But since I don't have any, I guess I'll go to the cockpit like I always do.




GEGORRAN (A merchant on Iziz): Of course, soldiers are only doing their job. Even if it puts me out of business, I am happy! Ha ha. Even if I am forced to live off scraps in the street, I am so happy to do my part! Long live General Vaklu. (This said in a strained voice while a Vaklu soldier is standing next to him :D)




...And pretty much everything said by HK-47 -- often I bring him in my party simply because I'm hoping for one of his hilarious interjections into the conversation. Unfortunately this happens much less frequently in K2 than it did in K1.

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This one of my favorites when you have just bought hk:

"Can I break his neck now, master? It's been a long time fantasy of mine..."


And this one when you fight calo nord:

"Advisory: It is not possible to destroy the master. It is suggested that you run while my blaster warms up, meatbag."

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I loved the reactions to HK explaining his protocols and the importance of dialect when he explains how the translation of an alien word for greetings also translates to implying to another race that their brood mate was impregnated by their own host, or some such.


Atton: Tell me that wasn't said out loud. Well that explains a lot.

Mical (a bit meh): Was that said out loud? Than explains things.

Brianna (horrified): That wasn't said to their face was it?

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Ohh I have a couple of favourites.


KotOR 1



Jolee on the Leviathen = "Then I'll be sure to never let you out, goodbye sunny!"


Bastila with Revan on the Ebon Hawk - "Just shut up and kiss me you fool"


KotOR 2



Atton on Telos - "You're welcome Kreia"


Kreia on Telos - "Yes our current situation is a vast improvement"


Kreia on the Ebon Hawk - "What does a Jedi see? Only what I allow them to see"



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