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WIP: Dragon


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Hello? Anybody out there?? Hehe, well, this is the dragon vehicle im making and i'm also hoping to make it walk-flyable with some coding (thats why i asked in coding forum), i didn't used any concept so i hope you like it:














I'll finish it in march because i have exams soon, a skilled guy @gamingforums will skin it while im on exams so most probably there won't be any problem to finish it, hope you like it :)

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Hey Thrawn nice to see you :), thanks btw. Yep you told me it by msn and i saw some screenshots of the raptor ingame, it's good to know that you finally got the propper credits. Damn it I'm sorry to hear that Pahricida I hope those people don't put the dragon in HL2, once Its done without asking permission.

@Culliere, I'm just finishing a barbarian model and a knight model for a medieval mod for JKA and then I'll start animating the dragon which will be really really hard... btw.. do you still want to animate the juggernaught?? =P

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do you still want to animate the juggernaught?


Send me a Tutorial "how Cuillere can put his stuff in JK with XSI because he sux in animation and rigging" and i can make anything you want :D (I already have the plugins for maya to XSI)


Neo dark age is the medieval mod for JKA ? :p

I see the models on filefront, and that really cool mod :)

Can't wait to beat your dragon :sbdance

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