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[FIN]Star Wars: The Path to Darkness


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Corran Horn, a jedi master, has challenged a Vuuzhan Vong Warrior named Shedao Shai to a duel. Many Jedi including Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Knight Jacen Solo, think that this duel might make Corran linger to the dark side.


The deal for the duel still stands, despite Luke pleading for Corran to stop, If Shai wins he gets the bones of his kens, if Corran wins he gets Ithor.


Now Corran, with Luke as his second walks to meet Shedao Shai…

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Corran swung his saber at Shai trying to defeat him quick. Shai simply blocked the attempt and struck at Corran. Corran blocked the strike from the amphistaff. He swung his saber back at Shai in an attempt to fool him. Then he spun and landed behind Shai. Shai seeing the trick stabbed back his staff and stabbed it in Corran. Corran fell to the ground and groaned. The attack had been close to his arteries, which would have killed him instantly. Slowly Corran got up to continue.


The fight later came to the end and Corran stood over Shai with his lightsaber raised over the body. He then stabbed down and killed him. He then looked at his second, Deign Lian.


“You have witnessed this duel and saw the victor. You have also known the deal. Leave Ithor,” He said.


She nodded and started to leave.


“Wait, I want that mask,” Corran said pointing to Shai’s mask.


“Why?” she asked.


“It will show the Vong are not invincible to all,”


Lian nodded and walked away.




Corran sat on the bed in his tiny cabin in dismay. Lian had let out a deadly liquid on Ithor that left nothing alive. Suddenly Jacen came in.


“Corran,” he started. “It wasn’t your fault.”


“Yes it was Jacen; I walked on the Dark Side when I killed Shai. Then since he died Lian dropped the liquid from the ship,”


“Well I’m relived you choose the right path,” Jacen said.


Corran paused. Then said, “So am I Jacen, so am I,”


“So the jedi won the battle again,” Jacen said.


“Huh?” Corran asked.


“The true battle Corran, to keep you with us,”


“Who said that was my choice?”




Corran activated his silver blade and sprung at Jacen. Jacen parried to the side and activated his emerald blade. The sabers clashed in battle…



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Part 2: Power of Melee Weapons


As the sabers clashed for the first time Jacen altered the attack to a saber lock. During the lock Jacen stared into the eyes of Corran trying to get him to change his mind. He failed. Corran broke the lock and swept the saber around as if to swing a piece of metal. Jacen prepared himself thinking he was going to do a hard swipe with the saber. Corran grinned as he swung the saber half way where the hilt slammed in Jacen’s head.


Jacen fell and used the force to keep conscious. Corran tried to strike at Jacen again but Jacen flipped up and quickly blocked the attack. Corran smirked and kicked Jacen in the torso. Jacen grunted and fell again. Corran swung down to finish Jacen off, but Jacen kicked his hand sending his lightsaber to the floor. He then grabbed Corran’s saber and held both in his hands. Corran used the force to pull the amphistaff that had belonged to Shai to his hand and sung it. The amphistaff wrapped around Jacen legs, then bit him. Jacen almost screamed but Corran quickly killed him before he did. Now Corran thought, I will deal with Skywalker.


Luke Skywalker stood on the bridge of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera. He turned as the blast doors opened. Luke was shocked to see Corran standing there.


“Corran,” he said. “What were your thoughts on the incident?”


“That I should no longer be a Jedi,”


“I’m sorry to here that Corran,”


“I’m not,” Corran said. Then he leaped after Luke.

Luke activated his saber and blocked the Silver Saber that Corran had. He saw Corran twist. Corran activated Jacen’s Emerald saber and stuck it in Luke’s leg. Luke screamed and fell. Corran stood over Luke’s body glaring in his eye. A stormtrooper ran at him firing. Corran stopped the shots with the force then chocked the trooper. Corran turned back to Luke and stabbed his other saber in the other leg. Luke screamed again, and started to call for Mara in the force. Corran sensed his cry and started to bring the saber down on Luke throat.


“Corr…Corran, pl…please stop.”


“No Skywalker, I’m passed redemption. I’ll rule the galaxy.”


“No…someone will stop you, Han, Leia, Jania, Kyp, Jacen…”


“Jacen is dead, he was my first target. And all the others you mentioned will die to,”


Luke smiled, “Then you have not won.”




Corran sensed Mara behind him.


“Ah, Nice try.”


Corran threw Jacen’s saber behind him. The blade flew through Mara’s torso.


Luke screamed in dismay.


“Goodbye,” Corran said.


He brought down his silver saber killing Luke.

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