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[FIN] Asking for Forgiveness


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Asking for Forgiveness


I know you feel the pain inside

And in your heart your thoughts divide

You seek to know a darkened truth

Where lies an existent root


Of hurtful lies and painful words

That once flew away with graceful birds

I met you and you met me

It seemed that it was meant to be


We shared the burden with a hope

In order our enemies be smote

We fought and bled side by side

Growing strong as a rising tide


Still you harbored in your heart

Distrust that threatened not to part

To conquer we fought again

And start anew we began


Time went by and you showed me

A concern and fierce sense of loyalty

Just before our pain and torment

You told me how much to you I meant


Your words were simple yet distinct

And inside my heart turned pink

I carried that feeling through the cell

How long only Time could tell


Up until that fateful meet

We walked a determined beat

Then you found out who I am

And your face turned mad


I wish that I could stop the clock

But tis a memory you cannot block

Now I wait in painful silence alone

And hope you let your true feelings show


I ask that you give me a chance

To tread this difficult dance

I wish that it wasn’t true

But now it is up to you


I wait here in my chosen space

Waiting to again take my place

For I long to say from my heart the truth

That I have come to care deeply for you


The End

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