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[FIN] Betrayal by Force

Daft Adidas

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I hope you all like this FIC I originally called it a shortie but it turned out to ger a bit long but so what here it is. :)






Master Tiar and his Padawan James have known each other for four years now but when James meets a strange hooded character his mind is caused to change, making him see his Master Differently. However Tiar is not aware of this until he met his Padawan on a Rebublic Cruiser above Courasant.


Padawan James is not the only one who has met this strange fellow but many other Padawans have.


Part 1...........





I was walking along the road and for some reason I felt uncomfortable. Just doing some stuff for the Council and my Master on Courasant and for no reason I turned into a dark alleyway.


I was scared. Why was I doing this.


"Ok just turn back now" I said to myself. But I wouldn't.

My heart was thumping hard and slowly I edged forward.

Then my head hurt and there was a voice.

"Come closer."



"Who are you and why have you brought me here."

"Come closer, James I will not hurt you" said the strange voice. My feeling were mixed between, confusion and feeling scared.


"I have to go" I called.

"Nobody Is waiting for you" called the voice getting louder.


"I still have to go."


I could hear this "thing" stepping closer and a shiver went down my spine.


"Leave me alone!"


I turned round and left the alleway when something made me trip over.


"I wouldn't go If I was you James" It cackled.

"How do you know my name!"


"Come closer or Master Tiar will not be pleased."

"What you know him?"


"I know him but he does not know me."

"Who are you?"


"Darth Heros!"


I ignited my sparkling blue lightsaber and I could see his young face.


"I want to show you something, but I only will if you put away your lightsaber!"


I put it away.


He turned around and I stood beside him and there was a wall at the end of the alleyway which I could hardly see.


Then i could see him concentrating and the wall smashed into pieces ajd he beckoned me to follow.


"Would you like to do that?"


"I would but only as a Jedi" I shouted.

"Then you will die" he said sadly.

"You shall not kill me!"

"Who said I was killing you?" "

"In a month I predict that you will be killed by another sith."


"Join me!"


"Will you join me?"


"I, I pledge myself to your teachings, My Master."


That was something I should have never done.








Part 2....................



I walked along to the Jedi Council and thoughts were rushing through my head.


Am I doing the right thing??

I'm sure i've heard that name before.


I walked in and was shocked at the look of the place. Then four padawans ignited their lightsabers and said...

"Don't move Jedi or i'll kill you under the name of Darth Heros!"


"I am no Jedi anymore, I have met Darth Heros too, just now infact." "Where are the Jedi?"


"We killed them?" they laughed.

"What about Tiar?" I asked.

"He escaped to a cruiser above Coruscant."


At that moment a call came in on my radio.


"James, James? Do you read me?" called my Master.

"Yes Master" I said to him.

"Where are you?"

"Er........ In my ship" I lied.


"My radar said you was on a cruiser above Coruscant so I decided to come, I have nothing else to do" I lied again.


"Something terrible has happened and when you get here I need to tell you about it."

"Ok Master."


I decided to get in a ship and take a suprise with me and to carry that suprise i took a gunship.





I could see my Master putting out the shield so I could get through.


I landed and I looked at him so happy to see me but I don't know why I did this but I felt that I had to. Then the doors opened and five Clone Commanders with heavy chainguns jumped out and fired at my master.


He struggled to block them and looked at me with disgrace.


I was suprised to see that he took them out by blocking back the fire.


I got out and we stared at each other and he spoke first.


"What in the blazes do you think your doing?"

"I'm sorry Master but I have found someone far better to teach me than you" I said with my eyes closed.


"It dosn't mean you can kill me!"

"If that's what my master wishes then I must do it."

"But i'm your Master!" "What have I done to deserve this?"


"Tiar come with me and we can rule Coruscant and the rest of the galaxy!"


"Are you out of your mind!"

"No, now come with me!" I shouted.


"Is this a joke!"

"No! Are you coming or not?" I said calmer this time.


"Who is this new Master?"

"Heros, Darth Heros." I said almost proudly.


"How can you, he's a sith!"

"I know! He had the most great force powers and you could have them too!"


"No i'm not a Sith!" "I'm a Jedi!" "The sith are Evil!"


"From my point of view all Jedi are evil!"

I should not have said that.


"Then your lost!"


"If you are a Jedi than you are my enemy!"

"Come on James we don't have to fight we can fight together against this Heros!"


"No! Last week I fought with you and I won't be doing it again!"


I ignited my lightsaber and charged at him while he ignited his yellow one.


Our blades clashed and I was more fast than him.


He had trouble blocking me and I swung at his feet. He jumped and attacked my head.


I just managed to block him and then I force pushed him away.


"We don't have to fight!" I just attacked him.


I force jumped over him when he made a charge.


"I thought you was better than this Tiar!"

"Oh don't worry this isn't my best!" he souted back.


I was too over confident and we came to a lock then we broke apart and he slashed my arm.


I have never felt so much pain before and while I lay there my past came back to me. When I was born and my parents, while I was a child, my first job, Jedi Academy and then meeting him.


I thought with me on the ground he would have killed me but he didn't.


I looked up at him and grimaced.


"Why James why?"


"Now I'm the only Jedi left!" "I can't believe you was fooled by Heros's tricks!"



I still have the scar in my arm now but I will never live down the terrible deed I did. So to make myself feel better I had to a good deed.



I walked down the same alleyway where Heros waited for me.


"Is he dead?"

"No and I shall not try to again."


"What do you mean James!" he roared.

"I mean your dead!"

I ignited my blue lightsaber and put it straight through his heart.


He uttered one last sentence before dying..


"Very clever Jedi, you would have made a good sith."


Maybe one day I should visit Tiar because I feel that he is still alive but he might never forgive me.


That's just my story of a bad thing I did. So I have killed someone in my life. A thing in my childhood i would have never tried to do and here I am talking about trying to kill my Master and friend.


So now I am one of the last Jedi left.



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