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My totally weird Loom CD


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hi, I was hoping someone here could help me figure this out..

I bought the Loom Audio Drama CD of of eBay and it actually says;

"30 Minute Audio Drama" on the cd, followed by;

1 Loom

2 The Weavers

3 Flight of the Swan

4 Bobbin

5 The Seventeenth Visit


... ok, heres the weird part, the cd actually does not contain the audio drama, but the actual game(talkie pc-version).

I compared the cd to the scans in the lucasarts museum(or whatever) and it looks totally authentic. Anybody able to explain this to me?

plus i already have a talkieversion of the game, so if someones interested in swapping this oddity(if that is in fact what it is) for an original audio drama cd, please post and I'll get back to you pronto.


thnx, Jona:)

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Maybe it is a false pressing. Never heard of that before concerning Loom. Could you post a link to the eBay auction you got it from?


Several years ago, I bought Michael Jackson's "History" 2 CD set in a local store. Back at home I noticed that both CDs contained the same tracks (those which should be on CD 2) although one said "CD 1" and the other said "CD 2". I returned the box to the shop and had a hard time explaining the problem to them because they just couldn't grasp the concept that there might be different content in the actual CD tracks as opposed to what is printed on the CD. :)

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Nothing* on the internet is lost forever;


loom.mixnmojo.com @ archive.org



I was under the impression that the Audio Drama was only ever officially released on cassette. Could be wrong though. Might be worth getting in touch with the guy who runs the LucasArts Museum website .


Edit: Check this out the museum!. Maybe you've ended up with a test print or something? Still, your CD looks different to that one.



* Well, very little...

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haha, thanx for the feedback, i really missed the loom game guide. wasn't there some other guildsite hosted by mixnmojo at some point to?


i KNOW for a fact that the audio drama was released on cd with some edition of loom and that it looks like the copy i've got. not sure wich one though. the copy you're refering to in the museum was a promotional thingy handed out at the releaseparty for Loom(if i'm not totally mistaken).

the audio drama was even released in japanese with the FM-towns version wasn't it?




edit; yeah, the IBM-version from '92;


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  • 2 weeks later...

hmmm... :(

It would seem my totally weird cd isn't so weird anyway.

just got a new copy from another seller, looks exactly the same,

but has the game data on the disc!

some fokker must be bootlegging Loomcd's and is even getting the printing wrong.

be advised all eBay shoppers.

this time the cd came in the audio drama cover, but it looks printed and scissored out by hand. who the hell would bootleg Loom? In 2007?

well, obviously someone who can sell it to crazy nerds like me:(

I've notifyed both sellers, but haven't gotten a reply from either yet.

oh, well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

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I can't believe it! I just checked my Loom Audio Drama CD and guess what: It contains the Loom Game data!


I bought that CD from eBay seller kamloopsauctions in April 2006 for US$ 19.95. I don't think the seller knew about the CD's contents. I have to admit that I never listened to the CD until today, obviously.


I compared my CD to the pictures in the LucasArts Museum and I found a strange difference concerning the numbers imprinted on the inner ring of the CDs:

Loom Audio CD (The LucasArts Museum): "CDAC-026700"

Loom Game CD (The LucasArts Museum): "CDAC-026800"

My Loom Audio CD containing game data: "CDAC-026800" !


So maybe there was a whole batch of Loom Game CDs manufactored but then inadvertently labeled as Loom Audio Drama CDs. And maybe they noticed their mistake and disposed of those CDs. But then maybe someone thought nobody would notice if he didn't dispose of the CDs but rather carries them home. And then, 15 years later, someone finds that box full of Loom CDs in the attic and sells them. Who knows?

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heres the reply I got from one of my sellers;

"that cd was purchased at a yard sale a while back , I am sorry if it isn't what you expected , but it looked original to me ?




so I guess thats a plausible thery.. seeing that so many of them are suddenly resurfacing.


I have two now... hurray.


any takers?

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I tried, but gave up after it got boring(that would be at the end of the first season). Talk about dragging things out! Watch Heroes or Rome insted, muuch cooler:)

And I believe they're refering to a sequence of numbers that for some reason seems to interconect all the characters on the show and control what is happening around them, Simon.

There, I explained it in one simple sentence, that wasn't so hard now was it:)


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