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So What Other Games Do You Play?

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Sorry...:xp: playing Rome: Total War at the moment.

Although it's a bit old, I still enjoy bashing some Gaul skulls, and destroying all the mighty civilisations like the Macedons, Egyptians and Greek. The city management is working fine as well. Several city's that excist todat are present as well, like Trier, for example. I've been there once myself, so when I marched my Preatorians into the city, it really gave me a 'good' feeling.

And yes, I already conquered Holland. It's just a pile of mud and forrests, exactly like it is now :D


Other games I play:

Some Guild Wars, some Trackmania. O yeah, I picked up my old Unreal Tournament addiction. And Instagib. Many Instagib :D



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JK1 Demo

Halo (Xbox, how it was supposed to be played)

Commander Keen ( All)

Duke Nukem


Quake 2

Motocross Madness Demo

Dungeon Siege Demo

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Monkey Island 4

Monopoly ( :p )

The Great Art Race ( Shutup!)

Sim Farm

Battle Tanks


I play a few Freeware ames aswell. But I love playin' JK1 and cant wait to get the full game.

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Srsly, all of Lucasforums who play Guild Wars should be in one big guild. It would be scary. I haves a guild with hall and all that. If anyone's interested PM me or somethin.' (ign is risac aylomen, put in friends if I'm playing a diff char)


i guess that'd be neat for ppeople who don't already have guilds

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Jade Empire for the PC and STALKER.


STALKER is a straight up first-person shooter/action with free roaming gameplay very reminiscent of DeusEx, VtM Bloodlines and Oblivion. It's story is mysterious and the atmosphere is thick with a nasty feel (in a good way, because it draws you right in and immerses you).


In STALKER I just found the SVD Dragunov sniper, a gun I first experienced in No One Lives Forever and it is so old-school and gnarly that it ROCKS titan!





Jade Empire is just beyond awesome. Great story, great voice acting, great art! A kung-fu rpg, can there even be anything better?


One minor complaint I have against Jade Empire is that it is not old-school kung-fu (there is no "my kung-fu is strongest, eat my kick!"). Its story isn't really oriental, it's more western with an oriental flavor. These are minor complaints though as the game is superb.

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I've played a lot of games in my lifetime so I'll list the ones I enjoy playing the most. I play on a lot of systems - new and old, including handheld and mobile, not to mention MMO's, but to keep this post fairly short I'll just list games from the king of gaming - the PC, and the top 2 consoles, PlayStation and XBOX. These are my top 5 favorite games from each:



1. KotOR series

2. Minecraft

3. Sims 1 + expansions

4. RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe

5. Doom 3 BFG Edition



1. Call of Duty series

2. Resident Evil 4

3. Dead Space series

4. Kingdom Hearts series

5. Saints Row 2-3



1. Halo series

2. Left 4 Dead series

3. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

4. Saints Row

5. Perfect Dark (Xbox Live Arcade)

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Getting near two years after it came out and I'm still logging insane amounts of time in Skyrim. I think I've played it just as much as I did KotOR by now - at last check I'd logged 2000+ hours. It consumes my spare time. (EDIT: Just double checked. I'm at 2101 hours).


I also just picked up the entire Elder Scrolls anthology, as well, which includes every game and official DLC all the way back to Arena. I fully intend to start playing them as well, but not until I've sucked all the entertainment I can out of Skyrim and it's modding community.


I also semi-recently picked up the Mass Effect trilogy. Been hoping to get around to these games for years now. Trouble is I definitely feel I'd have a much easier time of them with a controller, so I'm waiting until I can afford a wireless Logitech before I start the series in earnest.

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