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Casting Call: Sea of Empires


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Ooh, ooh! I'll make a Tarim fighter, a relentless villain--Gwenyvach's opposite.


Name: Vollig Tier ("complete beast" in German)

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Class: Berserker

Province: Tarim

Backstory: Vollig believes that out of all the members of his powerful clan,

he alone has been chosen to do the work of the gods. Wielding two iron

battleaxes stained with the lifeblood of his victims, this hypocritical and

relentless killer strikes down all whom he believes to have wronged the

gods and Tarim. Thieves? Vollig cuts their hands off. Adulteresses? This

man, having no mercy, beheads them. Prostitutes? With his axeblades,

he disfigures them so they will lose their beauty. Traitors, especially

those from a certain province whom he thinks has turned against Tarim?

Since they are two-faced, in his mind, Vollig cleaves them in two.

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Well, I've put some consideration into it, and I've read both this thread and the RP thread, and I find them both slightly confusing, I think I'll join anyway. I'll post/edit my character in a bit later, if I can join, that is, Alkonium?


Okay...I'll assume the lack of response as a 'yes'.


Here's my character:


Name: Sacrum Manus - Latin for "Holy Hand", he often goes by 'Templar' or 'Leader' instead.


Gender: Male


Province: Tyor


Age: Uncertain


Weapon: Templar Long Sword - [One in the picture he's holding]; Executioner's Axe; Flail; Pilum


Class: Templar Knight


Backstory: (Don't feel like it right now.)


More may or may not come later.

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Erm, not to seem rude, or impatient, or pushy, or anything, Alkonium. But could you tell me if my character's approved or something, after all, I don't want to join in the RP, and then find out later that you didn't approve of my joining, or my character.

Yeah, you can join. Don't worry about it.

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Ok thnxz.


Name: Devicus


Gender: Male


Age: 26


Province: Altus


Class: Warrior


Weapon: Long sword


Backstory: Although Devicus prefers a civilized solution to any problem, he's ready to fight. Being an Altus, Devicus does not believe in any gods, but in his fellow humans.

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