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Sith or Jedi.


Sith or Jedi  

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  1. 1. Sith or Jedi

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Which one are you?


The Sith code:

Peace is a lie. There is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.


The Jedi code:

There is no emotion; there is peace.

There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.

There is no passion; there is serenity.

There is no death; there is the Force

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I'd so Sith

Because I wouldn't be a Jedi because the Jedi lie they make you a puppet to do their bidding a mere servant to the council and the masters. They take away what freedom you have left and pratically enslave you... Join the Sith and taste freedom... The dark side calls to you don't ignore it...

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Dark power can never be true, it is made from lies.

Lies can never last, they will destroy themselves.

Through destroying themselves they meet death.

In death darkness can never find union with the force.

Without union with the force darkness can never be powerful.

Without power darkness is nothing.

Therefore light is the only truth and power.

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