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lying scamming sons of...


Speaking of Dell... :p


Actually, my friends have had really good luck with some of Dell's high end PC's. They are, however, very expensive.




While that is a good computer, you may just want to buy a more conservative Dell and add a videocard or more memory yourself.




That comes in at just under 1000 USD and you could simply buy a new videocard from Newegg.com or the like and install it yourself.

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I'm a CRT purist (oh, how I HATE the words "native resolution"), so hopefully someone else will chime in soon.


Down with inferior and unfinished, but flashy, technology.


Regarding the original poster's query - I'd say wait. Vista's just been released meaning it's still got issues, and a lack of game support (my friend can't get Football Manager running on his(he's now suicidal)).

Not to mention the lack of DX10 cards currently on the market...

Oh and the fact that Intel's core2duos (you should really get one of these) are going to drop in price come April.


As mentioned, there's no advantage warranty-wise over getting a package, as you can get pretty good warranties on the individual components as standard. In fact, if you're anything above an average PC user(ie. Word/some music/browsing) you'll probably only run into problems with the warranty, as most of them completely stifle you. You can't even upgrade without paying them to do it for you with a lot of them. :nut:

And be sure to avoid though 'recovery CDs' someone mentioned. They get on my tits too.


Unfortunately though, you seem set on buying a package. Ah well.

Have you considered asking a mate to just assemble the computer hardware for you for a small fee? It'll certainly be cheaper than buying a brand and you'll get to keep your laziness. :)


That's just my 2 pennies, good luck.

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