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Kel dor model?


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Nah he means lucasforums is bone dry (which it is).


Modellers dont do many requests for people because it takes so long. Its not like re skinning a model which takes time but creating a whole new model requires time just to make the model frame, then weight it and rig it for the game. Then you have to create a whole skin and check it for problems. Even doing a rough outline of a model for a mod thats work in progress takes several weeks - time many people wont give for someone else when they have their own projects.

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Yes it does.


Nah seriously the JA modding community is pretty much extinct so dont expect a miracle.

Actually what i've seen is that JA and JK2 have been uprising with people modding.More people keep joining the bussiness.It's awesome.

I love JK :D

Also i know it has been a year but good luck with the ke ldor model joung!:)

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