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How to Contribute a Tale to Javyar's Cantina--Read Before Posting!

Jae Onasi

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Welcome to Javyar's Cantina. Javyar loves to be entertained by being told stories, and so he's decided to make it interesting by holding a competition. Here's your chance to win acclaim with Javyar and your fellow forumites, and win the coveted Scoundrel's Prize!


There are some very important instructions! Make sure to read them before you try to post a story!!


So, how does this work?

Periodically, Javyar will declare a new subject for the competition. Your tale has to reflect the subject in some way, but you have a lot of latitude in how you apply that to your story. The first post of any new competition will always have the instructions for that particular contest--please read and follow those instructions carefully.


To submit a story, simply start a new thread in Javyar's Cantina, write your story, and then hit 'submit thread'. Do not post your story in any other thread in the Cantina--it will be deleted. Do not post it in any other of the forums such as CEC--it will also be deleted. When you submit a thread to Jayvar's Cantina, it will go to the moderation queue instead of the forum, so it will not show up for you. You will not be able to see your tale until the submission deadline passes and the moderators post the threads in the forum. That's so early submitters don't get an unfair advantage. This is limited to just your story. Please refrain from including banners, extravagent formatting, and such from your thread. Formatting within the story, such as italics, is fine, but unnecessary items (and possibly the story itself if it's too much work to remove the extraneous stuff) will be deleted.


In order to be fair, the following restrictions are in place. You may submit only 1 fic per competition. Your fic can't be one previously published here or in another fanfic forum (e.g. ff.net, kfm, etc.). If it has been published somewhere else previously, it is ineligible for the competition here. You may not advertise or publish excerpts or summaries of your submission prior to its release, either.


There is one sole exception, and that is if the Tale topic here ends up being the same as kotorfanmedia's Dueling Circle Challenge. Since posts for DCC and Javyar's Cantina are hidden until their deadline, I'll try to make the deadline here match the one there. That way, you can post your fic there and still be eligible for the competition here. Note that I do not know if kfm will allow the same thing in return--that's up to their admins/mods, not me.


You have to submit it by the specified deadline. If you miss the deadline, you won't be eligible for that contest, but you can feel free to post your story in CEC or save it for another Tales competition.


Once the submission deadline has passed, the moderators will display the stories all at once. Readers will be able to read, vote during the voting period, and leave comments. Note that voting is only allowed during the voting period, but you are welcome to leave comments at any time even if the voting deadline has passed. The writer who receives the most votes will be declared the winner and will be the keeper of the "Scoundrel's Prize" and pass it on to the winner of the next competition. If there are enough submissions, there will also be second and third place winners, too.



You will also not be allowed to change your tale once you submit your thread. Make sure you have it proofread and beta'd before you hit the submit button.



This is as much a learning experience as it is entertainment. I encourage you to make constructive comments on everyone's submissions--these comments help people find problems, identify their strengths, and make their writing better. Please see The Padawan's Guide to Providing Good Critiques for tips on how to give constructive criticism.


The Scoundrel's Prize:

This prize has no cash value, no trophy or other tangible item, and no basis in reality outside of this forum. What you do get when you win the prize is knowledge that you were successful at entertaining your friends with a great story.


Special thanks go to kotorfanmedia.com and their Dueling Circle Challenges for providing inspiration for Tales from Javyar's Cantina.


Have a great time reading and writing!

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To add to this thread are some changes made to the current system. Javyar's will now be conducted on a quarterly basis. So in effect there will be four challenges per year. The quarters are as follows:


Jan 1-March 25

April 1- June 24

July1- Sept 24

Oct 1- Dec 25


And a week at the end of each submission time. The same rules apply for the submission of entries. It can't be a work previously submitted of from a WIP. However I am going to open up the competition to art entries as well. All submissions for art are the same as fics and must bear some relation to the theme of the competition.

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