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The Lord of the Rings: Quest for the Nárë Ondo


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The barrack within the walls of Rivendell was full of Elven soldiers sitting eating their meals and Laughing at the stories they were telling each other. All looked similar to each other wearing their uniform armour with the exception of one lone Dwarf sitting amongst the Elves.


“… And I slammed my hammer down on to it’s head for a seventh time. That was the end of that particular Troll. HAHA.” Cygon the dwarf told as the elves broke out into laughter.


From Behind The dwarf a door opened and another Elf walked into the room all the inhabitants of the room turned to look at him.


“Ah, Towë, Come join us.” The Dwarf said with a smile.


“I can not do so as we are late for a meeting with the Lord Elrond.” Towe Replied


“Ah is that today.” Cygon Asked.


“Yes, Come Cygon.” He Replied.


The dwarf stood up and the two of them left the room and walked to the Terrace where the meeting would be held.

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Disil stepped out of the shadows from the cover of the tree. Rivendell stood in front of his face.


"O...It feels wonderful being back to Rivendell after such a long time" Disil sighed in happiness


He walked to the gates and confronted the guards.


"Ahh, look who it is" Stated the Guard

"So have you come back because the woods were too fearsome!" The other guard laughed

"No need to laugh, I'm here for important matters, so if you would be so kind to let me in"


The gates opened and he walked in, Disil looked around and spotted the Council Quarters. He arrived there and took a seat. People gradually came as the time passed. He awaited for the start of Council.

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Art sat in the bar, when he noticed the sun nearly above them. "It's almost noon. I better get to the meeting place." He grabbed his mug and finished his drink and set the mug down making a slight slam. He stood up and walked out into the street.


He entered the building and took a seat as he noticed two others were already sitting, amongst him. He knodded to them both. "Nice to meet you."

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Aheron sat down on a rock, looking at the waterfall. To him, it signified many things. It was calm and beautiful to look at, a warm breeze coming out of it. Yet the word fall remind him of many horrendous things. The sun looked down on him. It was time.




Alve wandered around the capitol building of Rivendell. A meeting was about to take place.

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A lone walker crossed the Fords of Bruinen, hardly seeming to care that her feet were getting wet. This was Naerdiel, the 'traveler', the 'lady of sorrows'. As she reached the Rivendell side, Naerdiel casually knelt and removed her boots and socks and resumed her walk into the city. Not far from the water, she was met by two other Elves.


"Mae govannen, Naerdiel," one of them said softly. "You have been away for a long time."


Naerdiel nodded, but said nothing, first examining the two who greeted her. Then, she nodded. "I have been away for some time," she agreed. "I return now, for I have been called."


"Where did your journeys take you this time?" the second Elf wondered. This elicited a brief smile from the wanderer.


"Always so curious you are," she told him, sounding rather as if she were scolding. "I have been a great many places. Most of them are not noteworthy in the least. Nothing to concern yourself with."


She placed her right hand on the first Elf's shoulder and her left hand on the shoulder of the second Elf. "Inform Lord Elrond I have arrived."


"He is aware," the second Elf said. "It is why we are here. He has requested you change and attend a meeting."


Naerdiel's eyes flickered with an indeterminate emotion. "When?"


"As soon as you are ready."


Nodding, the wandering Elf turned and made her way to the little room Elrond had promised would always be available to her. There, she stripped out of her armor and washed. Then, she slipped into one of her silvery-gray dresses and left the room. The cool stone floor was a little soothing to her bare feet, sore from the service of walking and running many miles to arrive as quickly as she could.


As she walked slowly toward the place where the meeting was to be, she began to sing softly to herself in Elvish. It was a song of sorrow, but her voice and her expression betrayed no emotion at all.

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Solidus had arrived at Rivendell the night before the meeting, hoping he could get in the meeting early, however that planned backfired when he lied in. When he finally managed to get up, he quickly rushed to the meeting hall, fortantually his Inn was quite close to it.

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((OCC@ Rav- Ok you're ether going to have to say you were at the meeting or come into it a little later.))


Lord Elrond of Rivendell walked onto the balcony where the meeting was to take place. It was the same place where Frodo volunteered to take the One ring to Mordor and now it would be the Place where others would leave on an equally perilous Journey. Most of the assembled party stood as the Master of Rivendell walked over to his thrown and stood in front of it.


“Please be seated!” Elrond invited as he sat.


With everyone now seated Elrond looked around the assembled party from all over middle earth.


“As you all know times are dark and it will not be long before Sauron unleashes his army of evil upon all our Kinsman.” The Elf began. “We cannot Just stand against them forever, soon they will become too much for us to defend against and will swarm our lands covering it in darkness.”


Elrond paused for a moment as he leaned forward. “We have begun a mission of great importance and secrecy which could end this war. But I have my doubts of its success and feel that we must have a plan in case my fears come true. We have discovered the location of the Nárë Ondo, the only weapon in all the earth with the power to stop the wave of Orcs that shall spill out of the black gates in the Coming days. We have decided that you shall all be sent to retrieve it from Dol Guldur where it has remained hidden for years.”

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The chattering of the others was a mild annoyance to Naerdiel, but she kept her seat and said nothing. If Elrond wanted them all to run off in search of something she'd only ever heard described as a myth, she would neither question him nor refuse him. Besides, he had scarcely laid out any sort of plan, merely informing the gathered listeners what their quest would be. Beyond this, she was sure there was more to hear and she determined she would not speak until it was heard.

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Naerdiel had been content to remain silent... until now. She stood slowly, a disapproving frown on her face.


"No need for a leader?" she echoed. "This talk is foolishness. Without a leader to unite us under a common goal, we will act independently of one another. A quest with independent members will fail, for we will each have different ideas as to how the goal is to be achieved. This is why a leader is not only a good idea; a leader is absolutely necessary."


Nodding to Elrond, as if to signify that he should speak once more, she sat and resumed her silence.

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((Was busy for a little while, but I am back))


Saladin soon rose from his slumber inside his realm that was engulfed in crimson tints from the numerous banners and bloodstained weapons used from previous warriors that were passed down to him from the ancestors of Saladin. Very aware that he was late to the meeting he still took his slowest time to equip his armors and weapons. The last of the equipment he would wear was a red bandana which covered from his nostrils down to the bottom of his neck. Now he moved briskly torwards the meeting with one sheathed katana clutched in his hand with the tang secured tightly around his waist.


Moving closer to the meeting he could hear Elrond as a smirk soon formed while he interruped Elrond by entering the meeting at a later time than he was suppose to.


Taking the last vacant seat in the front he continued to smirk under the bandana.

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"The Journey will be led in a joint effort by Towë and the dwarf Cygon. "Elrond replied to the selected task force. "They have both traveled there before and know the quickest route to mirkwood. You must lave immediately andbring the Nárë Ondo back to this city where we can beging the preparations for its use against the hordes of Evil. Horses have been prpared for those who do not already have them, you must ride quickly as we do not know how much time we have before the time comes whn even the power of the Ondo can not help us!"

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"Nare Ondo," Naerdiel corrected Solidus. "The words translate roughly into the common tongue as 'Fire Stone'. It was created by the Istari, whom you call wizards as a weapon against the multitudes of enemies they discovered here." She shook her head. "But before it could be used, it was taken and never seen again."


She turned to Elrond. "Lord Elrond, forgive my doubts, but I have never heard of the Ondo described as anything more than a legend. Despite this, I am willing to accept the possibility that it does exist. And yet, that chance still presents a question: how have you discovered its location? After all, the stories say it hasn't been seen for centuries, if not longer."

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"Before the Wizard Gandolf the grey left te city on another quest, he told me of it."Elrond paused for a moment. "But i do not know where he had gotten his information from, Let i have foreseen the weapon in my visions and know that his word is indeed true."


"The Grey Wizard has never led me wrong." Cygon interrupted. "Aye this Journey is not so foolish."


"If time is of the most importance, We should prepare ourselves and horses to leave immediatly." Towe ordered standing up and bowing to Lord Elrond followed by his dwarf companion. "The time to go is now."


Cygon and Towe began to walk out off of the Balcony, they went to the stables to get their horse.

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((I hope you don't mind Jedi Atomic but could u change it up to the point where Solidus 'scampering' after the horse. Solidus horse is pretty well trained, just loves food and has gone in search for food. Cheers))


Solidus looked at the direction of the horse and whistled loudly, the yet-black horse stopped, turned around and trooted toward Solidus "I swear, I fed that stupid horse too much at home."

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Ulft winced with a grimace as he opened his eyes to the bright sun. He sat upon a thick branch, and even though the area was heavily shaded, the sun still flooded through the canopy of leaves.


Ulft shifted uncomfortably, as he tried to find a better position; rubbing his eyes, as he had just awoken from a fitful sleep upon the branch.


Ulft was helmetless, and his frill-like ear twitched as he snuffled through his unseen, nearly nonexistant nose. Across his back was his bow, and though it was less than most other bows in quality, it far surpassed the bows of his brethren. At his side was his goblin sword, made of finer metal than most.


Dangling from a thin leather thong from his waist, were two tan slipper-like shoes, his moccasins. His feet were bare, except for the leather straps that wrapped around his feet in the center, to provide minimum protection when not wearing anything else.


His spear, however, was leaning against a tree in front of him, on the ground, his helmet under it, by the roots of the tree. Near the tree stood two tall, blackish-grey figures, they were lightly armored, but full in muscle. They were Uruks, they were also, scouts, or protection, but to him they were more like handlers, or guards, but not to protect him.


One noticed his stirring, " 'Ey you! You got your nap, now get back to lookin'." Chastised the tall man-like brute. Ulft grumbled to himself, but did as he was told.


Ulft shifted around, until he faced in the opposite direction, the trunk of the tree directly in his face, but with some meneuvering and skill, he clung on to the trunk, peering around it, and what was ahead was forest. But it grew sparse the further you looked outward, until you saw a short bit of grass, then there were tumbling hills of trees, and faintly, barely within even his realm of sight and perception, he saw a small white house.


Ulft's frilled ears twitched as he perceived something the other two did not. He ducked behind the trunk once more, shifting around to face the other two.


" 'Ey, what did I just, ack!...." spluttered the Uruk, as an arrow lodged in his throut, the other pulled his cleaver-like sword from it's belt, charging forward, only to have a man in a green-clad hood appear, nearly right in front of him. The man swung his bright sword, cutting the second Uruk, but it did not die easy, it swung deftly as it died, giving a nasty gash to the man's stomach.


The Uruk fell, and died, and the man slumped to his knees, Ulft had his bow out at this point, and an arrow to it as well, but he held back from firing. A second man, with an enormous bow approached, walking up beside his comrade.


"Are you okay Ægnor?" The man asked calmly, but concerned.


"I'll live, but it's bad, I'll get it treated later," the man replied, getting up.


"No! I will treat you now, it's too risky to have you do otherwise," the man stated sternly.


"No, it would be more dangerous to have me treated now, look," the man said, pointing to Ulft's spear and helmet. "We have one more about, at the least." The injured man approached, and knelt by Ulft's gear, the other looking around warily.


"Yes, I feel like he's around here, don't you Æ...plagh!" The man gurgled, as a black tipped, and odd barbed arrow pronounced itself from his neck. The man gurgled and gasped, his eyes wide, his head looking upward towards the sky, as he faced his companion.


The man shook lightly, then his eyes glazed over with an odd dark green mist, and he fell. The tip of the arrow dripped red, with a hint of green; the man fell, and died both from his mortal wound, and the poison that coursed through his veins, from both, at the same time.


"Gah!" The other man shouted, "foul creature!" The man turned swiftly, and ran towards his companion, to get the bow from him. But as the man reach out to take the bow from the other's hand, an arrow thudded into the back of that hand, connecting both hand and bow together. If the man was stupid enough to try and get the bow, then he too would have an arrow in his throut before he could get an arrow.


So, the man got up quickly, running off in the direction he had come, towards that house, though he probably wasn't headed there. Ulft considered shooting him in the back, as a mercy shot, considering his wound was very bad, not even the best herbs could help him, seeing as the only thing probably holding his organs in his stomach was the leather jerkin he wore.


But before Ulft could come to a final decision, the decision was made for him, because the man, even in his frantic stumbling and tripping as he ran, had gone beyond bow shot, and chasing him would be pointless, he would die of his wound no matter what, and if he happened to be lucky enough to come across anyone, they wouldn't be able to save him, and Ulft would have moved off, so they wouldn't be able to avenge the man and his companion, or so he thought.


Ulft turned, staring at the small massacre, he lept down from his vantage, scampering over to the man, he sniffed him, then retrieved his two arrows, which were still in working order. Ulft went over to the dead Uruks, and studied them, he'd have to bury them, seeing as burning them would attract unwanted attention.


And so Ulft set about doing so, burrying the two Uruks, and proping the man up against a tree where he looked like he was lazily asleep with his bow in his hands. Ulft felt he could only burry his own kind, and instead of desacrating the corpse of his foes, he layed them to rest on the ground, or against a tree, so that his foe's kind would find him and burry him properly. Though this seemed less respectful than most things, it was more respect than any other goblin would show his dead foe, as well as uruks and orcs.


Ulft had a feeling the man would be found and burried, and he was too far forward for any of the other scout groups to find the corpse. Ulft checked around, making sure he had covered all traces of himself and the uruks, and when he was done, he scurried over to his spear and helmet, grabbing his helmet, he slipped it on, then taking his spear, he headed off, still bound by the dark will to do as he was bayed, yet he now had more freedom to do as he would, than he had with his, guards around.


Ulft took one last look at the man leaning against the tree, his wounds had been cleaned, and his eyes shut, he seemed as if he were sleeping. With this last look, Ulft was off, he was going to get closer to his objective, and without the unstealthy uruks around, he could get closer to the elven dwelling place where he could scout more successfully.


But Ulft sneered angrily as he felt the dark will tugging at his mind, holding him to his purpose, he didn't like how it held him, even without it's lapdogs to restrain him from running away. He hated it, and he would get back at it...some day.

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