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Best party members


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Hi i was just wondering what people think are the best 2 party members & why?


I think Bastila & Carth


Why Beacuse Bastila is a well balanced jedi & is very helpfull in combat & she looks good lol

Carth because he is a great ranged fight who will pick off the enemys & wiill not take much damge due to bastila.


Also i like them becasue they are the people you tend to love :)

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In KOTOR, hmm.


I like some combination of Canderous, Jolee, and HK. HK is very awesome if you're DS, both because of comments and skills with weapons (get him the max droid upgrades and one of those baragwin guns...holy crap!). Canderous can take the pain and dish it out too, and Jolee can spam force powers (lightside if you're dark, darkside if you're light) which makes him helpful all around.

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Another thread about that? Oh well, I like using Bastila and Canderous. But since the game isn't much challenging on battles, I just use everyone.


Hardcore mods are great for changing that up.


Heh, first time I played with a hardcore mod, decided to go default (eg. no modded armors or weapons...why I did that when installing a HARDCORE MOD I have no idea =P) and ah...Got my butt handed to me on the Spire. Lucky Trask is invulnerable if memory serves me right...

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My choices depend on the planet and the story.


Taris: Through the sewers, it's Mission and Zaalbar. Her computer, security, and demolitions skills open doors and remove mines while I hand the big guy the Prototype Blade and Mission's blade and let him take point. It also also you hit the two "banter spots" in the Undercity and upper sewers and get those down.


Switch to Mission and Carth taking out the Vulkars. They can get their little argument and apologies done. That, and the two of them can shoot up all the low-level hassles while Revan chucks grenades.


Switch to Bastila and T3 when taking out the Sith base. Her Force abilities and saber are a good counterpoint to the little droid's insane computer skills.


Lastly, Bastila and Canderous for Davik's base just to hear the "spoiled Jedi Princess" sniping. (And Athena Prime's fanfic has totally corroded how I see that spat...)




Carth and Mission for running around the Enclave. Little danger, and I can ask Mission about Taris.


Carth and Canderous on my first round outside. Canderous's blowhard comments about the Mandalorian raiders fit perfectly. So, I take out Sherruck's gang using the people who have the biggest grudges against those embarrassments to the armor. I send them back to the Hawk before confronting Juhani. By then, I get the "warrior vs soldier" bit out of the way, too.


When I head back out for the ruins and the "family feud," I take Carth and Bastila. They both have a lot to say during the Matale quest. I also can get THEIR banters crossed off.




Bastila and Mission for the first round. I've often run into Lena at the Enclave, so Mission goes with me on the quest to bail out Griff's sorry hide. Bastila gets the trigger for her mom's quest.


Sand people contact, I take Mission and HK-47. Mission to bail out her brother and HK for plot reasons.


Krayt dragon hunt? Bastila for the holocron and It's random for the other. Mostly HK or Mission for blaster support. Canderous also snarks at Calo Nord.


On the return trip, I take Mission and Canderous to solve their respective quests and drop the box off at Motta's.





Travel to the village? Zaalbar and Mission. It's the big guy's home, and who better to give moral support? On a practical note, her blasters and lockpicking come in handy complimented by the saber and blades.


After Zaalbar's captured, I get out Juhani and Mission. That way, I can get Juhani to open up a bit. Plus, a second set of blades and the Force Jump comes in handy in the Upper Shadowlands.


To get the Star Map and restore Freyyr (I never restore Chuundar, even on the rare DS game - that dirtbag made me angry), I take Mission and Jolee. Yes, from a game mechanics standpoint, Mission's not the best choice, but from a story standpoint? This is her BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever), so my storyteller's brain says she will come along.


The mopping up after restoring Freyyr is left to Jolee and Zaalbar. Zaalbar slicing through Czerka is truly a "Return of the King" moment, and Jolee gets his chance to finish off a fine tenure as Kashyyyk's resident Jedi.




I rotate party members frequently here, finishing the remainder of the dialogue paths and banters before heading to Leviathan. Here's where I tend to run into Xor and/or Jagi.


For the base raid, I often take Bastila and Carth. Carth, because the Shasha quest is a nasty bit for foreshadowing to the Dustil one, and Bastila to give her a last hurrah.


Sunry - Jolee at all times, from the first to the last.


Addressing Roland Wann? Carth and Bastila, as Carth's a Republic officer and Bastila is technically the Jedi's representative.


Hrakert Rift? Depends on my mood. I have the Manaan Fish Fest Mod that lets you take your party underwater and usally pick from the ones the mod supports.


Leviathan Rescue: Tough call. Again, depends on my mood. Mission is my default because her low HP make it a challenge, and her mouthy commentary is priceless.


Korriban: I *always* save this for last. I take Carth (since I'm usually playing female), and the other slot is usually filled by HK-47 or Juhani.


Unknown World: Canderous comes with to help mop up that last batch of Mandalorians, and Zaalbar can slice and dice the rancors. The temple is already spoken for with Jolee and Juhani.


Star Forge: Again, since I almost always play LSF, I take HK-47 and Carth. Long-range blaster support is great against the hordes you find. As for the story? HK-47 is her past, Carth is her future. It's somewhat fitting they follow her to the end.

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In KotOR: Bastila and Jolee. When Bastila goes AWOL, Juhani takes her place. Sometimes Mission replaces Jolee, if I need her skills.


In TSL: Kreia and Visas. At least until I "jedify" some of the other characters. Then it's Kreia and whoever is more convenient. Hey, you can't pass up Kreia's mentor bonus to xp, can you? ;)

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When I was new at the game, I would continually get my butt whipped by the Sandpeople. Not just the guys at the Sandpeople camp, or the tougher Sandpeople at the Krayt Dragon den, but the Raiders we first meet in the desert outside Anchorhead. I would struggle with them, my NPC's (I chose Bastila and Juhani, because they are Jedi and I had no faith in the non-Jedi) would fare poorly as well. They killed me a few times. You can't imagine the horror I felt when my PC dies and all I am left with is a 20% Bastila left alone against 3 Sandpeople. They killed me.


So one day I decide to go another route just for fun. I chose Zaalbar and Canderous. I developed them both to use two melee weapons, and the were the strongest of the NPCs. Stronger than the PC as well. I ddin't invest much into Dex, since at that time I didn't know what it meant. I do my usual investigating of the desert and get the Sandpeople rushing out. I use Force jump on the farthest Sandperson out there, so I can double-back and rescue the NPCs. So I eventually beat my opponent.


When I get back to Canderous and Zaalbar, I see they're killing those Raiders. Every group of Raiders we met, they were killing them, while I am getting my Force powers resisted. It is really something else to watch Zaalbar's massive frame bending over to slice up one of the Sandpeople. Even the Krayt Dragon Sandpeople where notheing for Zaalbar and Canderous. Their teamwork was efficient. They took turns slicing one Sandperson until he was dead, then both moved of together to kill the nearest enemy.


From that moment I learned to use teamwork to defeat an opponent, rather than assign each character to one enemy. That old way of thinking was deadly when we were outnumbered. Of course now I know how to better to build my characters.


But for old feelings of nostalgia, and just to see an oldschool butt stomping, I bring Zaalbar and Canderous with me when I visit those Sandpeople. They don't win anymore. Sandpeople jump up to get beat down! :D

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well on dantoonie i normally turn Canderous into a Jedi that's a very great thing because he always goes for the most powerful force power and when the the hostile animals or people is running away well normally gets killed when he does a force jump anyways .the cool part is when he uses force lighting kills them instly and also with hk i normally turn him into a Jedi too and carth and t3m4 is also one

so mine is canderous and hk or t3m4

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Well, I've been playing this gave for almost five years now, and if there's something that I have learned playing it: if you don't ues the right party members for the right situations or build them up accordingly, you die. OS I'm going to give you my favorite combonations, and then tell you what I think is teh right one for each planet.



Now after playing for such a long time, my favorites would have to be; Well, Carth and Bastila. Carth can take hits and still stay in for a long time, since he is a soldier, and can blast down the opponents from afar when Bastila and Revan are busy hacking and slashing down their opponents, or use hit and run when Bastila and Revan have fallen. I found the best tactic was to run around, then stop, and just when the opponent is about to close in on me with their lightsabers, throw a grenade. Carth's got me out of a lot of tough situations when Bastila and Revan were overwhelmed. But Bastila is also really cool because she is one: an eccelent healer. Better than Jolee, since he's grey and Bastila has lest cost even though she is a sentinel. Anyways, this point can make her invaluable at constantly refueling health in tough battles when they are facing only two or three opponents. Also, she has a VERY high dexterity, making quick and evasive, while she takes down her opponents with rampages of flurry. At other times she can use force wave to put the enemy away in order for her and Revan to regroup (heal, medpacs, stims, ect . . .). So Carth can ttear apart the enemy's lines from afar, Bastila can hold them off for a long time using sonstant heal refueling before it comes down to the rare instances of Carth being alone.


So that's one of my favorite combos. Bastila and Carth.


Another one would have to be Zalbar and Canderous. They are raw, as none can use force to refuel health or to support our stats, thus making them good for only one "life." But man, they are a POWER HOUSE! First up we have Zallbaar ripping apart your enemies limb from limb like the mad-claw he is, and then we have Canderous blasting his power blasts (these are especially effective, considering his high strength) to cripple opponents so that Revan and Zallbaar can finsish them off. But, with only Revan to support their life - other than a few medpacs and canderous's ueless (except on the Leviathan) regeneration pack - they are raw and . . . just brute dumb all-out force, and they can easily be toppled by a cunning opponent. (Pity there were no cunning opponents in KotOR)


My third and last favorite combonation is Juhani and Jolee. Especially if the player is a sentinel.


First off, we'll start off with one blinding fact: an all-jedi party. Another blinding fact: A Guardian and a Consular; two extremes. But why does that make them so efficient? Well, let's start off with Jolee. Now, with him we have a lot of options set out on the table. Since he is a gray jedi, he can do a variety of things: He can topple his opponents over again and again with blasts of Force Wave; he can cripple them with a few blasts of Force Lightning here and there; he can use Force heal to boost up and refuel your party; He can weave an deadly statis to make your enemies vulnerable; he can support Revan and Juhani with force aura and force valor and things like that. The only bad part to this is even though he is a consular, his healing ablities are reduced to that of a light side sentinel because of his grayness. But force aside, he can even unleash a powerful critical strike here and there. Maybe lock his opponents for a few exchanges of slashes, use the good ol' hit n' run. So he himself is quite useful. But why is he so useful with Juhani? Since she's a guardian, her ablities are heavily focused up on taking down her opponents by her savage and lethal strength. She can use Force Powers quite a bit, and can even tip the scales if you develop them correctly (Such as destroy droid and statis). But her deadly combat is heavily boosted by Jolee's supports, and her brute strength is also supported when Jolee uses force to cripple opponents, making them defenseless against her unslaught. If Revan is a Consular, it is less effictive (but still good) as he his spot is taken by Jolee, and he can't go up with Juhani's superior strength. But with Sentinel and Guardian, take him with Juhani!


Now where to put them . . .


Kashyyk (I always do that first): Bastila/Carth in the begining, Jolee/Juhani later on.


Tatooine: Zalbar/ Canderous (slaughter those formiddable sand people!)


Manaan: Carth/Bastila




Leviathan: Jolee


Unknown World: Juhani and Jolee for everything


Star Forge: (LS) Juhani and Jolee, (DS) Bastila and Canderous

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I've played this game to know who you should use when, but I just can't get myself to NOT take HK out every single time. He just makes the best comments at the most appropriate times.


Least favorite: Mission, she spends all her time in the Ebon Hawk soldering lightsaber hilts.

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K1: I like all the characters from K1, but the ones I take with me the most are Carth, Jolee & Juhani

TSL: I like most the characters from K2 with the exceptions of GO-TO and Handmaiden.



On Taris I keep Carth with me at all times and either Mission or T3.

Dantooine: Carth & Canderous until I get Bastila back and then her and Carth.

Tatooine: Bastila & Mission (for personal side quest purposes & Carth and my PC are not talking to each other at this point).

Kashyyyk: Carth & Zaalbar, then Carth & Juhani, then Carth & Jolee.

Korriban: Carth (of course) & Juhani, HK, or Jolee depending on my mood.

Leviathan: Juhani always. To me it makes more sense because she doesn't have to break herself out of a cell, just keep hidden.

Manaan: Carth & Jolee.

Unknown World: Carth & Juhani, then Jolee & Juhani (of course)

Star Forge: Either Carth & Jolee or Juhani. Or Jolee & Juhani. The latter actually makes more sense because you fight so many dark Jedi.


The Sith Lords:

Peragus: Kreia & Atton (obviously)

Citadel Station: Same as above (of course)

Telos: Bao-Dur & Atton (sometimes Kreia though)

Dantooine: Bao-Dur & Atton sometimes Bao & Disciple

Dxun/Onderon Part 1: Bao-Dur (Roleplay reasons don't want to go into it much, might spoil that fanfic I'll never write. :p )

Nar Shaddaa: Bao-Dur & HK.

Dxun/Onderon Part II: Disciple leads the Dxun party with Atton & Bao-Dur. My Exile takes Mira to Onderon along with Kreia.

Korriban: Bao-Dur & whoever I feel like, usually Visas, Mira, or Disciple. Although Atton has a couple of good lines.

Citadel Station: Bao-Dur & Atton.


Think I like Bao-Dur & Carth. :D

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I too, am one to use party members depening on the planet/story. The game is easy enough that switching party members in and out to maximize your enjoyment of the story makes a lot of sense.


As for my favorite...


Canderous. I like Jolee and HK-47 as well, but what seals the deal for me is the final dialogue you get with him when you select him for the Star Forge. IMO one of the best dialogue's in the game:


"This looks like the end of our partnership. The battle we fight here will change the face of the galaxy. You, Revan, are the single greatest warrior of this age, and any battle we fight will bring me honor. I'll stay by your side through anything. I don't think I'm ready to give up this life of mine, this life of fighting, not quite yet. We have things we need to do here. I'm your man until the end, whatever path you take."


Least: Carth.


TSL favorite: Kreia and Visas

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I tend to stick with the jedi, which means Bastila and Jolee, with Juhani replacing Bastila once she, well, becomes unavailable. At times Mission gets to replace one of them if I need her skills. The remaining characters are fairly useless, though Carth and Canderous are the best replacements, while T3 is completely useless.


In TSL: Kreia and one other jedi (first Visas, then whoever is more convenient as they become jedi).

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That evil manipulative witch . . . plus she's ugly. Though her lectures are interesting, and Bastila's pretty much stink, I still like Bastila's better because for one, she isn't evil (Kreia might be Gray, but she's still evil. Jolee's Gray, and I think he's 'good'), and second Bastila makes a nice girlfriend for Revan. ;)


But I hate Krea. I NEVER take her into my party, except on Peragus and when I've found all the Jedi Masters.

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lol The only time Kreia leaves my party is when she has to, and for certain events for which I don't want to shift my influence with her away from the direction I was heading in, or for which I can affect influence over two others party members at once in the direction I want. And sometimes briefly for roll-play/story purposes.


While I do enjoy Kreia's mentoring, it's still about the XP...as Jediphile puts it: K-ching!



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