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Mandalore without helmet ( spoilers)

Obi-Wan Baloney

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  • 6 months later...

Canderous is approximately 60 by K2. From what is known of Mando'a culture (thank you. Karen Traviss), boys are "initiated" by their first battles by about 13-15. Canderous comments in K1 that's he's been fighting for about "40 of your years." This makes him about 53-55 in K1. When K2 hits, it's 5 years later, making him 57-60 years old.


As a side note, it was a lot of fun to see him on the Ravager. I always set Revan to LSF, so it was great fun to know two of the "original cast" were back to kicking Sith butt. Perhaps inappropriately, I busted up laughing.

"Of COURSE those two are still in cahoots! So far under the table as to be scraping floorboard, but they're after the same thing!"

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