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Very wanted model request.

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Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen of the lucas forum.


I have a request that someone could make me a model,

its concerning a half-dragon model.


i've been looking for half-dragon models ever since i knew what half-dragons were :giveup:


So i really hoped someone could make this model for me, preferably without wings to avoid silly-looking-ness but its up to you if u take this task.


Here is the picture



and really a million times thanks to the one who accepts this in advance!


Have a nice day :)

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2 things.

1. Suggest moving to the request forum, its there for a reason. ;)

2. This community is pretty much dead, as are modders who do requests.


I would go pick up a copy of XSI Mod Tool, or 3DS Max and learn to do it, its better than waiting around for someone to do it, and then realise 20 years later that no one will.

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